Weekly Wrap: Round 19 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 19 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Well that lasted a long time… The thoughts of back-to-back monster scores were curtailed over the weekend as not much went right for me or lots of other Supercoachers! Despite Teddys massive 152, there was little in the way similar scores to some guns as players like Drinkwater, Walker, Grant Munster and Cleary did not reach any sort of heights to musters a decent score.

Maybe you were in the minority and captained Teddy, owned Holmes, Haas and Mitchell and avoided playing the Walkers and Mulitalos? If you were hats off to you! These are the little wins you need along the way at this time of year to keep you charging home.

With only 6 rounds remaining and I’d say less than that in trades, it will become very interesting if COVID or a few key injuries start to occur. Id hate to be running into a H2H final with a Cleary or Munster not being available and having no trades to move them on. Depth should be ok for most, but it might be worth holding onto a couple for a rainy day.

As you may get the vibe, the NonFungible Turbos had an off week, managing only 1135 and dropping 318 spots into 925 overall

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Eels v Broncos

At around the 19th minute mark, every Supercoacher probably had the same thought I did… “Why the hell didn’t I trade in Haas at his price!” Huge performance from the returning gun, scoring a massive 105 to kick off the weekend for owners. Looked to get heavily involved and although the try boosted his score considerably, he is still one to consider.

Staggs and Mam were ok, but I’ll be looking to move the latter on soon. He has peaked in price and can become anyone or take the cash and run. Wham bam thank you Mam.

The Eels treated us to a typical Eels performance, but the standout was Shaun Lane! Could have walked over for a try earlier on but handed it to Waqa Blake, infuriating myself and other owners. Despite this, he still managed a very good 91 and has very good attacking upside.

The Eels had 4 players score between 62 and 69 with both Sivo and Brown amongst those. I saw many teams with Sivo in the NPRs, but his 69 did include 54 in attacking stats so he needs about 5 tries to break 100. Single figures coming up if he can’t find the line.

Minutes played – Matterson 61, Lane & Papali’i 80, Haas & Carrigan 65

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Dragons v Sea Eagles

As soon as I saw the rain, I was hoping Dessie would channel his inner Chris Waller, consider his thoroughbreds, and scratch them from the game altogether! Manly and wet weather do not mix. Unfortunately, we had to play and the sooner we left Kograh the better.

Garrick saw little football and as a popular VC/C choice, left many new owners wanting as he couldn’t break 50. Olakau’atu too had a very quiet game after copping an early knock. His 29 was his lowest score of the season and the very little attacking footy we had meant DCE was never going to score well.

Benny Hunt had another cracking game and might very well be a POD option to partner Cleary if you have the stones and trades. The Dragons are fighting for a top 8 spot, and he will have a lot to say on where they finish.

Minutes played – Bird 80, JDB 54, Aloiai 79, Olakau’atu 80

Reported Injuries – Cody Ramsey (knee), Josh Aloiai (knee), Ben Trbojevic (head injury), Sean Keppie (shoulder)

Judiciary – Nil

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Knights v Roosters

Looking back, I and many others probably have the knee injury to Papenhuyzen to thank for becoming Tedesco owners! I jumped on the Tedesco train and didn’t he deliver!! Tore the Knights apart and posted a mammoth 152! Well done to those who banged the straight Captain on him.

He looks to have sparked the Chooks and was finally given some good clean ball on the edges Remains to be seen whether he outscores Mitchell in the final rounds, but it will be a ding dong battle and one I’m here for.

Crichton FINALLY found the line scoring 82 whilst the win pair of Tupou and Suaalii had a day out, scoring 209 between them. Suaalii will be my fist picked in 2023.

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Manu was a late withdrawal which hurt many, mind you 191 in 2 weeks I’ll take it.

Big Eddy Lee continues to score well! 89, knows his way to the line and the Knight’s draw is mint. Go on, you know you want to…

And headgears out for K Ponga. Looks like he will miss the rest of the season after Fridays HIA. Owners must be thrilled with the score of 6 and another trade.

Minutes played – Klemmer 49, Barnett 80, Crichton 80, N Butcher 66

Reported Injuries – Kalyn Ponga (concussion), Lachlan Fitzgibbon (shoulder)

Judiciary – Matthew Lodge (Careless High Tackle)

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Raiders v Warriors

The Raiders now just become a Joey Tapine watch with the most in form forward of the comp continuing to make a mockery of opposition teams. Managed a solid 73 on Saturday, which is seemingly his floor as he hasn’t scored below that since Ben Kennedy was playing for the Green Machine.

Adam Elliot had another strong game in the back row and has become a very solid POD for someone who rarely gets a mention in the Supercoach world.

Not much happening Supercoach wise for the Warriors. I wouldn’t be looking too hard into run homes, Bes, ownerships etc of anyone bar Tohu Harris. Only manged 60 but at 566k you could do a lot worse in the 2RF

Minutes played – Tapine 58, Elliot 53, CHN 26, Aitken 80, Curran 36

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Panthers v Sharks

A very Supercoach heavy match with some of the most popular players in the game turning out in this one, which is never a good thing, because it inevitably ends in tears.

I wasn’t crying at the end of the match, but after seeing Teddy go mad, my Captain in Cleary couldn’t break 70 points. Sort of know how the spy feels after last week… Sort of.

Despite the plethora of Supercoach guns in this match, not one player scored over 75 points. Kikau, To’o and May scored in the 50s whilst Hynes, Ramien and Talakai couldn’t break that.

Sharks have Souths next week, then a very VERY good run home so hold strong.

Minutes played – Martin 78, JFH 45, Kikau 80, Graham 57, Wilton 33, McInnes 51

Reported Injuries – Stephen Crichton (ear)

Judiciary – Dale Finucane (dangerous contact), Viliame Kikau (shoulder charge)

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Rabbitohs v Storm

What universe are we living in where the Storm drop 4 games on the bounce?! Im not sure how I feel about it.

They have come up against some red-hot sides, none hotter than a Trell led Souths! Since returning from the US, the mercurial (love using that word) fullback has won over fans and media alike, whilst also scoring 99,93,136 and 91! They are some serious numbers!

The happiest bloke to see Latrell come off the plane was AJ. Has had a blistering month of footy, scoring try after try. Manged 82 and has scored over that in 6 of his last 8 outings.

Murray and Cook were both strong and owning either or both for the next 6 weeks will be a godsend, I think. Can see them easily banging out a couple 100+ scores between them

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It wasn’t all good as Cody had a night to forget. Got rattled by Olam and spent the next 65 minutes catching his breath and counting his ribs. 15 measly points. That’s his 3rd score under 20 for the year. Might be time to cut the cord

The Melbourne contingent didn’t have a much better night either, with no Supercoach relevant players scoring over 65.

Grant and Munster were well contained and look lost for answers. Munster got done a dirty by the downdates, losing close to 20 (Must have gone to Teddy).

Hughes too looked lost and if you can hear a strange sound in the distance throughout the week, it’s just Craig Bellamy screaming

Minutes played – Murray 80, Arrow 62, Cook 80, J King 40, Grant 70

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nelson Asofa-Solomona (dangerous contact and high tackle)

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Bulldogs v Titans

Whos willing to take a run on Matty Burton?! Wow what a performance yesterday, another one of those “Gee I wish I traded him instead of (Insert player X). Quick look at his last 7 games, he has only scored under 76 once! Has the goal kicking and Addo-Carr outside him, I can see him outscoring Munster in the coming 6 weeks! Big call but that’s why I’m paid the big bucks at SC Playbook.

Still got a lot of love for Max King! Looks like he wouldn’t blow a candle out after the match, must be one of the fittest in the NRL just a machine in the middle. Second picked behind Suaalii next year. Sides filling up already.

The Titans can put 2022 in the bin and move on. David Fifita again might as well play hooker as it’s the only way he will get his hands on the ball. Parked him on the left and then they proceeded to go right all game. Scored 64 but that included a try. I’ll take the Anti POD on him but it’s not an easy watch knowing what he is capable of

Minutes played – RFM 77, M King 49, TPJ 31, Tino 47, Fifita 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Corey Waddell (facial contact)

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Cowboys v Tigers

Stick a knife in the Tigers they can’t come back from that surely! In what was going to be one of the great upsets, they got absolutely barbequed by the bunker and I’m sure we will hear a lot more about it in the coming days. Buzz Rothfield will be wetting himself when he gets on NRL360.

Results aside Val Holmes what a star! Many went the risky option and brought him in after Papi went down and what a play it was! Has a very low ownership and managed a match high 113 for owners. The Cowboy’s draw is juicy and he could easily do better than that in the coming weeks. I don’t want to be coming up against him in a H2H final.

Robson and Taumalolo did a good job for owners, both scoring in the 70s with only JMK and Watson scoring better than Robson in the hooking position for the weekend.

Scotty D had probably his worst match in the number 1 for the year spilling a couple of balls and throwing some questionable passes. He only scored 32 and was subbed off with 15 to go. Not what many needed in the final match of the round.

Joe O was strong again as was Kelma Tualagi who made his first line break of 2022! Heres to plenty more in 2023 in the Maroon and White

Minutes played – Nanai 80, Lolo 59, Leilua 57, Drinkwater 65

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Reece Robson (high contact) Ken Maumalo (high contact)

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