Team lists: Supercoach round 4 squad analysis

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams analyses the squads dropped for round 4 of the 2023 season.

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The first price changes have dropped for 2023, so hopefully our squads are all headed in the right direction in terms of value to begin the season. It was a tough round of scoring, to go with a harsh start to the season for many, but as always, the lesson is not to panic. Starting slowly in Supercoach is fine provided you’re happy with your team and as long as there is cash being generated. I can guarantee there will be a big chunk of the top 10,000 that have gone heavy on their top 17 and aren’t generating much cash in the remainder of their squads. This will come back to bite them down the track, and those generating cash wi

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  1. magpies4eva007

    Hey Tim, last week you advised to keep AKP cause he only needed a try or 2 to start the cash rolling in. He has since had doubles in past 2 weeks. This week you advised to keep Warbrick for the same reason. The result – a try and an 80+ score. Any chance that this week you can advise to keep Turova as I could really do with a try or 2 from him right about now. Cheers. Keep up the great work!

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