Weekly wrap: Round 5 winners, losers, injuries

Nick Moon and 2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy recap every game from Round 5, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


And how good is rugby league!!

And what an absolute round this was!

Games sent to Golden Point. Millimetre close finishes. Clutch field goals. A draw! THAT Moale bone rattling hit that shook the stadium.

And best of all…

The comeback of the absolute century from the Warriors, down 20 – 0, fighting their way to 30 – 30, before Man of the Moment, every Kiwi’s hero – Shaun “Ice in his Veins” Johnson – slotted a penalty goal in the dying minutes to give the round’s heroes the win at 32 – 30.

And guys. The Warriors are 2nd on the ladder. And I could literally cry with the beauty of this Great Kiwi Fairy Tale.

SuperCoach-wise, despite giving everyone anxiety over the loop vs not-to-loop dilemma – popular Captains Cleary, Tommy T, and Hynes all performed, each tonning up, and scoring within a handful of points of each other.

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Prince Nicho was looking lusciously wet with his luscious wet-locks dripping on Sunday. And yes, I most certainly brought him in and Sir Captained him. And even though he couldn’t slot the penalty goal to bring the game vs the Warriors to Golden Point, his princely score of 102 helped the Friday Beers have their best round yet ever for the season, scoring a 1326.

And Ladies and Sirs!! I bloody well did it! I got a H2H win!

Against my absolute hoodoo nemesis. Mr Timmy McGuire aka The Phin-Sculler aka Zac Hoskings’ complete doppelgänger.

After being forced to play him FOUR times in the past five rounds because he completely rigged it, I finally beat him, 1326 – 1285.

And I am printing the results out, and framing them, and they are going straight into the pool room.

Nick’s Philly Hamstrings had another stellar round. Scoring another H2H win with a 1319, to see him leading the SC Playbook inhouse group. I’m playing him in Round 7, so we’ll see if I can keep my brand-new H2H winner’s momentum going…

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Eels vs Roosters

By Clem Cassidy

A hard-fought match up to kick off the Round 5, with 2 sin bins meaning the Eels played 20 minutes of the first half with only 12 men. Despite their ill-discipline, they must be at least congratulated for their defensive feat considering the close score-line which saw the Roosters take it out 28 – 20.

Teddy owners lamented with him leaving the field and out of the game with HIA in the first half. His 22 points has seen his price fall another 85k. I still think he’s a beautiful gun and will be a must-own at some stage, but for now I’m a happy Reece Walsh owner instead.

I finally did the Sammy Walker to Prince Nicho trade (I am absolutely still kicking myself for not biting the bullet and doing the trade in Round 4) but if you held on to Sammy and resisted the trade ‘til after Nicho’s bye, you’re laughing, as the man managed you a stellar performance of an 82, just 20 points shy of Nicho’s score.

Dylan Brown only managed 50 points. I’m slightly gutted as I brought him in possibly 2 weeks early, but I do feel like he’ll be one to own come those bye rounds and Origin.

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Tupou finally rewarded his small handful of owners with 94 points including a try and an assist.

And Paulo! Sir! Paulo now has a 3-round average of 93 with scores of 91, 101, and 87 in his last 3 games, and at only 3% ownership – is he a super POD to at least consider??

The Eels cheapies failed to fire for owners. Hopgood only managed 47 points (though he’s 100% a hold IMO), whilst Doorey scored a minimalistic 33.

And the suns coming up and the birds are chirping for the Carty Party, whose kick-ons just may be coming to an end with his lowest score so far of 36 points.

Injuries: James Tedesco (head knock) 

Judiciary: Bailey Simonsson (High Tackle)

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Raiders vs Panthers

By Clem Cassidy

It was a 12 – 53 total domination to the Panthers.

And whilst there was still the slightest glimmer of hope for the Raiders in the first half with the Panthers only leading by 7 points at that stage, it was that absolute Panther’s domination in the second half – with 3 tries scored in the first 12 minutes – that left Ricky’s Raiders in the dust, with the Panthers piling on the points in the second half, including a try to Salmon in what was a straight out of a movie script ‘weak gutted dog’ moment.

An absolute shout-out to the teensy, tiny handful who held fast on Tago. The man scored the second highest score of the Round with 142 points including two tries and three assists.

Turuva scored a double to finish on 63 points. Imagine the round he gets that PLUS all his normal base-monster stats – I’d absolutely hate to not be an owner then.

And on the flip-side, imagine the round that base-monster To’o actually crosses the line! Because at 65 points with no tries, despite the try-scoring frenzy, owners can still feel bloody happy.

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Nathan Cleary Captainers rejoiced, as we finally got the Cleary performance we’ve been waiting for. 124 points, scoring his 50th NRL try, kicking a field goal, getting 2 assists and a bunch of contributions, and 32 delicious goal-kicking points. The biggest dilemma of the week was for the Vice Captainers and that looping calculator got a workout, although in the end if you Captained Tommy T or Nicho it didn’t really matter too much.

Timmy Willi…ahh Zac Hoskings put on another show for those who brought him in, crossing for a try and finishing on 80 points. With an average of 98.5, and looking at a tasty price rise next week, surely he’s on the hit list of absolutely everyone to bring in this coming round.

For the Raiders, Tapine, top-scored with a 61 and is still a good get to have in that less than desirable FRF position.

Injuries: James Fisher-Harris (knee), Matt Frawley (hand)

Judiciary: Nil. 

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Rabbitohs vs Storm

By Clem Cassidy

It was a quality game with big hits, try saving tackles, and a heroic Melbourne defence breaking the hearts of Rabbitoh’s fans, who had their two last ditch efforts to cross the line in the final 10 minutes deflected by the Storm who took the win with an 18 – 10 scoreline.

And can we please just take a moment for Moale’s bone-shattering hit. Inject that straight into my veins please. And by god, that shook the stadium and please SC scorers – that should have been worth 50 points alone.

After I gave out all the hold vibes on a poddy with Spy earlier in the week, Murray repaid my faith like the true gentleman he is with 88 beautiful points including a try assist. I’m stoked I held ,and surely we can expect more delicious scores like this from the man now their draw opens up a tiny bit.

Harry Grant had a bit of a bounce-back game, scoring an 81 after a less than stellar showing last round. Tackling and off-loading his heart out, it’s a pretty scary prospect not owning the man – he’s just so consistent.

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Munster, that complete showman, finished on 74 points, crossing for his second try in his second game back from injury. He’s definitely one to consider for teams, though his 98 BE puts me off bringing him in next week just a bit. His cheeky antics deserve an additional point-scoring category of their own – how many points for a post-game pants down moment please?

Katoa failed to fire for owners, managing just 45 points – his lowest score to date. No panic stations if you have him – he’s a borderline keeper and has an average of 70. So apart from this Round, he’s outgunning bonafide guns.

Welch managed 55 points. He’s still overachieving on his price to start the season, but I think owners will want to move on soon to a Tapine or a Haas.

William Warbrick continues to be a nice little cash-generator for owners, scoring a 58 including a try and making an extra 68k in the process. His -40 BE will see him generate even more cash next week so he’s a nice get even sitting on your bench watching on.

Latrell owners would have had their hearts in their mouths, but when he kicked into action he did manage 67 points. I’m so torn. On his day you’d want to own when he goes massive, but it would be a hard watch for owners who didn’t have a guy like pretty-eyes Walsh warming a fullback spot.

Injuries: Alex Johnston (head knock)

Judiciary: Nil. 

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Manly vs Knights

By Clem Cassidy

12 tries.

32 – 32.

And what do we have here in a Round that had literally everything?

Only the first draw since Round 3 2020.

Manly started strongly with 2 tries in the first 10 minute, looking for all intents and purposes that this was to be a walk in the park it was supposed to be.

But the Knights. Those tough, resilient Knights. They kept fighting. A 95% completion rate after 40 minutes seeing them take the lead to 22 – 16 at half time.

And by God, it is decided. They are my second team this year. And I absolutely LOVE them.

After Manly scored 3 tries in the last 22 minutes it looked like they might take it out. But the Knights kept on fighting with a Dom Young try 3 minutes to the final whistle, sending the game to Golden Point.

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A Golden Point period that went for 10 minutes with failed field goal attempts on both sides meaning it ended in a draw. Which to be fair. Seemed quite fair.

Dom Young top scored for the Round – running in four tries to finish on 148 points.

And on the other side, Greg Marzhew kept proving he is an actual bonafide point-scoring gun, scoring owners an absolutely delicious 102 points. The man simply racks up the points, and surely he is most traded in this week before his -44 BE sees his price rise to gun-like proportions.

Lachlan Miller continued to reward those who own him. 95 points taking him to a three-round average of 98.7. And by God he is out-gunning all of my guns and has made so much cash for owners, and I am so happy for you all, except I’m also so sad that he is not in my team.

Tommy T did Tommy T things ending on 106 points, although you’d have been a bit anxious if you’d Captained him before the extra 10 minutes of Golden Point time.

Those who brought in Garrick would have had their hearts in their mouths a little bit for most of the game, but of course the great man was never to be doubted, scoring a try, and finishing on a respectable 81 points. Those who Captained him would’ve felt slightly ripped off by him not scoring the 150 plus score they were salivating over, but he is very very hot-property and should be considered for a CTW spot in everyone’s teams.

Injuries: Ben Trbojevic (hamstring), Tyson Gamble (head knock), Mat Croker (ribs)

Judiciary: Lachlan Fitzgibbon (High Tackle)

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Dragons v Dolphins

By Nick Moon

I have spent the past 2 weeks absolutely caning the Dragons and they come out and put in a really solid performance! For Dragons standards anyway… Looks like they spent a bit of time this week actually making some tackles at training.

In a side lacking serious Supercoach enigmas, Ben Hunt seems to pop up more often than not with a good score. His 103 on Saturday afternoon included a try and an assist and when Saints are winning, he is inevitably in the thick of it.

Jack Bird is another who might be a smoky should they continue their winning ways. Had a bad day last week, but taking that out, has scores of 70, 53 and 74. Available at CTW and 2RF, I wouldn’t be sleeping on him.

Jamayne Isaako scored only the 1 try but did manage a superb 108 with 3 line breaks. Made a ton of tackle breaks, he still looks a great shout as a POD for the coming month. With games against the Cowboys, Souths, Titans, and Raiders, there will be some tries coming his way. Missed the cheaper version of him but at around 570k, he still shapes as a viable option.

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Connelly Lemuelu banged out another 80-minute performance and has the makings of a serious 2RF moving forward for the next month. With Kaufusi still out and injuries popping up everywhere in Redcliffe, there is no reason his minutes won’t decrease and his 53 on Saturday showed he has an work rate to rival many.

And for those purchasers unhappy with their purchase, Bunnings require proof of a receipt for the dodgy Hammer that was working like a charm 3 weeks back! Was in the teens for a majority of the match until a late try got him to a somewhat respectable 41. Might be sell time for those still hanging on

Minute Watch:  BMM 80, Bird 80, Lemuelu 80, Gilbert 80

Injuries: Anthony Milford (hamstring), Jaydn Su’A (calf)

Judiciary: Jack de Belin (Dangerous Contact), Mikaele Ravalawa (Dangerous Tackle)

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Broncos v Tigers

By Nick Moon

Just get as many as you can in! That’s the ploy for this Brisbane side in 2023! What a serious football team this is! I know what you are all saying though… It was just the Tigers. And yes, there is some truth to that, but they have shown no signs of slipping up in the first 5 weeks of the comp!

And so they should be, after being in the midst of a 5-game run at Suncorp Stadium! I’ve played backyard cricket games that haven’t featured a home run of games like that!

Payne Haas is just enormous and has made a mockery of those in the Cotter shoes as I was a couple weeks back, in deciding over Tino, Taps, or Haas. I went Taps… and have since then watched Haas just make meters, offloads, and even score tries at will. Backed up last weeks 10 out of 10 performance with another, amassing 95 Supercoach points in the 46 minutes he was on the field. A must-have if you can afford.

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Not much more can be said on R Walsh, but I will try… He is good. Like, best Supercoach player in the game good. Hasn’t dropped below 84 in his 4 games for the club this year, has made owners around 170k and still going, and he is a player you love to watch! Most by now should have him in your side, but for those who don’t, I can only ask: How do you watch Brisbane? He now shapes as a very good Captaincy option with a draw as soft as butter incoming.

The less said about the orange, black, and white, the better… Adam Doueihi must go, but the problem is finding a replacement five eight not named Munster and for about 500k. He’s been awfully disappointing since moving to fullback and I’ll be looking to move him on pretty quickly.

The Tigers look like they are close to clicking, but with the Eels, Manly, and Penrith in the next month, the pain looks likely to continue. They will be hosting the Eels on Easter Sunday with only the 1 win between the 2 sides for the year. Probably not worth rising on the third day to watch it.

Minute Watch:  Haas 46, Riki 80, Carrigan 53, IPap 73, Bateman 57, Stefano 38

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Fonua Pole (Crusher Tackle), Junior Tupou (Shoulder Charge)

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Sharks v Warriors

By Nick Moon

Well, I think it’s safe to say that whether you bought Nicho or held off, everyone was a winner! Weird to say when he was on 78 at half time and could have gone ballistic but the errors from the Sharks let the Warriors back into the contest and this is no normal Warriors side!

Nicho looked like he was on a tear and had non-owners shuddering in their boots. His first half was flawless and could have had a try. Those skippering him were dreaming of another 180 but like I said, everyone got out of it relatively unscathed!

He managed to finish with 102 after updates so not too bad considering his second 40.

Frustrating afternoon for Mulitalo owners as he crossed for a double but had about 4 costly errors. Still, with Nicho back, he looks a great shout when they Sharks come off the bye, as does Ramien, Katoa, and Kennedy.

Speaking of the former US President, Kennedy has scores of 70, 106, 55, 51, and now 96. If it wasn’t for blokes called Trbojevic, Mitchell, Walsh, and Tedesco, we would be talking about this guy non-stop.

Embed from Getty Images

But enough about the Sharks… LET’S GO THE WARRIORS.

2023 is the year of the underdog and I am here for it! Probably their best win in their history and one that will be remembered for a long, long time.

Might even springboard their season into a top 8 spot. Down 20-0 after 20 mins, they found something no Warriors side has shown in forever and got themselves in front with a minute to go. Mostly off the back of a 2010 reincarnated Shaunny Johnson! Someone tell me they have him at half back please! Banged out 117 and was the far superior halfback on the field.

Popular buy Jackson Ford was strong again, although with the wet weather and multitude of tries scored, his involvement with the footy was limited. Did make 35 tackles for his 43. Still a must for everyone.

Minute Watch:  Wilton 80, Nikora 80, McInnes 49, Trindall 0, Egan 80, Ford 80,

Injuries: Toby Rudolf (knee)

On report: Dale Finucane (dangerous tackle), Marata Niukore (dangerous tackle), Josh Curran.

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Bulldogs v Cowboys

By Nick Moon

Find me a better 2 games of Footy on a Sunday and I will call you a liar! There have not been back-to-back games as good as what these two were in a long time. Long live NRL in 2023! The enjoyment levels for me are off the charts.

And owning Jacob Preston just adds to it! How good is this bloke! Shout out to Adam Driussi who called it early, he came into my side in round 2 and won’t leave there till Round 27 at this stage. Barged over for 2 tries, and his 108 was a game high by more than 30 points. He won’t get the 2 tries every week, but 80 minutes of hard running and tackling sure is exciting enough.

Helium Luki continues to build from his ACL injury last year where he was on par with Nanai as a Supercoach gun. Look to see him increase his minutes, getting through 70 of the 85 played on Sunday. Managed 77 which included setting up Chester for his try. Keep tabs on him.

Another week of no Val Holmes attacking stats either! Thankfully he is on song with his boot, so we owners are getting something, but for how much longer can we live with the mid 60 scores? I’m hesitant to trade because he is the type of player that when you get rid of him, he goes bananas and puts on 3 tries. Hold for now.

Minute Watch: King 51, Preston 85, Pele 25, Luki 70, Lolo 62,

Injuries: Heilum Luki (hamstring), Jordan McLean (hamstring), Max King (eye), Raymond Faitala-Mariner (head knock), Jacob Preston (hand), Franklin Pele (arm) On report: Jayden Okunbor (dangerous tackle)

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