Bundy NRL Mixer: Game week seven tactics

We eye off the best NRL and NRLW players to target for game week six of the Bundy NRL Mixer.


We’re excited to be on board with the inaugural Bundy Mixer season, the NRL Fantasy campaign running from the final few rounds of the competition through until the NRL and NRLW grand finals.

For anyone new to the concept, you choose six players each week, three male, three female, across six positions.

For any SuperCoaches trying their hand at NRL Fantasy for the first time, essentially the point scoring system is tailored further towards workers than attackers.

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For example, you accrue one point per tackle, as per SuperCoach, but only eight points per try, rather than the 17 we’re used to.

When considering attacking players, tacklebreaks and offloads score significantly, so consider this when making your selections.

Let’s take a look at Game Week 7.

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NRL: Reed Mahoney – As good as Api Koroisau is, he’s every chance to play off the bench again, so I’m happy to lock in an 80-minute Reed Mahoney who could easily notch 50+ tackles.

NRLW: Olivia Higgins – Emma Manzelmann appears the obvious pick this week for NRLW hookers, however off the bench I’d be a bit nervous, so I’ll go Higgins. As per prior weeks I’ll be opting for an NRL rake in the position due to workrate.


NRL: James Fisher-Harris – I know this pick seems a bit repetitive, but JFH is so well suited to the Bundy Mixer scoring system with his huge workrate, so he’s the safe pick to me. If you’re looking to jump spots and want a higher upside player, I like Isaiah Papali’i who is available as a middle rather than an edge.

NRLW: Millie Boyle – Millie v Simaima, that’s the big question that will impact overall rankings in grand final week. Prior weeks Taufa has been the more popular option, however Boyle has double the ownership in game week 7. I’m tipping the Knights, so it’s Boyle for me, but realistically you won’t go wrong either way.


NRL: Shaun Lane – Lane, Matto, Kikau, take your pick… Such elite options that will all score well and all whom have upside. With Lane’s supreme form and confidence right now I’m backing him for some grand final magic.

NRLW: Kennedy Cherrington – Comfortably the highest averaging NRLW edge forward available, despite being named at prop which is great for workrate and Mixer scoring. If you’re looking to consolidate position, Cherrington is the pick, if you want a POD, go with Yasmin Clydsdale who’s owned by almost half as many this week.

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NRL: Nathan Cleary – Once again, Cleary is the obvious and safest pick at half by a mile. However, there is a terrific opportunity to opt elsewhere with Cleary owned by three times more than any other half. If you’re game enough to go elsewhere, Dylan Brown will amass a stack of tackles and runs, while getting the majority of good attacking ball on the left, while it’s a risky play it could pay huge dividends.

NRLW: Kirra Dibb – Three elite NRLW halves options separated by less than four points on average. All are great options, but as I’m siding with the Knights I think Dibb has the greatest upside, so I’ll be going with the Newcastle playmaker.


NRL: Izack Tago – Again, take your pick. There’s not much separating the NRL centre options, so I’ll stick to my formula of Penrith’s lethal left edge and go with Tago.

NRLW: Rikeya Horne – Another tough position, but I’m running with the Eels strike-weapon out wide.

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NRL: Dylan Edwards – It’s tight between Edwards and Brian To’o, but I feel Edwards has higher upside for attacking stats, while both will amass huge run metres.

NRLW: Tamika Upton – Because you’re mad if you don’t. I’ll be going Upton over Edwards.

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