Team lists: Supercoach round 6 squad analysis

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams analyses the squads dropped for round 6 of the 2023 season.

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We’re settling into the season nicely, and our squad values are starting to grow enough to start cashing in on cheapies who are hitting their peaks. It brings the next conundrum of whether to move to guns, or seek more money with the next crop of cash cows. While there’s no right or wrong answer as always, I think with two trades each week you can generally use one to go down to a new player set to make cash, which will fund the upgrade to a gun with the other trade. The cheapie scene has been fairly generous early on this season, especially with the well-owned Warbrick and Khan-Periera making big coin, so that’ll help us all s

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  1. magpies4eva007

    Hi Tim
    I noticed you were looking for a FR on the Beers Podcast. Maybe have a look at Royce Hunt with Toby Rudolf out for an extended period of time.
    Last year averaged almost 70 in the last 4 games of the season that Rudolf was out. Priced at $334k. Might be an option if he takes Rudolf’s 50 minutes. Cheers.

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