Squad Breakdown: Canberra Raiders 2023 Supercoach analysis

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams takes a deep dive into the credentials of the Canberra Raiders for Round 1.

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1. Xavier Savage2. Nick Cotric3. Seb Kris4. Matt Timoko5. Jordan Rapana6. Jack Wighton7. Jamal Fogarty8. Josh Papalii9. Danny Levi10. Joseph Tapine11. Hudson Young12. Elliott Whitehead13. Corey Horsburgh 14. Tom Starling15.¬†Corey Harawira-Naera16.¬†Emre Guler17. Trey Mooney Draw: First 10 rounds Cowboys (A), Dolphins (A), Sharks (H), Knights (A), Panthers (H), Broncos (A), Dragons (H), bye, Dolphins (regional), Bulldogs (A). First five round strength of schedule rating (1 toughest, 10 easiest) 4/10 2023 gains Pasami Saulo (Knights), Danny Levi (Huddersfield). 2023 losses

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