Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Round 21

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.

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Another teeny tiny rank rise for me this week.  I hope you are more like Eddie and flying up the rankings!  Buku Khamis was great for me covering Rich, but I was really let down by Crisp, Short, Oliver, Macrae, Dylan Moore, Goldstein, English, Duncan, and Himmelberg playing forward.  That’s some list...  Hopefully things turn around with these so called “premo’s” next week.   I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I may finally field a full premium side this week… I noticed the 7th rank team overall has 5 trades left.  Let’s see what they, and you, might be able to do this week with trades in the

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