Thommo’s Takes: SuperCoach BBL Round 7 wrap

2019/20 SuperCoach BBL champion Thommo Aitken looks at the key talking points out of the previous round's action.

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Welcome to our review article at SC Playbook where we review the action from the previous round and see what impact it had on our side and what we can learn from it. This was an absolute chaos round. Injuries, restings, weather and Mankad attempts! Well done for surviving! As the song says, “Things can only get better…” Embed from Getty Images Hurricanes vs Strikers Result: Hurricanes won by 7 wickets Takes: Some notable changes for each side, including some of my trade ins from last week, but I digress. For the Strikers, leading wicket taker Henry Thornton was rested and replaced by a Thommo favourite Harry Conway.

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