Weekly wrap: Round 2 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 2 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


SuperCoach is a hard game sometimes.

I’m used to starting well, holding on for dear life, and inevitably tumbling down the ranking because I legitimately have zero clutch genes.

This year has started off different though.

After a 2144, I now find myself all the way back at 32,946th.

So, how do I improve from here?

Well, it’s important to remind everyone that we are still only two weeks into the 2023 season, and there really aren’t a lot of points separating 32,946th and 1st.

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I’ve woken up to the fact that I can’t stand idly by and watch Nick Daicos score 140’s for fun, so bringing him in will help me claw my way back due to his large ownership.

My plan has always been to hold off on trades until Round 3, at which point I would boost and boost again the next week, but the only issue is I can’t find anyone to boost too.

I’m keeping the faith in Sean Darcy against a ruckman-less Eagles outfit, but the temptation of Darcy Cameron might prove too hard to ignore.

Kade Chandler has the lowest breakeven in the game and is someone who will soar in price over the next month, but I’m not sure if I can justify using a boost to bring in a $123k player.

I’ve settled on two trades, with a potential third to be decided later on in the week:

Jack Steele -> Nick Daicos (via Constable)

Tom Powell -> Jack Ziebell

Anyway, let’s get into the wrap!

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Carlton v Geelong

  • Could Adam Saad (113) be a top-6 defender this year? Absolutely he can, what a gun!
  • Patrick Cripps (99) finished with just a 55% DE
  • Sam Docherty (73) had a very underwhelming game, but any talk of trading him is hogwash. He’s a lock to finish as a top-3 defender
  • Charlie Curnow (103) booted five goals
  • Oliver Hollands (71) had a much more impressive second game compared to his first. I still worry about his long-term job security though
  • Jeremy Cameron (149) had a huge day out, kicking six to go along with 25 touches and 8 marks
  • If only Jack Bowes (108) played in Round 1, because I’m confident that we’d all be sitting here saying: “I’m so glad he’s in my team!”. He looks so clean when he has the ball, but I just want to see one more week
  • The Tanner Bruhn (46) hype is over. Get him out ASAP
  • Esava Ratugolea (31)… See above^
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Brisbane v Melbourne

  • Dayne Zorko (139) scored well but I don’t like him as a person so whatever he scores is irrelevant to me
  • This is a great score and all, but I can’t tell if I’m nervous or excited for when Josh Dunkley (117) comes up against the Dogs this week. Does he have that DAWG in him??
  • I’m not angry, just disappointed, Lachie Neale (100). A 95 and 100 in his first two games is not good enough for someone I paid top dollar for
  • There he is!! There’s the Will Ashcroft (105) we know and love. What a star
  • Conor McKenna (78) is ticking along very nicely. You’ll have to get him in now or never
  • I would like a word in a dimly lit locked room with whoever said that Clayton Oliver (135) was going to rotate through half-back this season
  • Condolences for those who brought in Max Gawn (0). Although, as they do say, crisis creates opportunity… Brodie Grundy (74) is now the clear and obvious #1 ruck at the Dees
  • Christian Petracca (97) and Angus Brayshaw (88) were relatively quiet
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Collingwood v Port Adelaide

  • It’s party time for Nick Daicos (149) owners. It’s a mystery to me how this kid escapes the tag week in, week out, but what I do know for sure is that I can’t go another week watching him tear oppositions apart. He couldn’t get a better match-up against the non-tagging-tigers. I’ve already slapped the VC on him…
  • I would also like a word in a dimly lit locked room with whoever said Darcy Cameron (137) wouldn’t be the first-choice ruck for the Pies. I really can’t find a way to fit him in this week with Sean Darcy having a very tantalising match-up against a ruckman-less Eagles, but if big Shrek stinks it up one more time then he’s out of my team faster than he can say “Donkeh”

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  • Tom Mitchell (122) did some piggish things in the last quarter. Is he back??
  • If you did trade in Jordan De Goey (84), you’ll just have to live with these ups and downs
  • It looked like Connor Rozee (91) got concussed in the second quarter, but he put on a brave face and soldiered on to a slightly more respectable score
  • Boy, am I glad I wasn’t one of the 13 or so % that went early on JHF (45)
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Adelaide v Richmond

  • Don’t call it a comeback, HE’S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS. Thank you, Rory Laird (147) for serving as an outstanding VC amidst some competition-wide scrutiny
  • Jordan Dawson (110) is solid as a rock
  • Yeah look, I said it in pre-season *I think*, but $173k just seems like a lotttt of money to cough up for Luke Pedlar (36)
  • Jacob Hopper (119) you are a GUN. I thought he was done for when he rolled his ankle and twisted his knee, but he came back out and reminded us exactly why he was one of the most talked about mid-price options. Keep an eye out for any injury updates though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rest him this week
  • Good stuff from Tim Taranto (95). Just needs to fix up his DE
  • Nank the Tank (118) again! He won’t play against Spud O’Brien every week, but I do rate him as a POD ruck option
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Bulldogs v St Kilda

  • Not one of my finest decisions to leave out Tim English (139) from my side. Lesson learnt: Don’t always let injury history dictate whether you pick a player or not; if they’re fit, then pick ‘em
  • If Hayden Crozier (96) can just cement his spot in the 22, he is a great option at just $219k
  • Marcus Bontempelli (125) continued his incredible run against the Saints. In his last three games against them, he has scored 125, 181, and 159
  • Jack Macrae (85) must be traded
  • Liam Jones (76) bounced back from his injury-effected 5 last week! That score will soon go out of his price cycle, so expect a big price rise in two week’s time provided he keeps pumping out 60+’s
  • After suffering an AC/collarbone injury, it’s time for Jack Steele (96) to depart our sides. Perhaps we’ll meet each other again soon, my friend
  • There we go Rowan (129)! Keep that up please
  • Maybe Jack Sinclair (124) can continue his 2022 form after all!
  • Liam Stocker (74) was very solid again
  • Anthony Caminiti (73) booted 2 goals and clunked 9 marks! He is basement price and has a breakeven of -49
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Fremantle v North Melbourne

  • Luke Ryan (122) being on my never again list is a hill I’m willing to die on. Pump out another 150 champ, I don’t care. You’re getting nowhere near my team
  • Brennan Cox (131) on the other hand IS someone I could see in my team at some point. He’s shown enough already to suggest he could be a top-6 smoky, but I really don’t think I’m brave enough to pull the trigger
  • Sean Darcy (41) is reaaalllyyyyy lucky he’s playing the Eagles this week. He’s on thin, THIN ice
  • Harry Sheezel, (114) is legit Nick Daicos 2.0.
  • That’s 143 and 155 to start the year for LDU… Does he cop the Finn Maginness tag this week? With Simpkin out, I would assume so. Sam Mitchell will want to do anything and everything to get the bragging rights over Clarko
  • Yep, it’s legit… Jack Ziebell (123) is back
  • For whatever reason, Tom Powell (73) isn’t playing in the midfield. It’s not his fault, but I’m not sure if I can go another week with him at F5
  • Charlie Comben (12) is a prime of example of why you should always wait one more week to see if the high scoring continues
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Sydney v Hawthorn

  • I wouldn’t get sucked into this score from Callum Mills (123). He kicked two goals and had just eight CBAs
  • Q: Is Errol Gulden (107) a must-have? A: Yes
  • Two ton’s in a row for Jake Lloyd (102)… Could you do it?
  • Braeden Campbell (86) backed up his Round 1 performance
  • I think it will be a while before we see some legitimate consistency from Chad Warner (80). But, when he does improve that part of his game, he’ll be one of the best mids in the comp
  • The ability’s there, but the role is not for Dylan Moore (109)
  • If he just lifted his DE, the writing was on the wall for a big score from Will Day (98), and he did just that. He looks firmly placed in that Hawthorn midfield, but I think you missed the boat if you didn’t start with him
  • Solid day out from James Sicily (99)
  • James Worpel (99) continues his great form. If Hopper misses this week and you don’t have great bench cover, Worpel stands out as the best straight-swap replacement
  • Cam Mackenzie (52) had an off day, but it was against a tough opposition so I can forgive him
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Essendon v Gold Coast

  • Wowza. Will Setterfield (147) went BANG. He won’t be a top-8 mid, so I would suggest only bringing him in if you’re prepared to use another trade later on to get him up to a premo. He’s projected to get up to just below $500k by Round 6 with a current breakeven of -49
  • Darcy Parish (124) and Zach Merrett (114) dominated the midfield
  • Mason Redman (110) now has two 110+ scores in a row
  • I’m seeing a lot of people trading Jordan Ridley (70) which I don’t really agree with at all. Yes, he had a poor score, but is that enough to completely discount the 107 he had in Round 1? Absolutely not
  • Jye Menzie (58) and Alwyn Davey (45) continue to tick along nicely, but I wouldn’t trust any of them on-field
  • If I were a Touk Miller (106) owner, I’d be expecting a bit more than that
  • Matt Rowell (94) scored well again but has a tough matchup against the Cats
  • Charlie Constable (67) will be on a mission to prove the Cats wrong this week, and I for one am excited to see him *hopefully* dominate. He’s had a great start to the year
  • Bodhi Uwland (32) came crashing back down to earth
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West Coast v GWS

  • No one from the Eagles really interest me all that much to be completely honest
  • Dom Sheed (88) was solid again
  • Reuben Ginbey (76) looks set to remain in our sides for a longggg time. Gun!
  • I’ll put my house *sorry mum* on Campbell Chesser (27) getting dropped
  • Matthew Flynn (132)!! I had him in AFL Fantasy but wasn’t brave enough to start him in SuperCoach. The Eagles are the easiest teams for Rucks to play against so don’t expect this to happen again, but he seems to get around the ground heaps well!
  • Get Stephen Coniglio (107) in your teams if you can
  • It might not have been the score Tom Green (106) owners were expecting, but you’ll take it! It certainly wasn’t big enough to make me go out of my way to get him in this week
  • Finn Callaghan (45) looked sore all game so I can forgive him for this score

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