Bundy NRL Mixer: Game week four tactics

We eye off the best NRL and NRLW players to target for game week four of the Bundy NRL Mixer.


We’re excited to be on board with the inaugural Bundy Mixer season, the NRL Fantasy campaign running from the final few rounds of the competition through until the NRL and NRLW grand finals.

For anyone new to the concept, you choose six players each week, three male, three female, across six positions.

For any SuperCoaches trying their hand at NRL Fantasy for the first time, essentially the point scoring system is tailored further towards workers than attackers.

For example, you accrue one point per tackle, as per SuperCoach, but only eight points per try, rather than the 17 we’re used to.

When considering attacking players, tacklebreaks and offloads score significantly, so consider this when making your selections.

A shout out to the SC Spy who is sitting 5th overall!

Let’s take a look at Game Week 4.

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NRL: Harry Grant – The best hooker in the Mixer who gets a reasonable match-up with the Raiders. I’d be going Grant as my hooker for greater workrate in larger minutes, and opting for attacking NRLW weapons in my side.

NRLW: Quincy Dodd – Dodd is a low ownership option that could pay off. She’s amassed 79 tackles across three games, so her base is strong. If she can notch an attacking stat or two she could top the hooking ranks this week.


NRL: James Fisher-Harris – Fisher-Harris is tailor made to Mixer scoring due to his high workrate. He’ll lift immensely for the blockbuster final with the Eels, and should near his exceptional 63 point average for the season.

NRLW: Milie Boyle – Coming in as reigning player of the year, Boyle has delivered for the unbeaten Knights. She’s had the third most runs and fifth most tackles in the competition, star! Amber Hall remains an elite option too.

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NRL: Hudson Young – Young has been in sublime form and is accruing attacking stats at will. Jack Wighton sees the majority of attacking ball on the left edge, meaning Young will be in prime position to capitalise on Melbourne’s weaker right edge.

NRLW: Olivia Kernick – Averaging an excellent 46 points for the season, Kernick has been rock solid and is owned by just 5.9% despite being the top scoring NRLW edge player.


NRL: Nicho Hynes – Once again, lock and load. Arguably the best player in the Mixer.

NRLW: Tarry Aitken – Aitken and Raecene McGregor are far and above the best halves so far this season. I’m hesitant to invest too heavily in the Knights v Roosters blockbuster in case it is low scoring, so I’ll go with Aitken at the Broncos.

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NRL: Valentine Holmes – This Sharks v Cowboys clash looks the one that could produce a decent amount of points, with two exceptional attacking sides on show. Holmes plays a roaming centre role and kicks goals, so he looks a strong play coming off a hat-trick in Round 25.

NRLW: Isabelle Kelly – I’m too scared to go elsewhere, gun!


NRL: Jordan Rapana – I like Rapana this week, he’ll amass a big count of runs and tacklebreaks, and is up against Melbourne’s leaky right edge. I think Canberra will have plenty of success on their left edge dominated by Jack Wighton.

NRLW: Sammy Bremner – Bremner is in stunning form, averaging a whopping 12 points more than the next best NRLW player. Bremner is equal top of the tacklebreak charts with 22 and has four linebreaks to her name. She does have a tough match-up with the unbeaten Knights, so if you want to go elsewhere it could pay dividends. If looking elsewhere, Jaime Chapman looks the play for Brisbane.

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