Weekly Wrap: Round 22 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 22 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Hmm what did we make of that? Few mediocre scores if your name wasn’t Latrell. And to go with the mediocre scores, were a few mediocre teams parading as NRL sides. Cough Eels. Cough Manly. Cough Panthers.

There were a few notable absentees from sides this week. Players like Hughes, Talakai, Tapine, and Edwards all didn’t feature, meaning our depth across all positions was tested because hey, let’s not beat around the bush, who’s got trades these days! I just found it hard to pick the right four reserves. Not a good start seeing B Smith run away to score when he’s one of your NPR’s.

Hope you found a win in your head-to-head finals or enjoyed the week off. Prelims this week so good luck, and may Latrell have a quiet game.

The NonFungible Turbos had a better than average week, scoring 1214, rising 94 spots to 1147th overall.

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Panthers v Storm

With these 2 sides going head-to-head there was never going to be much happening Supercoach wise! It was a slugfest won by defence and Melbourne dominated in that department holding the reigning premiers to zero.

Munster and Grant were huge for Melbourne, Grant making a thousand tackles in the middle and Munster finding some clear space despite not scoring a try or setting one up. The pair mid 70s but the main man was Brandon Smith who bagged a try and has been very very good since his return from Referee school. Managed 88 on Thursday night so hopefully some of you out there played him in your final 17s because I certainly didn’t

With more and more players going down, Penrith are limping into the finals, and not playing some of their “stars” might actually be the play! Tago 51 was all base which is promising, To’o too (Gee my computer hated typing that) was all base as he couldn’t crack 50 and Taylan May was a late scratching alongside Dylan Edwards.

Api though scored a crucial 85 for owners as he took control for Penrith.

Maybe if Penrith play without their 1, 5, 6 and 7 for the rest of the year it will be a close-run comp!

Minutes played – Kikau 80, Martin 49, Grant 80, B Smith 54

Reported Injuries – Liam Martin (ankle), Dylan Edwards (sternum, pre-game)

Judiciary – Tui Kamikamica (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Warriors v Bulldogs

Where has this been from the Warriors all year! I didn’t think they had 42 points in them but here we are! They were all over the Dogs and might have circled this one in the calendar a few weeks out.

With the shear lack of Supercoach guns in this one, it was a nice change to watch 80 minutes of worry free footy. Players like Walsh, AFB and SJ showed some really positive signs, but it’s come about 15 weeks too late for that trio. Walsh though behind a Brissy pack next year could be a great player to start with.

Matty Burton, KIraz and Max King are 3 that still feature heavily at this time of the year, but the trio couldn’t strike a blow as they were outplayed buy a hungrier Warriors side. Burton scored 23 which was his lowest score of the year

Minutes played – AFB 54, Tohu 71, Aitken 80, King 50, RFM 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Matt Burton (Grade 1 Shoulder Charge)

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Eels v Rabbitohs

Well, the Latrell show just rolls on and on and on; another week, another 100+ score. 3-line breaks in the opening 10 minutes I have no more to say. Imagine trying to Anti POD a bloke who has 6 scores over 93 in his 7 games back from injury. Not sure what he did in the U.S but I reckon a few NRL players may be signing up to do the same thing! In fact, the Overlord should send a few of us SC Playbook contributors over… imagine the content we would put out after that!

Murray was again outstanding and one that just warms the heart to own. Set Latrell up for a line break or 2 and his work in the middle as a link player but also as a battering ram; there is none better. Backed up last week’s God like performance with 89 and will take on a fired-up Penrith side this coming week so I would expect nothing less than 75.

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Walker found the line twice and AJ too bagged a double with the duo scoring 85 and 80 respectively. Walker though is tough to find and play each week! Scores 85 against the Eels but only manages 58 against the Warriors last week when they forgot it was a contact sport. Frustrating to say the least!

The only Eels player worth mentioning is Shaun Lane! Has had a superb month of footy and the scores just keep coming for him. Finished with 85 in a side that got beaten to zero. His offloading and tackle busting ability are elite and his combo with D Brown just gets better every week

Minutes played – Matterson 52, IPap 80, Lane 76, Arrow 67, Murray 73

Reported Injuries – Lachlan Ilias (hamstring, pre-game)

Judiciary – Ryan Matterson (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Roosters v Cowboys

The SCG didn’t seem to be a very happy hunting ground it seems unless you had the number 9 on your back. Both Verrills and Robson had blinders and far outplayed their more Supercoach dominant teammates.

For the Chooks, seems like every week its Manu v Teddy and this week, Manu took the win, but no one is cheering about it. Manu outscored Teddy by 5 points, but neither could find any attacking stats despite putting 32 past the Cowboys.

Lots of ups and downs for the Cowboys, in a game that could have gone either way. Cotter and Leilua were awesome, but Drinky and Nanai not so.

Val Holmes has now had 2 very quiet weeks after his month-long clinic. Scores of 36 and 37 right when H2H finals are ramping up. Needs to find something next week when he takes on the Warriors.

Minutes played – Radley 61, Crichton 80, Watson 37, Lolo 50, Nanai 80, Cotter 56

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Joseph Suaalii (Grade 1 High Tackle – Careless), Luciano Leilua (Grade 1 Crusher Tackle)

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Tigers v Sharks

Ah well at least we can rely on Captain Nicho to right the ship… Sort of. A very popular captaincy choice for the week, he was solid setting up an early try and getting through his usual number of tackles and runs. He also had a great night with the boot banging them over from everywhere and finished with 90.

Ramien was strong and too much to hand for a feeble Tigers defence as he finished with 86 whilst McInnes banged out 79 which was mostly tackles and runs, although he did find enough energy to grab a line break.

I’m still waiting for Adam Doueihi to have another blinder. Owned him for 2 weeks now and I don’t think he has notched too many attacking stats! Managed to score 66 points on Saturday night without the attacking prowess he is known for. To be fair the Tigers haven’t sent the Fox Sports lab into overdrive too often this year.

Minutes played – JoeO 70, Pole 46, Tuilagi 67, McInnes 59,

Reported Injuries – Toby Rudolf (knee), Siosifa Talakai (shoulder, pre-game)

Judiciary – Teig Wilton (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Broncos v Knights

This was a match to target for Broncos players and I hope someone out there locked onto Selwyn Cobbo! 3-try performance, he loves playing the Knights as last time he took them on he managed 131! I must remember that for next year. Cobbo, Knights Cobbo, Knights, Cob Loaf at night. Got it!

Payne Haas another mid 60 score along with Kotoni Staggs another mid 30 score were 2 of the more disappointing numbers to come out of the Brisbane camp. I dead set don’t know how you can pick Kotoni. I reckon he’s on plenty of ‘never again’ lists. Including Freddys blues list

Ezra Mam keeps doing a job and as a last reserve for me, managed a solid 64 which included a very classy try. Linked with TMM very well as that combo looks to get better and better as they play more footy together.

Minutes played – Haas 68, Riki 80

Reported Injuries – Kobe Hetherington (head knock)

Judiciary – Anthony Milford (Grade 1 Shoulder Charge)

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Raiders v Dragons

Good week for Ricky to be tucked up on the lounge flicking between the footy and whatever else tickled his fancy on a Sunday afternoon as the wind and rain rolled into a brisk looking GIO Stadium.

With the absence of Tapine, the Raiders could have given the stats guys a couple hours off. Only 3 players broke 60, and Adam Elliot, probably the most popular Raider was very quiet and only managed 36. Hopefully for the Raiders and every Supercoach side with Taps, he returns next week.

I can’t remember a side that look so disjointed for 8 minutes, yet still manage to be in the contest at the last play. If Ben Hunt didn’t play, they would be keeping the Tigers and Titans company at the ass end of the ladder. Amone jumped over for a hattrick for a round high 141 if some battler out there has him and Jack Bird managed a solid 98 which may have included 78 swear words he seems to scream every time one of his teammates coughs the ball up. Which seems to be often

Minutes played – Young 80, Elliot 48, CHN 32, Su’A 80, Bird 67,

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Titans v Sea Eagles

Lacklustre, disgraceful, shameful and needs a lot of work. No not phrases to describe my body but how Manly showed up on Sunday arvo to play with their season on the line.

I’m not going to blame the debacle that was 3 weeks or so back, but we haven’t struck a blow since. DCE has been ordinary and might have forgotten there is a Kangaroos no. 7 jersey to play for and Olakau’atu hasn’t had an attacking stat for a while it seems now. DCE in particular was a popular trade after Cleary went down and he’s mustered scores of 46, 32 and 28

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Thankfully Garrick scored a try and banged a few over. Finished with 81 and along with Jurbo was Manlys best.

It took one run for Fifita to jump back in the good books of owners as he split the defence and scored a great solo try. Offloaded well, just needs to see some more footy. 85, his highest score in 8 weeks.

AJ Brimson… Could he be a smokey for the next 3 weeks?! I really like him as a trade in and takes on the Dragons, Knights and Warriors… Bold play but that’s what we are here for!

Minutes played – Fifita 76, Fermor 80, Clark 64, Ola 80, Schuster 34

Reported Injuries – Jason Saab (knee)

Judiciary – Dylan Walker (Grade 1 Careless High Tackle)

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