Weekly Wrap: Round 25 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 25 NRL SuperCoach wrap, the final outing for the 2022 season, with a new champion crowned.


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, distinguished readers.. and the Spy.

That is 2022 in the books and what a ride it was!

We didn’t see the scores consistently like we did last year, but that seemed to make it all the more fun! We had different captain choices every week and no gun seemed to score big every week.

Trades ran low, we boosted unnecessarily, and all jumped on Siosifa Talakai after he ran riot over Manly. As it turned out that didn’t mean too much as every other side did the same.

Talakai and a few others joined my “Never again” list. That list though is written in very faint pencil, and no one is ever really banned.

Latrell came back from America with a point to prove and he became the defining player of 2022, those who had him saw green, whilst those who didn’t just had to watch from the sidelines and lament the fact of trying to outsmart him.

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Question marks were there regarding the tough run of games, but he showed what a player he is and was nearly the player of the season.

But my moment from the year came off the field.. It was the late-night ramblings of a mad man in the back of an Uber that the Spy provided us late – or should I say early one Sunday morning that was my highlight!

Code decipherers from the CIA couldn’t work out what he was on about. If you ever get a chance to meet the bloke, enjoy the chat, just keep your eyes peeled for an exit!

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I’ve done away with the minutes, judiciary and injuries for this week as it won’t have much bearing on Supercoach for next week!

The NonFungible Turbos had a so so week scoring 1,179. Murray and AJ didn’t help much, but Val got me to a competitive score. I finished the year ranked 1,871 which was my best overall finish ever.

I even managed to beat the Spy.. Didn’t we Maty!

And finally, thanks to all the readers who click on my article every week! It’s been a great year, but I wouldn’t do it without you all. The NRL Supercoach is a great community, and, like Turbo, I plan to be back bigger and better next year! So here’s to you.. Cheers!

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Eels v Storm

Well I’ve been wrong about the Eels. They are a premiership powerhouse and should win the whole thing! (Trying reverse psychology). They were very good on Thursday and booked themselves at least one extra week in the finals.

I.Pap, Brown and Lane all finished the year strongly, with Brown mustering 73 to cap a great season where he started at a measly $466K. He’ll be one of the first five-eighth options chosen for next season.

Munster and Grant were the standouts for Melbourne as Hughes was a late withdrawal. The pair put on low 90s and just were far and away the best options in their respective positions. I won’t make the same mistake and try anti-POD Grant again.

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Bulldogs v Sea Eagles

Well it was quite apt I thought that we lost our last 7 games on the trot. One for each player.. Ah stuff it, I’m not going into it…

How has it been 12 months since Tommy Turbo scored that unbelievable try v the Cowboys to finish 4th?! What a dismal year it has been.

Chez finished off with a handy 108, although four of his lowest scores for the year came in the last six games. So it was a very bumpy back end of the year for owners.

Ola scored a try to pull back some respectability for those who have held strong for the year. He has the perfect game for Supercoach and I’ll be keen on him in 2023. Will Turbo be back by then?

Max King held his spot for the season and probably many others did the same. He finished in the rain with a solid 67. There weren’t too many others that stood out in the Blue and White, but the addition of Kikau will have Burton in the crosshairs of many.

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Roosters v Rabbitohs

Cam Murray. Knocked out cold. 1 solitary Supercoach point! Well there are risks involved but a sad way to end what a cracking season the star back-rower had! It was a bit of a dampener on what was a brutal but free flowing game.

Walker set one up but couldn’t match the 2020 heroics, whilst AJ had his lowest score since Round 5. It’s been a hell of a 7 weeks as an owner and I can cop the 23.

The Chooks though know when to hit their straps! Tedesco in everything, Sammy Walker growing in confidence and Angus Crichton finishing the year strong! The same Angus Crichton who started the year with seven weeks of scores under 67, came good in the middle of the year but has gone whack to close it out. Superb player.

Joey Manu looks to have done his calf and may miss some very important footy for the Chooks. He managed 42 before he had to come off. He finishes the season as the top CTW scorer, and an average of 73.

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Warriors v Titans

Didn’t peg these 2 sides to make it to golden point, but they managed it and some class from Tanah Boyd got the Glitter strip boys the win!

They played some really good footy to end the year, they just forgot tackling was a part of it.

AJ Brimson was the standout in the final month, averaging 105 from his last four matches for the Titans.

His 90 included an early try and was looking like a repeat of last week’s heroics. That wasn’t to be, but 90 in the final game where many would have traded him in, is very good.

Fermor again found the line and was another who had a month! Scores of 93, 105, 84 and 103 to close out 2022, he was far and away the best Titans forward. If only Davey Fifita saw that much footy.

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Dragons v Broncos

It was an insipid way for the Broncos to bow out. I can’t believe this is the same side that sat fourth only a few weeks back. At least Manly sucked for most of the year and I didn’t go and book time off in September.

Very little Supercoach bearing on this match, although I kept a close eye on Lomax who I nearly traded in but thought better of it. It didn’t hurt me all that much as he scored 59 which has been on par for him this year.

Hunt was fantastic for his 75, but he just doesn’t accumulate like the Hynes or even Cherry-Evans of the Supercoach world. He totally outplayed his halfback counterpart and got the Red and White home comfortably in the end. It will surely earn him a Kangaroos jumper.

Bird might have found a home at lock, and if the minutes and tackle busting are still there come round 1 next year, he might feature in a few more sides.

Brisbane could drink for the next month and still not get that sick feeling that they missed out on something out of their stomachs. Haas mid-50s, again. Cobbo not much to report and Staggs… Well what do I say about him? I think 2022 Dud of the year.

He shows some much promise but Brisbane should pay him per run as he might look interested that way.

He has soooo much potential, but seems to rather look for the big plays rather than do any hard work.

Hey I’m not knocking that, I would do that same, but he seems to spend most of the time looking for himself on the big screen. Again, I shouldn’t throw stones, but definitely the dud of 2022 for me!

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Cowboys v Panthers

And I thought Valentine’s Day was in February! Ba dum tush…

He was the difference this week as he blitzed the baby Panthers (would they be a cub?) in a three try performance, managing a smooth 133. He like Brimson had a massive month to finish and whilst his floor is still quite low for a CTW gun, he has these 130+ performances in him.  He was given an early breather so it could have been a lot more.

Scotty D would be having nightmares listening to the boots of Matt Eisenhuth chase him down and what a body blow for owners that was! He still managed 81, but a try there and he cracks yet another ton. Not to be and he like his hooker partner were surprise packets for season 2022.

I can’t finish the wrap without shouting out Reece Robson! I went against Grant for most of the year, and Reece Robson was a more than capable back up.

In fact, it appears after lockout, Robson has scored 5 less points than Grant! I thought that was amazing until I realised Robson played four more games than Grant.. Heeyooo. Give me a break, it’s late.

Robson set Drinkwater up and scored one himself to finish with a 108, his first 100+ score of 2022.

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Knights v Sharks

Well it was up to Prince Nicho to steer the ship again for Round 25. I think I better send him one of those Sailor type Captain hats. He’s been wearing it for my side for weeks now!

He managed a very classy 95 in the pouring rain and finishes the season as the leading Supercoach scorer.

I brought him in for Round 3 where he went on to score 124 and he has been a set and forget since then. The player of the season for mine.

He had six scores off 100 or more including a monster 185 v the Warriors and five other scores in the 90s. What more could you ask for? He won’t need to buy a drink in Cronulla for the rest of the year, and if he can take them deep into September and win the whole thing, well there will be a few little Nicho’s running around in roughly July next year.

Nikora had a blinder, scoring a hat-trick on the right edge. He has been a sleeper for most of the year, with not much chat about him.

Another that has had a blinder to finish, with all six scores over 71 in the past six weeks and two tonnes. He looks like he would run through a brick wall. I probably would too if Nicho asked nicely.

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Tigers v Raiders

Well did anyone expect any more from the Tigers? An insipid performance to finish a very ordinary year. There’s real life Tigers out in the wild that are trying to disassociate themselves as being a Tiger.

Poor Noddy Kimmorley was given the keys to a banged up car and has returned it in even worse condition! Sheens and Benji have some job on their hands.

Despite the absolute drubbing, Doueihi still scored okay, managing 57 without too many attacking involvements. One for next year certainly.

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The Raiders just had a lazy training run and piled on the Points. 12 players scored 50 or more with Hudson Young monstering his way to 112. Rapa backed up last week’s effort with 85, Savage a cool 73 and big Papa found the line to finish with 82.

Joey Taps couldn’t get in on the action, only managing 59 leaving him with a five round average of 54 after he busted his ribs.

I don’t know how deep these Raider boys can get, but a side that has won 6 of the past 7, is a side no one wants to come up against.

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