Team lists: Supercoach round 8 squad analysis

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams analyses the squads dropped for round 8 of the 2023 season.

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It proved to be a tough round of Supercoach across the board, with many astute Supercoaches missing the 1,000 mark, and a par score seemingly not far above. The beauty in the dark time was everyone was essentially in the same boat, with fairly little variance in the stronger and weaker scores for the round, tending to range from around 950-1,200 outside of a few outliers. It meant that swings in rank shouldn’t have been too substantial. As we head into NRL Supercoach round 8 our squads should be starting to gather some depth, as we cash in the many cows that have peaked such as Khan-Periera, Warbrick and Alamoti, and pounce on any

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