Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Round 19

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


Another cheeky little rank rise for me last week, which was nice considering I don’t have Bontempelli and had to field two rookies to cover Rich and Oliver. 

It was lovely to see Khamis return for the Dogs, and play defence, to avoid a donut. 

It’s so frustrating still not ever fielding a full premium team this season, especially coming out of the byes with only the one upgrade required which was always meant to be Bont…  Now I only have the one trade left and no money to get him…

Enough about me and my struggles.  If you do have trades and money let’s see what bargains you can get looking at breakevens.

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Rookies to consider trading in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Noah Cumberland*M/F-91$123,90062+$77.2k
Luke Cleary*D-67$117,30068+$60.5
Jase Burgoyne*D/M-64$117,30067+$58.7k
Josh Carmichael*M/F-50$102,40055+$46.9k
Jai CulleyM/F-49$102,40090N/A
Sam Skinner*D/F-21$123,90049+$31.1k
Zane Trew*M-19$123,90046+$29.1k
Ashley JohnsonF-18$123,90067N/A
Tyler SonsieM-12$117,30059N/A
Elijah HollandsM/F24$123,90023N/A

* Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Noah Cumberland – It’s refreshing to see some great options this week, but also depressing seeing players like Hollands being ruined as a 2023 starting option.  Cumberland is the pick of the bunch this week on breakevens. 101 last week which will stay in his scoring cycle for a few weeks.  Obviously has good scoring potential and the Tigers still have injury concerns.
  2. Josh Carmichael – DPP flexibility which is a big plus when trading at this time of the season, and bargain basement price to maximise your upgrade money.  Would’ve gone massive if he used the ball well last week.  I think the Pies keep giving him games and hopefully he cleans up his ball use.
  3. Jai Culley – Big wraps on him as the #1 mid-season draft rookie and he delivered with a 90 last week.  Also has DPP and bargain basement price.  Probably a coin toss between him and Carmichael but leaning to the bubble boy.

Players to consider trading in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Blake HardwickD-8$352,20074+$36.7k
Josh BattleD/F4$391,10095+$40.9k
Robbie FoxD11$387,50083+$32.0k
Rhys MathiesonM13$337,50067N/A
Riley ThilthorpeF13$316,40064+$22.8k
Adam CerraM16$380,60081+$28.8k
Luke BreustF19$343,90072+$23.6k
Ed RichardsD21$364,70074+$23.6k
Dane RampeD23$324,70062+$17.5k
Sam DraperR24$367,50076+$23.3k
Tom PapleyF33$457,30091+$25.8k
Jeremy HoweD34$389,80072+$17.0k
Keidean ColemanD/F37$468,100101+$28.8k
Brodie SmithD41$444,00083+$19.0k
Hugh GreenwoodM42$399,90074+$14.4k
Callum WilkieD42$393,60075+$14.7k
Dylan ShielM45$491,300105+$26.8k
Isaac HeeneyM/F48$452,20092+$19.6k
Todd GoldsteinR/F50$521,900113+$28.1k
Connor RozeeM/F51$549,000145+$42.1k
Dylan MooreF52$513,50098+$20.5k
Jy SimpkinM52$472,700110+$25.8k
Scott PendleburyD/M58$476,200103+$20.0k
Sam TaylorD60$464,80097+$16.7k
Chad WarnerM62$544,600121+$26.3k
Nick DaicosD/M63$555,200114+$23.1k
Jordan RidleyD75$477,90090+$6.6k
Zach MerrettM77$615,500121+$19.8k
Mason RedmanD77$565,700122+$20.2k
Marcus BontempelliM/F78$615,400124+$20.7k
Callum MillsM83$576,50095+$5.4k
Jack SteeleM87$562,200104+$7.8k

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Marcus Bontempelli – If trading players in at this time you want to be targeting the best, and this guy is the best forward by a mile.  DPP is handy too.
  2. Zach Merrett / Dylan Shiel – Both guys are flying in Parish’s absence.  Obviously, Merrett is the better pick, but if you’re cash strapped no issues with taking a gamble on Shiel.  Especially with Parish basically being ruled out for the season.
  3. Jack Steele – Looks ready to explode after playing a few games now after injury.  Safe as houses pick.
  4. Todd Goldstein –If you need a forward, or R2, this guy fits the bill nicely.
  5. Rowan Marshall – Not on the list because he is projected to lose money, but if you have Darcy Cameron this trade is a no brainer.  Ryder out for the Saints, Grundy back for the Pies.  One is going up and the other down.

Players to consider trading out, or wait for them to bottom out and trade in later:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Jacob HopperM202$527,70085-$52.5k
Jordan DawsonD/M180$602,200118-$27.7k
Max GawnR174$551,100104-$31.4k
Dayne ZorkoD/M170$391,90064-$47.4k
Adam SaadD169$519,30097-$32.0k
Tim EnglishR/F168$540,80097-$31.8k
Reilly O’BrienR163$550,10089-$32.8k
Tom GreenM160$442,80063-$43.2k
Toby NankervisR160$507,00076-$37.7k
Bailey SmithM/F153$532,000100-$23.7k
Josh DunkleyM/F151$501,000112-$17.3k
Ollie WinesM150$523,40098-$23.2k
Josh KellyM149$550,00099-$22.6k
Ben KeaysM147$530,10088-$26.3k
Liam BakerD/F144$470,70093-$22.9k
Lachie NealeM143$604,100104-$17.5k
Will BrodieM/F137$528,10092-$20.0k
James SicilyD136$585,700107-$13.1k
Brodie GrundyR136$544,500108-$12.6k
Matt RowellM133$475,40095-$16.9k
Daniel RichD131$538,500104-$12.0k
Darcy CameronR/F130$515,00099-$13.9k
Jade GreshamM/F124$427,30072-$23.1k
Stephen ConiglioM/F119$559,00084-$15.5k
Patrick CrippsM117$500,80082-$15.5k
Angus BrayshawD/M116$505,10089-$12.2k
Brad CrouchM109$493,90072-$16.4k
Jack CrispD/M108$472,30087-$9.4k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Darcy Cameron – As mentioned prior, Brodie Grundy is back so that will likely kill Cameron’s scoring potential.  Ideal trade out option.
  2. Josh Kelly – Will definitely miss this week and has a massive breakeven after that.  I’d look to trade to someone like Jack Steele.
  3. Jade Gresham – If you held last week to see if he’d make his breakeven you lost.  He has definitely reached his peak price and time to move him on.
  4. Will Brodie / Patrick Cripps / Jack Crisp / Matt Rowell – All continue to be great luxury trade out options.
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Final Say

We’re at the business end of the season.  Trades are like gold from here on out so use them wisely.  I’d recommend having two coming into Supercoach finals.  One for a long-term injury (think Tom Stewart last year), and one for a luxury that might give you an edge in the last couple of rounds.

I’ve written this prior to Thursday teams coming out so adjust accordingly.

As always, good luck this weekend!

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