Weekly wrap: Round 3 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 3 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.

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This is going to be a long season, isn’t it? Round 3 brought with it some slight improvement *if you can even call it that* from the boys over at Elite Dadds, who - quite controversially - are not looking that elite after all. A 2188 rocketed me up 6012 spots to 26,934th... Far from ideal, but nowhere near panic stations at this stage. I luckily dodged the Cameron injury and kept faith in big uncoordinated Shrek. I also managed to avoid the late drama with LDU, which is quite lucky because I was three quarters deep into a trial game at that stage. Embed from Getty Images I was waiting for Jordan Ridley’s matchup with the

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