Weekly Wrap: Round 18 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 18 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Well, it’s the business end of the season and that business is owning Joey Manu! What a man, what a performance! A serious Manu crush is developing and the more he plays in the 6 jersey the better! They can’t seriously think of putting him back in the centres; move that Tedesco lump from the back and play him in the 1.

It was a weekend of high scores as some popular players went absolutely bananas. Players like Latrell, Garrick, Kikau, AJ, DCE put some massive numbers out. Let’s hope you got a piece of that Supercoach scoring pie because there was enough to get around everyone!

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It wasn’t all good news though, with those who missed out on Manu hoping R Papenhuyzen would put in a similar performance. It was looking that way after 20 minutes, but after Wighton used him as a speed hump, his day and year was over as he finished his day in Royal Melbourne Hospital. Manu’s 191 looking all the better as Papi finished with 34, not good news for the 16.5% of those who captained him.

And lastly, shoutout to my boy Trent Peoples. Traded him in after his Round 11 41 v the Raiders and has been unsighted since, but TP finally he became useful this weekend allowing me to loop Manu so who’s the real winner here? Thanks Trent ,back to the doldrums now. Looping ain’t for everyone but I scored an extra 156 points by doing it.

The Nonfungible Turbos had a solid week thanks to Manu and a late blitz from AJ, scoring 1415 and rising 99 spots to 607 overall.

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Cowboys v Sharks

Sharks flexed their muscle here and none other than Jesse Ramien. The centre was in everything and backed up last week’s effort with a solid 99 to kick off Round 18.

Nicho Hynes has turned in a very good month or so of Supercoach footy, scoring 80 on Thursday. I saw a few put the VC on him which didn’t amount to much but a nice solid score. His Dual position is about to become very handy.

Katoa found the line which was more than what Mulitalo could manage but did pick up a knee injury.

Taumalolo was robbed and cost owners of both him and Robson about 40 points. He manged 56 which should have been 80+ had the bunker not intervened.

Minutes played – Lolo 56, Leilua 80, Robson 80, Wilton 80, McInnes 54

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Jason Taumalolo (Shoulder Charge)

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Eels v Warriors

Well, the Mitch Moses roller coaster continues. 6 days after putting the Tigers to the sword, he could only manage 65 against the Warriors ad left many owners wanting. Didn’t seem through lack of effort, but he and the Eels just can’t string 3 solid games together. Has games against the Broncos, Panthers, Sea Eagles and Rabbits coming up. Tough month for owners.

Sivo bagged a try but only scored 67, with 39 of those coming in attacking stats. Probably look at not playing him over the next month

Tohu’s 96 included a try but those with trades left could do worse than bring him in. Few games back in NZ to come and as solid as a rock

Minutes played – Lane 77, Papali’i 80, Paulo 40, Harris 70, Aitken 80, Curran 65, Tevaga 50

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Roosters v Dragons

Well, this is where all the fun started for most. Saturday afternoon the flood gates opened and in came joseph Manu! Obliterated the Dragons in a near perfect performance, he couldn’t get himself around the ball anymore if he tried. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him in the 6 again next week. The Chooks can’t afford to him in the centres. Hell, put him in the 13, or the 9. Anywhere he gets the footy more I am ok with. 191 and sent many owners flying up the rankings. 2 tries from Dummy half, the first one was very dubious but in the words of the Bunker, “Inconclusive evidence”. You love to hear it! Spare a thought for those who didn’t own him and had to watch him run riot. Wouldn’t have been pretty

James Tedesco crashed over in the 80th minute to bring further joy to owners. Will become a very popular trade in this week as may lose his POD label. A Michael Slater like 99 which could have been 150 but took a back seat to the Manu show.

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Crichton was millimetres from a 100-plus score, but it wasn’t to be as he finished with a solid 74. With the injuries mounting he will become a focal point for a lot of their attack. Good player to have for the run

Zac Lomax and Ben Hunt were the Dragons’ best as Lomax scored a very classy try and kicked 5 goals and Hunt backed up Wednesdays performance with 69.

Minutes played – Crichton 80, Radley 80, Watson 48, N Butcher 51, JDB 38, Su’A 80

Reported Injuries – Sitili Tupouniua (knee), Billy Smith (knee), Siosiua Taukeiaho (fractured cheekbone), Moses Suli (ankle)

Judiciary – Nil

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Sea Eagles v Knights

Well what Joey can do Reuben can do better (Def not better but you know what I’m saying) Despite carrying a niggling hip injury, Manly’s fullback was superb scoring a massive 122, despite not scoring a try or kicking goals! I’m not an owner so it’s very bittersweet watching him run around but there must be something in that number 1 Jersey.

DCE now begins his end of year run of big scores. He did the same last year and this year, seems no different. Updated massively to 111, he is also goal kicking so bagged an additional 24 points. No word of when this will end so keep that in mind if trading him in.

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Koula and Olakau’atu both bagged tries and finished with low 80s. Koula particularly could be a season long hold and play depending on match ups. Had a BE of 6 so set to make patient owners another 55K.

Very little joy to report here for the Knights. Ponga couldn’t back up Wednesday’s superman performance, despite scoring a try only managed 69 whilst Klemmer was contained only scoring 65. They have a dream draw so considering guys like Lee and Dom Young isn’t as silly as it sounds

Minutes played – Olakau’atu 70, Davey 80, Klemmer 69, Barnett 63, Brailey 80

Reported Injuries – Edrick Lee (foot), Tyson Frizell (ribs), Dominic Young (ribs), Simi Sasagi (shoulder)

Judiciary – Nil

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Titans v Broncos

Well trusting someone like David Fifita to score you some big supercoach points is like asking your little brother to take the chicken out of the freezer. He’s just too lazy to care. That’s what it seems like for him, all the ability in the world but avoids the footy. Maybe I’m a but harsh but his 75 could be 120 in a good day. Still, he’s one I don’t like watching as a non-owner so I may yet get on board.

Staggs like many others couldn’t match last week’s efforts and only managed 47 whilst Ezra Mam seemed to be in everything as he finished with 55 after the down dates came in. Likely to be the last weekend for many Mam owners so as one of them, thanks for the cash.

Hoeter scored a try for his 59 and the bold move from the Spy to bring him in and play him didn’t play off, much like many other of his plays for the weekend. Sorry Spy love ya!

Minutes played – Fifita 80, Tino 29, Hosking 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Tigers v Panthers

Mass resting’s here with both the Panthers and Tigers resting their Origin stars, funnily enough Panthers had 8 missing and the Tigers 0!

Kikau has carried the Panthers and owners through this Origin period, so it was no surprise to see the big backrower go large again. Scored 104 which was his highest score for the year, giving him a 5 Round average since Round 13 of a tick under 80. Thought he might have gotten a finger on that try he scored but snicko and hotspot were inconclusive.

Tago was superb for his 82 but his little mate outside him saw little good ball and only scored 47. Quick look at his stats and he has only scored above 70 once, in the last 8 weeks. Concerning.

Really good to see Adam Doueihi play well! Should own the no. 6 jersey moving forward and has a history of some big scores. Who’s brave enough to pick him as a super POD?

Minutes played – Joe O56, Pole 37, Tuilagi 60, JFH 70, Kikau 80,

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Mitch Kenny (dangerous contact)

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Storm v Raiders

And who would have thought a score of 34 from Papi would be the most talked about. Plenty and I mean plenty needed him to go large to counteract Manu’s score, but an unfortunate knee injury cut his day short as he left the field with what is reported as a fractured patella. Ouch. With it went many a score, and putting our Supercoach obsession aside, we hope he makes a full recovery. Might have time to get a haircut while his in rehab.

Harry Grant and Munster were very popular trade targets for the week and whilst Harry scored a try, he only scored 66 as most of Melbourne’s attack ran off both Munster and Hughes. Minster looked ominous for his 81 and has a 140+ in the coming weeks I feel, so we better get on.

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The Raiders came to pay and aimed up in every aspect. Their forwards were enormous, lef obviously by Joey Taps. Tapine managed 74 and hasn’t scored under that since Round 11.

The scorers were not kind to Adam Elliot. I went to bed, and he was on 82, and I checked this morning and they knocked him down to 57.

Minutes played – J King 51, NAS 56, Grant 80, Tapine 57, Elliot 67,

Reported Injuries – Ryan Papenhuyzen (fractured kneecap), James Schiller (ankle)

Judiciary – Nelson Asofa-Solomona (dangerous contact), Jordan Rapana (dangerous contact)

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Bulldogs v Rabbitohs

Ohh Trell talk dirty to me! I said it a couple weeks ago not to tear your side apart to bring in Papi and consider Latrell who was 300k cheaper. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but him playing with that amount of confidence is a scary prospect for the rest of the competition. 136 and most importantly, looks to be enjoying his footy and that’s the main thing. I envy the teams out there that own him, Garrick and Manu… Wow.

AJ left it late but bagged a hattrick and had he been in the shoes of Richie Kennar last weekend, could have had 5 scores of 90+ in the past 6 weeks. But he didn’t so that’s that. Finished the night with 97 points. Looks a safe play whilst Walker and Latrell are on the paddock.

Arrow, Cartwright and Max King all scored in the low 50s, which was fantastic if you ask me as one of those was the player I dropped to loop, and the other was my AE. Win Win!

Matty Burton continued his hot run with only the one score under 75 since Round 11. Amassed 83 and the Dogs have a good few games coming up if you are feeling bold.

Minutes played – King 48, TPJ 46, RFM 59, Arrow 70, Cartwright 67

Reported Injuries – Josh Addo-Carr (glute)

Judiciary – Raymond Faitala-Mariner (dangerous contact)

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