Tackling the final round of the SuperCoach season

2019 NRL SuperCoach champion Dez Creek shares his strategy and trade targets for the final round of the season.


Well folks, I caved on the buzzer of Penrith vs Warriors and used my final two trades to bring in Kikau (102) and Crichton (98), both of whom are now rested for the final round.

However, If I hadn’t made the trades I would’ve been well off the pace for the round and simultaneously been pushed too far out of contention to sneak a top 100 finish.

Instead, I sit 12 ranks away and have plenty of depth to cover any other late outs that might pop up over what is looking like a fairly tame round 25.

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Indeed, it’s looking like most Supercoach relevant teams still have plenty to play for regarding top 4/8 positions so it’ll be highly unlikely we see the likes of Latrell/Tedesco/Munster take a breather.

However, someone like Hynes may get an early shower against the Knights if Cronulla jump to a sizeable lead – one to keep in mind for religious Hynes captainers.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t much else on offer in terms of good captaincy options this week for the majority of people, I.e. anyone who doesn’t own AJ Brimson.

If you do have a trade or two left then Brimson is absolutely the man to bring in against a Warriors team that looks like they want to sink some Bintangs alongside DCE and Olakau’atu.

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Matt Ikuvalu and Murray Taulagi are the other two players who stand out to me as having good enough matchups to warrant a final trade in to chase a big 100+ ceiling.

There are a few matches to be cautious of across the weekend when considering your final trades.

The first is the Raiders clash with the Tigers. If Brisbane lose to the Dragons, Canberra are locked into the top eight and may well look to rest players.

The fear would be for the likes of Joe Tapine and Adam Elliott among popular SuperCoach options.

If not entirely rested, limited minutes seem somewhat inevitable.

For that reason, owners will be hoping Brisbane knock off the Dragons.

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If the Eels beat the Storm, the Roosters and Rabbitohs will be playing each other in week in week one of the finals.

While a home ground advantage will be up for grabs, they may look to rest players too, but hopefully for us SuperCoaches the rivalry and opening of the new Allianz Stadium is enough to ensure full teams run out either way.

I guess my final advice to people in the hunt for a solid overall finish is to keep your head and not doing anything too rash to try make up some ranks on the buzzer.

Even more unlikely, but if the Panthers beat the Cowboys, Cronulla will secure second spot and also will be in a position to rest players if they choose.

It’s all very speculative at this stage, but all certainly worth considering when assembling your final 17 this week, and your final trades for anyone fortunate enough to have one or two left.

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Whilst it could be a great move to sit out someone like a Munster in the hopes that he pushes out another 30, it’s not traditionally a play with a high EV return.

Furthermore, despite Penrith resting their whole team I would also avoid a C on the likes of Drinkwater and Holmes who may also get an early shower if the Cowboys hop jump and skip to a big lead.

Good luck everyone, Dez out.

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