Weekly Wrap: Round 20 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 20 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Someone get Vic Lorusso in the Mix traffic helicopter to get us a visual of the carnage on the NRL Supercoach Highway! Wow what a week and what about the timing!

Hope you have some trades up your sleeves because if this week is anything to go buy, we will need another 10 for the next 5 weeks!

Cleary and Moses out for the remainder of the regular season plus some under firing stars, it’s going to be survival of the fittest for the next 5 weeks. 

Everyone should have depth, but that depth gets tested when matchups aren’t in your favour.

Head-to-Head finals start this coming week too so good luck to all! To those reading in The Bega Cup, I’m ready to make amends for last year… Watch out!

The Non-Fungible Turbos had another stop start week scoring 1125, falling 122 spots to 1047 overall

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Sea Eagles v Roosters

Well after what seemed like the longest week in NRL history, the first match got underway with some very VERY high expectations of some certain Roosters players.

But they didn’t count on a very gallant maroon and white… and red and yellow and green and orange and blue and purple. Garrick busted his gut but has had successive games without an attacking stat and sub 50 scores. Not great at this time of year. DCE too only managed 46 but his stocks are about to rise.

Tedesco couldn’t match last week’s effort, but he also didn’t come up against Zac Fulton last week. His 72 seemed low as a captain score but 24 hours later became enormous.

Joey Manu continued to toy with the NRL, scoring a huge 101 on the way to obliterating his BE. If you don’t own him by now (Overlord, Spy) I wish you luck in the remaining 5 weeks. Was everywhere despite being named at centre.

Angus Crichton was barely sighted scoring only 44. Tough one for owners looking for some consistent scores at this time of year.

Minutes played – Bullemor 80, Davey 53, Crichton 80, Radley 53

Reported Injuries – Lindsay Collins (concussion), Andrew Davey (concussion)

Judiciary – Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Dangerous Contact), Egan Butcher (High Tackle – Careless), Alfred Smalley (High Tackle – Careless)

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Warriors v Storm

Warriors second game back at home and they came to play. Melbourne still look off the pace but did enough to get the 2 points. Munster looked untouchable in the initial stages but couldn’t post a massive score with another popular captain choice only managing mid 70s. His move to fullback after Meaney got injured meant he saw a lot more footy and if named there next week v the Titans, is nearly a lock for 100+.

Grant has had a very ordinary if you ask me and I’m happy to anti POD him for the next 5 weeks at this stage. Only scored 59 on Friday which included a try so without that, a 30 odd score. Has only had one score over 66 since round 9. Concerning!

Hughes looked to have found some Supercoach form and another who may become extremely popular come Monday.

Not much doing for the Warriors, although Tohu Harris scored 66 and is one who you could play with confidence

Minutes played – Harris 80, Aitken 80, Grant 80, King 55, Wishart 19

Reported Injuries – Nick Meaney (shoulder/concussion), Chanel Harris-Tavita (knee), Wayde Egan (teeth)

Judiciary – Jackson Frei (Dangerous Contact)

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Eels v Panthers

Well, who would have thought a score of 4 would be the most talked about score all weekend! Nathan Cleary getting sent off after a lifting tackle, is set to now miss the remainder of the regular season. Massive for Supercoaches (nearly everyone) but the ones that put the captaincy on him were hurting even more! Teddy and Munsters mid 70s looked huge in comparison.

He was given a week off and went to Bali for a few days, this time round he could do a European Contiki

What that means for the rest of the Panthers Supercoach stars like May, Tago, Kikau and To’o remains to be seen. To’o saw limited footy, but his base is good whilst Tago continued his hot run and has averaged 76 since Maty Ryan shouted him out!

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The Eels were red hot and if they played Penrith every week, would be $1.05 to win the comp. Papali’i was enormous, and the Eels recruitment must we wondering why they allowed him to go to the Tigers. He too is probably wondering if he cut himself short. Worth about $800k per season if he was to sign with someone today

Mitch Moses too picked up a finger injury and will also miss the remainder of the regular season. Which to me is good because I don’t have to consider whether to sell my soul to the devil to trade him in.

Minutes played – Lane 80, Papali’i 76, Matterson 61, Cleary 17, Martin 80, Kikau 75, Yeo 64

Reported Injuries – Robert Jennings (head knock)

Judiciary – Nathan Cleary (Dangerous Throw)

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Titans v Raiders

Joey Tapine why am I running without you?! Finally crashed over for a try and finished the afternoon with a massive 113, despite spending 10 minutes in the bin. The sides in the hunt to win this whole thing must be running with him to have a chance. I can’t believe I keep trying to Anti POD him. Is to too late to jump on? Can I trade him in at halfback?

Hudson young joined in on the action and starting to have some really strong games back-to-back. Something he hasn’t be able to do in his young career. Can find the line. Amassed a massive 125 and has had a decent 6 weeks or so.

David Fifita would be better off cutting his ties with the Titans because it’s clear they obviously don’t like him! I can’t put my finger on it but they obviously rate Beau Fermor higher than him.

Since his return has scores of 49, 75, 69 and 49 and is showing no signs of bettering that. Will be worth around 550k which is just absurd

Minutes played – Tino 61, Fifita 80, Clark 59, Tapine 56, Young 80, Elliot 48

Reported Injuries – Adam Elliot (Hip)

Judiciary – Nil

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Sharks v Souths

The extra 8 minutes seemed like 20 as we were treated to missed field goal after field goal! Nicho Hynes finally put us out of our misery and banged one over to further justify his pay packet. Scored 66 for us Supercoaches and just was another game where he was everywhere, but nowhere! Hasn’t scored over 100 since Round 9 but will now become halfback number 1 for the next 5 weeks.

McInnes relished in the extra time and scored his second highest score of the year with 89 and now looks a solid choice for the HOK position for the next few weeks. Talakai got through a lot of work despite not finding an attacking stat whilst Mulitalo found the one try but couldn’t break 50.

For Souths, the last 4 weeks of being up seemed to take its toll. Latrell and AJ both scored but scored only 52 and 60 respectively.

Souths were led by the one Cam Murray who relished in the extra 8 minutes, banging out a huge 83 which didint include an attacking stat. Ill take some of that next week please!

Minutes played (Incl. GP) – McInnes – 79, Wilton 56, Brailey 88, Arrow 65, Murray 86, Kolomatangi 88

Reported Injuries – Royce Hunt (shoulder), Jed Cartwright (hamstring)

Judiciary – Tom Burgess (Careless High Tackle)

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Broncos v Tigers

Don’t want to trigger any Tigers fans but you lot should be 2-0 V Queensland teams in the past 2 weeks!

A spike in form and the return of Mr “I like vowels in my name” Adam Doueihi is no surprise. The bloke is just a Supercoach star! Could he be the one to fill Cleary’s shoes in the half/five eight position? You could do a lot worse.

Scored a huge 112 and was running the ball at will, showing very good 2021 signs. The Tigers have a mixed run, but he is available at CTW too so even more reason to find a spot for him.

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The Broncs were well and truly out played. Pat Carrigan sees himself in a bit of hot water and may miss a few matches after an ugly tackle on Jackson Hastings.

Mam scored a good try but only managed 42 dissapointing many owners who played the five eighth. He along with Staggs couldn’t find much open space and scores suffered.

Haas couldn’t repeat last week’s heroics with 59. Still a play each week

Minutes played – Haas 70, Capewell 80, Carrigan 59, Joe O 59, Tuilagi 65

Reported Injuries – Jackson Hastings (broken leg), Kelma Tuilagi (head knock)

Judiciary – Patrick Carrigan (Dangerous Contact)

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Knights v Bulldogs

Like fine wine, Kiraz just keeps getting better! Those who have held and even played the Bulldogs winger would have been absolutely cheering as he crossed for a hattrick and a massive 133 pre updates. Was in everything and the Bulldogs showed the can play both sides of the edges.

Matty Burton was a popular trade this week but couldn’t match last week’s outing as he failed to crack 50 pre updates. Had a couple assists not go his way but still attacking wise, there aren’t too many in better form at the moment. His combination with Addo-Carr is flying.

Newcastle cannot wait for the end of Round 25 as they look tired and out of ideas. Even Klemmer has dropped off. I wouldn’t be going near any of them, and they should be made to buy each Knights fan a beer they have put them through so much this year

Minutes played – Barnett 80, Klemmer 51, King 53, TPJ 30

Reported Injuries – Edrick Lee (Foot – Pregame), Hymel Hunt (adductor – Pre game)

Judiciary – Phoenix Crossland (Dangerous Throw)

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Dragons v Cowboys

Why drink beer when you can Drinkwater! The fullback bounced back in a serious way, tearing the Dragons apart and making a mockery of anyone who traded him out. Finished the afternoon with 106 pre updates including 2 tries and an assist. He was ably assisted by Val Holmes who I thought would have finished with around 60 but the extra 20 or so points kicking goals is gold as he made his way to 84.

But the afternoon belonged to Jeramiah Nanai!! What a star this bloke is going to be! Supercoach and NRL in general we will be seeing and talking about him for a long time! Crossed for 2 tries, both of them would have been awarded down at touch footy as not a single hand got laid on him. His 140 pre updates was a season high and might be traded into many sides this week.

The Cowboys dominated the scoreboard and Supercoach site, with Lolo, Dearden, and Neame all scoring over 70. Reece Robson scored 55 without an attacking stat.

Not much doing for the Dragons. Can’t believe they sit above Manly…

Minutes played – Su’A 80, Robson 80, Lolo 53, Nanai 80, Leilua 54

Reported Injuries – Kyle Feldt (hamstring)

Judiciary – Jason Taumalolo (High Tackle), Josh McGuire (Dangerous Contact), Jaydn Su’A (hair pull)

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