AFL practice matches: How the SuperCoach contingent fared, Week 1

We recap every game from week one of the AFL practice matches, with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.

AFL Pre Season

Finally, footy is BACK!

Albeit very meaningless and uninspiring, it’s still a pleasure to tune into some Thursday and Friday afternoon games on the couch.

Unfortunately, no official stats were taken, but I’ll do my best to provide you with the most notable talking points from each game!

Just a heads up, I’ll leave out the teams who opted to play an intraclub instead. Yes, Tom Green had 50 touches, but it was against the GWS reserves so it’s not entirely relevant.

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Geelong v Hawthorn

  • Esava Ratugolea (RUC/FWD, $174,000) looked brilliant as an intercepting defender and definitely looms as a potential R2/F6 pick. In his last two VFL games last season, he had 10 intercept marks and 22 intercept possessions playing the same role…
  • Seeing Jack Bowes (DEF, $277,500) line up Half Forward didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence at first, but he was involved in EVERYTHING for the first half (until he was rested). It’s safe to say he is now firmly locked and loaded in my team
  • Tom Stewart (DEF, $604,000) looked great, but I’d like to see him with Mitch Duncan in his seagull role first
  • Patrick Dangerfield (MID, $457,300) had plenty of CBA’s and could be a pretty good value pick this year
  • Tanner Bruhn (MID/FWD, $311,400) looked sensational for his new club. He had 67% CBA’s
  • James Sicily (DEF, $624,700) was solid, but definitely didn’t do enough to justify a selection at D1 for me. He even had CBA’s during the game which points to him perhaps being a bit of a utility under Sam Mitchell
  • Jai Newcombe (MID, $478,200) was superb and looks set for another massive improvement in his SuperCoach game this year
  • James Worpel (MID, $309,300) looked ok, but Hopper is a way better option
  • Will Day (DEF, $362,100) was, as expected, in and around the midfield for majority of the afternoon
  • Fergus Greene (FWD, $123,900) is a lock for a Round 1 debut
  • Josh Weddle (DEF, $130,800) didn’t do enough to cement his spot in the side in my opinion. He didn’t look out of place physically, but his skills definitely need improving
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Gold Coast v Essendon

  • Charlie Constable (DEF/MID, $123,900) should be in all your teams
  • Sam Flanders (MID/FWD, $256,300) didn’t really have the midfield role we were all expecting (even with Touk out) but he still found plenty of the ball at Half Forward and kicked two goals as well. I won’t be starting with him personally, but I won’t blame you if you do
  • Noah Anderson (MID, $552,900) was quite for the first quarter but managed to work his way into the game after that
  • Darcy Parish (MID, $610,800) and Zach Merrett (MID, $617,500) both dominated and considering their extremely friendly fixture to begin the season, I think you have to start with at least one of them
  • Jordan Ridley (DEF, $504,300) was on kickout duties for the Bombers and will be looking to get back to his 2020/2021 best where he averaged 102 and 99.
  • Jye Menzie (FWD, $154,200) kicked three goals and looks like a lock to debut in Round 1
  • Alwyn Davey (MID/FWD, $117,300) was impressive

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North Melbourne v Richmond

  • Harry Sheezel (FWD, $198,300) kicked three goals and was tested in a range of different positions. He’s a great option if you’re willing to pay up for him
  • Jack Ziebell (FWD, $356,400) WAS playing down back, but split the kickouts 55/45 with Luke McDonald (DEF, $487,300)
  • LDU (MID, $557,400) was a clearance beast in the middle
  • Will Phillips (MID, $158,300) should be a lock for your M8. He had 67% CBA’s
  • Cam Zurhaar (FWD, $351,200) interestingly had 67% CBA’s also, but it’s worth noting that both Simpkin and Cunnington weren’t playing
  • Tom Powell (MID/FWD, $308,000) is no stranger to finding the footy (search up his SANFL Under 18 stats) and looks set to have a real breakout year under a coach who can without a doubt unlock his full potential. 60% CBA’s is a good sign; let’s just hope it stays like that when the rest of the brigade return to the fray
  • The only SuperCoach relevant Tigers players are Tim Taranto (MID/FWD, $503,100) and Jarrod Hopper (MID, $332,000), and if they weren’t already at “lock” status, they should be now
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Carlton v Collingwood

  • Nick Daicos (DEF, $502,500) played 50/50 between defence and midfield and yes, looked superb, but I’m still not buying into the hype. As I said on the podcast, it doesn’t matter what position he plays, he’s going to be Collingwood’s most damaging player and as a result, will be the number one tag option for opposition teams
  • Tom Mitchell (MID, $528,600) had been in my side all pre-season but after seeing him rotating Half Forward, I’ve never removed someone from my side quicker.
  • Darcy Cameron (RUC/FWD, $465,900) seemed like such a lock in the early parts of pre-season, but not anymore. He had just 38% CBA’s.
  • Diehard Carlton fan and fellow SC Playbook contributor, Rainman, believes Alex Cincotta (DEF/MID, $102,400) is slightly ahead of Lachie Cowan (DEF, $117,300) in the pecking order for that spot off Half Back
  • Oliver Hollands (MID, $162,300) looked great on the wing, but I’m not sure how is job security will look when Sam Walsh returns from injury
  • Despite have spent most of pre-season training in the middle, Sam Docherty (DEF, $603,300) didn’t move from Half Back until the second half. With the inconsistencies surrounding his role, I’m cautious of picking him to start the year
  • Patrick Cripps (MID, $611,900) had the lion’s share of CBA’s – as well as reportedly collecting 32 touches – but limped off toward the end of the game with what appeared to be an ankle injury
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Brisbane v Sydney

  • Will Ashcroft (MID, $202,800) will be a season keeper
  • Lachie Neale (MID, $676,200) looked great until he hobbled off with an ankle injury in the third quarter and did not return. I think he’s a great option this year but keep an eye on this for the time being
  • It truly is a luxury having Josh Dunkley (MID/FWD, $596,400) as a Forward option. This might be the last year we’re able to pick him at F1, so don’t take it for granted.
  • Darcy Wilmot (DEF, $123,900) looked ok in the Wing rotation
  • Conor McKenna (DEF, $167,500) didn’t set the world on fire with his performance off Half Back. He sprayed a couple kicks and perhaps might make the coaching staff think he needs to warm up in the Magoos to start the year.
  • Cameron Rayner (FWD, $390,700) is a tantalising pick this year, seemingly playing the role down back that Jack Ziebell had two years ago. He had most of the kickouts and looked at home in the Defence
  • Errol Gulden (MID/FWD, $472,000) is straight in my team after that performance. Entering his third year, he looks set for a massive breakout season with way more midfield time to boost his scoring
  • Callum Mills (MID, $642,400) was rotating all over the place much like he was toward the back end of last season. Despite his insane ceiling, he’s a very risky pick this year
  • Lachlan McAndrew (RUC/FWD, $123,900) looks in line to make his debut in Round 1. With Tom Hickey and Peter Ladhams both out for the start of the season, McAndrew has found himself as Sydney’s sole ruckman and I don’t think he looked out of place once against Brisbane

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St. Kilda v Melbourne

  • Rowan Marshall (RUC, $506,500) is by far and away the best Ruck option we have this year so lock him into your sides without hesitation
  • Matteas Phillipou (MID/FWD, $166,800) did enough to cement his spot in the side come Round 1
  • Nick Coffield ($208,800) played very little game time so watch the rest of his pre-season with keen interest to see where he stands as we approach Round 1
  • I know it’s just a trial, but Clayton Oliver (MID, $699,800) put rumours of his on-going thumb issue to bed with a standout performance
  • Christian Petracca (MID, $618,600) wasn’t far behind his midfield counterpart in terms of impact. POD anyone??
  • Max Gawn (RUC, $622,100) played a fair bit of the game behind the footy while also splitting the Ruck duties pretty evenly with Brodie Grundy (RUC, $512,900). At this stage, both are no-goes for me this season.
  • Angus Brayshaw (DEF, $550,300) spent most of his time floating across Half Back as opposed to in the middle, but still found plenty of the ball
  • Lachie Hunter (MID, $392,100) is a very interesting prospect this year. He supposedly had 27 touches, nine marks, one goal, and three goal assists off the Wing
  • Judd McVee (DEF/MID, $123,900) is a rookie to keep your eye on as he pushes for Round 1 selection. Reports suggest he has taken up Salem’s role in defence and his stats from this game certainly verify that. He collected 16 touches and six marks
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Fremantle v Adelaide

  • Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $615,600) looked great but he’s one that I’m just keeping an eye on at this stage
  • JOM (MID, $472,400) was solid
  • Hayden Young (DEF, $508,200) didn’t have the best day out, but I still think he’s one of the best value options in defence who is very capable of boosting his average to 100+ this season
  • Many (including myself) have been questioning the impact that Luke Jackson (RUC/FWD, $465,500) would have on Sean Darcy (RUC, $562,200). Well, considering Darcy had 75% CBAs in this game, I would say the impact will be quite little. As a result, he has forced his way into BOTH Niko and Rainman’s teams, and may even find himself in mine at some point…
  • He’s the most expensive player in the game, but just pick Rory Laird (MID, $703,900) so you don’t have to watch in agony while he pumps out ton after ton after ton after ton
  • Jordan Dawson (DEF, $603,100) played across Half Back and on the Wing, finding plenty of the footy in both positions. He was used as Adelaide’s utility at times last year, so let’s just hope he has a more nailed on position this season
  • Wayne Milera (FWD, $321,200) looked great in the same role that has seen him average 75+ on multiple occasions in previous years. If he can stay fit, he’s a great value option at F4
  • Sam Berry (MID, $478,700) looks poised to take his game to another level this season
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West Coast v Port Adelaide

  • JHF (MID/FWD, $348,800) had 76% CBA’s which is very promising
  • Connor Rozee (MID/FWD, $513,800) still seems to be splitting his game time between Half Forward and Midfield. He had 52% CBA’s but I’d like to see that number creep up toward the mid 60’s before I chuck him in my team
  • Scott Lycett (RUC, $429,900) found his way back into the one’s and played solidly enough against a lacklustre Eagles Ruck outfit
  • Elliot Yeo (DEF, $337,000) continued his flawless pre-season as he looks to put his injury troubles behind him. He attended 60% of the CB’s while also spending time at Half Back
  • Oscar Allen (FWD, $210,200) was a strong presence up forward
  • Campbell Chesser (DEF/MID, $123,900) impressed on the wing

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