Updated team reveal: Tim Williams drops his final squad

Fully updated: 2020 2nd overall Tim Williams reveals his highly anticipated 2023 NRL SuperCoach team for round 1.

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So here it is, the Cooma Stallions final 2023 NRL Supercoach team. As it stands I currently have $118k in my bank to play with over the next two vital weeks for trading, giving me a bit of freedom to move as studs and duds emerge. There are a few very minor considerations I'm still considering tinkering over, but I think my side is locked in as per below and I'm very happy with it. The biggest grief plaguing me at the moment is which 2RFs to pick, there are so many great buys, with minute concerns over all of them. Anyway, here's the team below, good luck to everyone this week, and most importantly enjoy the footy. Embed from G

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