Final word: Strategy, skippers, trades, Round 7

2019 champion Dez Creek has the final say on the major Round 7 plays, including PODs, skippers, trades and more.

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As we head into round 7, it’s the first time that I can genuinely say that I’ve got no idea what my trades are going to look like, but one of them will certainly have to be Nicho Hynes and a 3rd boost of the season will probably be used. Turbo Irvo head into the round ranked 5,745th, finally jagging some points from Latrell Mitchell after an agonising 6 week hold watching him wander around the field doing the bare minimum. The patience finally paid off with Latrell outscoring Reece Walsh for the first time this season. I must admit that Walsh has totally caught me off guard to start the season and if I had my time back I absolutely

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