Weekly Wrap: Round 21 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 21 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times! My god what a roller coaster Round 21 was! Well for me anyway.

Things started out fast, with Munster, Grant, Tedesco, Lane, Brown and Crichton all posting large scores. Then Saturday afternoon rolled around and that’s when things really started to kick into gear as Latrell absolutely tore the Warriors apart in conjunction with C Murray. The pair posted just under 300 points between them and Latrell. Shame I and many others reading this may have skipped on Latrell… It’s coming back to bite me in a big, big way!

Round 21 was also our first week of Head-to-head finals matches so hopefully you were able to get the W and are still alive! There are still 4 weeks to go and about collectively 15 trades amongst everyone so sit tight, be patient, and throw caution to the wind. What I mean by that is surely Maxxy King is due for a try!

The Non-Fungible Turbos had another lacklustre week being without Latrell and playing Talakai, To’o and Tago to finish with 1348 points, sliding 194 spots down to 1241 overall.

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Roosters v Broncos

Throw-back to the WWE attitude era watching Victor Radley get cut open on a sickening head clash with blood pouring out everywhere! I was waiting for JR and King to jump on commentary or for a chair to be thrown in under the goal posts. That didn’t eventuate, so I spent most of this match screaming “don’t go left, Joey is on the right!”.

The must-have centre barely saw any good ball and had to go hunting for it, didn’t find an attacking stat, and finished with 48, his lowest score since Round 11. He looked hungry, so next week v the Cowboys he could go bananas. Walker was busy, Butcher bagged a double and Suaalii got one late. Everyone on that right edge but Joey

Crichton too found the line whilst Teddy was just Teddy like as the pair put on mid 90 to high 90s to kick off a good weekend. Teddy having a huge 4 weeks notching scores of 99, 152, 72 and 99. If it wasn’t for Papis knee injury I and many others wouldn’t own him!

And don’t Brisbane look tired! Maybe Origin took more of a toll than we realised but players like Stags, Haas and ARey were very quiet and need to lift in the next month to give the finals series a crack. Both Supercoach

Minutes played – Radley 49 Crichton 80, Watson 62, Haas 65Capewell 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Victor Radley (head laceration), Sam Verrills (head knock)

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Storm v Titans

And wasn’t this the performance we were all waiting for!! C Munster outstanding! Its easy to say he is a better fullback blah blah but honestly, put him at lock, second row the bloke would be top 5 in the world wherever he played. His 147 was a blessing as many placed the captaincy on him.

He was ably assisted by Grant who updated tremendously for those owners. I thought it was a 65+ performance, not a 97 but hey I’m just a salty non owner. I’m happy to Anti Pod him at this stage.

Jarome Hughes went down with a shoulder injury, one not to dissimilar to the Spy’s back in 2018. The Spy was able to return in 2 weeks so Hughes shouldn’t be far away.

Very little to report on the old Titans. David Fifita was unsighted and was moved to the right this week, and all the ball went left. I can’t work it out, just glad I’m not an owner. Seems to score ok (57 on Friday) but no attacking stats to be seen

Minutes played – NAS 50, Grant 80, B Smith 44, J King 32, Tino 56, Fifita 80, Clark 55

Reported Injuries – Jahrome Hughes (shoulder), Aaron Booth (knee)

Judiciary – Brandon Smith (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Sea Eagles v Eels

Packed Brooky Hill does it get any better? A win would have been nice! And it looked that way, but Parra again just beat up on a broken side to post another win. For Supercoaches, it was a dream match with some big names featuring, all who seemed to make a mark!

The Eels trio left edge had a field day with Sivo crossing for 2 and 74 points, Brown running the ball ALA Munster to finish with 98 and Shaun Lane used his Go-Go gadget arms to offload at will with a dominant display scoring 104 to go with scores of 91 and 83 for the past 2 weeks. Showed Olakau’atu a thing or 2 about being an edge backrower after the Manly star had an off night to go with last weeks no show. Hope those who sold 2 weeks ago will be eating humble pie in another 3 weeks, but its looking unlikely.

Both Papali’i and Garrick both had strong games, but just couldn’t find any open space as the pair put out scores of 61 and 74 respectively. Garrick hasn’t scored since Round 15. Let’s hope the Titans defend like themselves next week to see some big scores from the fullback.

And I’m loathed to mention Parras fullback even though he scored 127. My laptop wont even let me type his name… Gut43r50n.

Minutes played – Olakau’atu 66, Matterson, 55, Papali’i and Lane 80

Reported Injuries – Kieran Foran (hamstring)

Judiciary – Nil

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Rabbitohs v Warriors

How can something so good be so painful to watch?! That’s the feeling I and many non-owners would have had watching Latrell go on an absolute tear against a Warriors side that thought they were playing OZtag.

He was unstoppable for the afternoon, despite not having an involvement in a try until about the 4th one Souths scored! He finished the afternoon with a double, 8 from 8 with the boot and 2 try assists. His 152 a season high for him and left the rest of us in the cold. The only saving grace was an early bath after 62 minutes. Had he stayed on I shudder to think what he finishes with

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Thankfully one thing did go right and that was trading in the NRL Supercoach security blanket in Cam Murray. What a start he had! 3 try assists he was untouchable in the opening stanza and allowed Latrell to do what he did through his go forward and offloads after that. The pair combined for a massive 282 points.

We know all about the run Souths have now, but they are playing like a top 4 team so no queries in their ability to score points! How I and many others will get through the next 4 weeks Latrellless is going to be interesting. It might be very painful.

Minutes played – Arrow 80, Murray 66, Latrell 62 (early rest), Tohu 74

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Taniela Otukolo (Grade 1 Crusher Tackle)

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Raiders v Panthers

Well, we got a look at what life without Cleary and Luai looks like from a Supercoach point of view and let’s not beat around the bush, It isn’t great. They came out and looked like they just wanted to focus on their defence and defend they did! Dylan Edwards was robotic like, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t all human. No man can take that amount of punishment and turn up again and again. I suppose the Spy does it also

Tago, May and To’o were all let’s just say it ordinary. Not for a lack of trying but May top scored of those 3 with 40.

In even bigger news than Ricky Stuart losing his lollies over what I can only gather was Jaeman Salmon stealing his son’s birthday cake when they were 12, Joey Tapine busted his ribs nd it does not look good. 1 maybe 2 weeks but if he does play, what impact does that have on him?

Minutes played – Tapine 31, Elliot 64, Young 80, Api 80, Martin 80

Reported Injuries – Joseph Tapine (rib), Dylan Edwards (shoulder), Ryan Sutton (head knock).

Judiciary – James Fisher-Harris (Grade 1 Careless High Tackle), Joe Tapine (Grade 1 Crusher Tackle), Nick Cotric (Grade 2 Careless High Tackle), Jaeman Salmon (Grade 1 Contrary Conduct)

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Sharks v Dragons

Gee the Local Derby just produces the goods doesn’t it! The Sharks were the much better team but couldn’t shake the Dragons who were still in it until the last play.

It looked like a great night down at Shark Park and one bloke who wouldn’t have had to line up at Northies or buy a drink was Nicho Hynes! The prodigal son was immense on Saturday, making a thousand tackles, running the ball like he had the 8 on his back and even managed a meat pie to quell fears for those who went the captaincy on him. He updated nicely and finished with 112, and has some very friendly scoring matches ahead.

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Supercoach wise that’s where it seemed to end as players like Mulitalo, Talakai, McInnes and Lomax all had relatively quiet games on the Supercoach front. Talakia in particular was busy, but rarely saw early ball and was mainly used as a battering ram. His score of 25 seemed to be made up 19 hitups under 8m and 3 over 8m.

The Dragons seem allergic to scoring tries over the past month so ill be avoiding any PODs that may seem to pop up in the red and white.

Minutes played – McInnes 53, Wilton 45, Su’A80, JDB 58

Reported Injuries – Connor Tracey (head knock)

Judiciary – Tariq Sims (Grade 3 Careless High Tackle)

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Bulldogs v Cowboys

Bit of an arm wrestle from most of this match as both sides seemed to enjoy the dry track up in sunny Bundaberg. It was a match that had Burton, Holmes and Drinkwater owners very excited, but it was the Drinkwater ones that were celebrating the most as the Fullback kicked on from last week to post another triple figure score. 2 tries late helped him go large as both he and Leilua filled their proverbial Supercoach boots. Leilua the beneficiary of playing behind a solid pack, scored 97.

Nanai and Holmes didn’t get close to last week’s performance as many out there reading this may have brought the duo in. Nanai 36 and Holmes 1 better with 37 which included 16 in goals. They take on a red-hot Roosters side next week and will do well to find the stadium if it’s outside Queensland.

Matty Burton as mentioned went very well and has come on leaps and bounds from the player he was in the early stages of the comp. His 85 included a classy try and an assist. His combination with Addo-Carr is making Doggies fans sleep a little easier at night

Minutes played – RFM 80, Topine 72, TPJ42, Cotter 53, Leilua 55, Lolo 50

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Tigers v Knights

If there is one thing that makes you look forward to Monday morning, it’s putting yourself through 80 minutes of these 2 sides going at it. I’m going to be blunt with you all, I found other things to do and watched the Fox mini and even that 20 minutes was too much.

Sorry Tigers and Knights fans, you know as good as anyone how long this season has been!

From the bits I saw, Adam Doueihi didn’t get close to last weeks clinic, only managing 53 in a matchup that most had him pegged for 130+. Joe O was massive in the middle, scoring 76 all in base stats whilst Kelma Tuilagi finally scored some decent Supercoach points and has thrived under Noddy Kimmorley. Can’t wait to see him in the Maroon and White next year.

And if you have Newcastle players in your side at this time of year, you are a more patient Supercoach than I am!

Minutes played – Joe O 69, Tuilagi 80, Barnett 61

Reported Injuries – Ken Maumalo (knee), Jacob Saifiti (head knock)

Judiciary – Nil

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