Tag watch: Players to be wary of, Round 22

We take a look at the players who could potentially cop a tag this week to make sure that you don't bring in the wrong option.


If we cast our minds back to last week’s article, you’ll notice the first two players on that list: Touk Miller and Zach Merrett…

Touk was shut down by Finn Maginness as expected, limited to his lowest score since Round 10.

Zach Merrett on the other hand… Wowee. He was completely and utterly annihilated by Harry Perryman, who kept him to just his second lowest score all YEAR. It would’ve been a shame if you decided to trade him in off the back of his five straight 130+’s.

The thing I didn’t predict though was the Saints opting for the unethical DOUBLE tag on Cam Guthrie and Tom Stewart. Interesting…

Let’s take a look at the matchups this week to make sure that the players you decide to bring in won’t stink it up on debut.

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Daniel Rich v St Kilda

I wouldn’t have even though about Daniel Rich getting tagged by the Saints, but then it dawned on me. Mitch Owens was deployed onto Tom Stewart last week and destroyed him for his second lowest score of the season (his lowest score was injury affected). So, that was the first thought that entered my head. The second thought was when I remembered what happened when Brisbane played GWS in Round 11. Harry Perryman went to Dayne Zorko and Matt De Boar went to Daniel Rich (or vice versa idk), keeping them to just 37 and 55 respectively. Maybe the Saints take some inspiration from that?

Last 3 v St Kilda: 119, 128, 113

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Lachie Neale v St Kilda

With five 120+ scores in his last eight games, Lachie Neale has been playing some brilliant footy in the second half of the year and looks on track to win his second Brownlow Medal. However, he’ll find it tough this week against the Saints who sent Marcus Windhager to Cam Guthrie and kept him to just 22 touches and 97 points last week. I don’t think I’ve ever been more confident that someone will get tagged. Let me put it this way: If we had unlimited trades, I would be trading him out this week.

Last 3 v St Kilda: 123, 118, 72

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Bulldogs v GWS

The tricky thing about this one is that I know with certainty one of these midfielders will get tagged, but it’s a lottery for who actually cops it. In the past we’ve seen Libba and Macrae cop the most attention from other teams, Bailey Smith has had it here and there, the Bont has seen a tag a fair few times but I think he’s just too big and strong to be honest, and more recently we saw Bailey Dale tagged by the Swans. My gut feeling is that Harry Perryman will go to Bailey Dale to stop the run off half back, and Lachie Ash will go to Tom Liberatore at the stoppages to reduce his centre clearances. All in all though, it’s just way too hard to predict, so I’d stay clear of all of them.

Bont last 3 v GWS: 120, 127, 97

Macrae last 3 v GWS: 155, 140, 133

Dale last 3 v GWS: 87, 61, 49

Liberatore last 3 v GWS: 102, 139, 101

Smith last 3 v GWS: 64, 101, 94

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Andrew Brayshaw v West Coast

There’s no better time for the Eagles to tag someone than in the Derby! They let Rory Laird off the hook last week, but they will stop at nothing to put a dent on Freo’s top 4 hopes, and tagging Brayshaw is the best chance they have of that. In Round 3, he was softly tagged by Xavier O’Neill and scored a 96 off the back of a 189. I’m expecting slightly more attention this time round.

Last 3 v West Coast: 96, 121, 102

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Nick Daicos v Sydney

Massive call here, but I seriously think Ryan Clarke will go to Daicos this week. He didn’t go to Aaron Hall last week, but I think that’s because the Swans knew they didn’t need to tag to win against North. This week though, the come up against the most in form team in the comp and will have to do everything they can to get the win. The pies don’t have anyone else who rebounds as well as Nick Daicos does… I’m happy to go on the record and say that the kid isn’t just the best young player in the comp at the moment, he’s in the top 10 overall.

Last 3 v Sydney: nil.

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