Team reveal: Socceroos captain Maty Ryan drops his SC squad

Socceroos skipper and avid Supercoach fan Maty Ryan reveals his highly anticipated 2023 squad ahead of NRL round 1.


By Maty Ryan


Harry Grant

Grant is the best hooker in Supercoach by a mile. There’s no injury clouds this pre-season to worry about, so hopefully that means he starts the season on fire and gets even more minutes with Brandon Smith not being there.

Brandon Smith

Smith is cheap after a down year in 2022, and he moves to the Roosters and is helped with the injury to Connor Watson. I can see him bouncing back in a big way and is at a price where he could make a lot of coin.

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Reuben Cotter

I went early on Cotter last year and it paid dividends. He’s a base stat beast and hopefully adds more attacking stats this season, which can only improve on last season’s 59 point average.

Stefano Utoikamanu

Really cheap, impressed in the pre-season trials, he’s in.

Davvy Moale

Injuries to Sele and Havili have opened the door for a bigger minute role, so Moale will hopefully be a decent cash cow.

Franklin Pele

Pele should see some minutes after impressing in the pre-season trials and could make some decent coin being essentially at basement price.

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David Fifita

I’m still not convinced there won’t be times I’ll be yelling at him to get involved, but the ceiling is there, I have tended to manage him coming in and out of my side the last two seasons very well, hopefully it continues.

Luke Garner

There’s money to be made and hopefully Garner can be a threat on that Panthers left edge. I’d flip to Hosking if he’s named instead come round 1.

J’Maine Hopgood

The hype is real, and he’s an Eel.

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Ray Stone

Stone starts cheap and the rumour is will see decent minutes. He’s also an ex-Eel, so I hope he does well on the back of scoring that match-winning try and doing his ACL at the same time.

Trey Mooney

There the rumour of decent minutes in store for Mooney at the Raiders, so there’s cash cow potential.

Josh Schuster

Obviously a must-have at the price and with the departure of Kieran Foran opening up the five-eighth spot.

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Nathan Cleary


Tanah Boyd

The Titans have a soft draw early on, with Boyd starting cheap I’m hoping Hynes has a slow start to flip him after the first few rounds and save some cash in the process.

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Adam Doueihi

An accumulator of point, and fingers crossed he can improve with the recruitment job the Tigers have done, along with the decent draw to start the season.

Matt Burton

I’m not sold on him, I looked at getting him in last year around the bye period and opted against it and he stunk it up during that period so I was happy with my decision and I’m left with that same feeling.

However kicking goals and a with decent draw I’m keen to see what Kikau’s arrival does for him.

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Brian To’o

2022 was a down Supercoach year for his standards, I think he will bounce back after recharging the batteries in the off-season.

Valentine Holmes

Expensive, but arguably the softest draw in the competition to start the season. I brought him in late last season and he repaid the faith, hopefully he starts the season in the same fashion.

Tom Eisenhuth

A placeholder for now pending TLT.

Alofiana Khan-Pereira

There’s big hype around the Titans winger following some big pre-season performances. At basement price, there’s serious cash cow potential.

Charnze Nicholl-Klokstadd, Tommy Talau

All placeholders for now pending TLT. Two guys who could potentially make genuine coin. Looking also at Sean Russell and Reimis Smith, so we will see come TLT.

Paul Alamoti

The Bulldogs centre is basement price and by all reports has won that centre spot. Good cash cow potential.

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James Tedesco

The Roosters have a softish start, certainly the first two rounds, and his SC pedigree means he picks himself.

Tom Trbojevic

At that price with his talent, how could you not?

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