Captain’s Challenge: Round 16, skippers to target and avoid

We run the rule over the best NRL SuperCoach captaincy and vice-captaincy options to consider.



I’ve checked the weather.

And it’s raining on Saturday.

Raining right above our glorious Prince Nicho Hyne’s head.

Drenching his beautiful hair, and making us very excited. Very excited indeed.

Because we all know what happens when it rains.

Our favourite lovable royal rogue runs rings around whatever unlucky team his spectacular wet locks are facing.

We can add an easy 40 points to whatever score we thought he was going to get. 60 if it’s an absolute downpour.

The man simply loves to get wet.

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And if it doesn’t rain. Well. I’ll pop on a disguise and sneak into the dressing room with a tub of VO5 Wet Look Gel and rub it through his hair.

Because as SC Playbook Support Group Coordinator, that is quite simply the level of support I am willing to give.

Just for you.

I am selfless.

Now we missed a Captaincy week, so I have no Captain Congratulations. But a big congratulations to NSW instead – because even though I’m a loyal gal who will be loyal to my great adopted state of QLD forever – NSW deserves a big Jakey T thumbs up for their dominating win.

Plus, it sets up The Decider. And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love the drama of a big finale.

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And talking about Jakey T, how bloody lovable is he? “It was nice to be out there” and omg I will love him forever the beautiful wholesome passionate man.

We must also give a round of applause to every single team who played last week. What a spectacular week stacked full of glorious games, pride, passion, and culture.

Rugby league is surely the greatest game on earth.

And a special mention of course to my Kiwis.

Sir Joey Manu is now our new King.

So, on that note…to the captains we go.

And I cannot look past our regular cast members – Mr Nathan Cleary and Prince Nicho Hynes with a special cameo from The Reliable Papali’i himself.

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Mr Nathan Cleary

Coming off a fabulous Origin performance, where he would have earnt SuperCoachers a whopping 169 points, Cleary is a must-consider as Captain this round.

Playing the Roosters in a Friday night game at BlueBet Stadium, the match won’t be a romp in the park, but with an 89-point three round average and coming off two tons in his last two matchups – I’d say you can pop that big C on him with complete confidence friends.

When he played the Chooks in Round 11, he scored a solid 84, whilst back in Round 15 of last year it was 140 points including a try and two assists.

Check the weather on Friday though, and if it’s raining, consider a nice Vice Captaincy instead, especially if you have this next man in your fullback position:

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Prince Nicho Hynes

As mentioned above, my slightly dubious weathergirling – aka viewing a picture of a cloud and a rain drop on Google – has led me to conclude that it will be raining over CommBank Stadium on Saturday at 3pm when Prince Nicho Hynes swims out and scores a try, a try assist, a try contribution, a line break, a line break assist, and 24 points in goals.

Because if we cast our mind back, that’s exactly what he did in the rain back in Round 3.

In. The. Rain. Friends.

Playing a reinvigorated Bulldogs side, one would be forgiven for overlooking our Prince as a top Captaincy option.

And whilst it’ll be a closer game than it might’ve been earlier in the season – there’s blood in the water…and I smell a Shark attack.

With an 85-point average and a bounce back score of a 96 vs the Titans last round, we can expect a nice big score from our Prince.

And if he doesn’t perform? Well, we simply laugh. And then we forgive him. And then we Sir Captain him again next time.

Because that is just what we do.

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Your Safe and Sensible Option – The Reliable Mr Papali’i

I own him. OMG. I. OWN. HIM.

It took me exactly 10 years and 20,000 rounds, but after talking him up on the poddy EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I’ve been on there – I finally took the plunge and brought the big reliable man in.

And I haven’t broken him.


With an 80-point average, but a three-round average of 68, his scores haven’t been the most flashiest of late (still reliable, solid scores), but with the third highest base in the comp, all he needs is a few attacking stats vs the Bunnies on Saturday night and you’re laughing friend.

Of course, on the flipside – you may be a lady or a sir who likes to take a little bit of a risk.

And we love to add a risky option to this article just for fun.

So may I present your slightly dubious:

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Captain Risky

A high-ceiling wingercoaster. Also playing in the match on Saturday night.

A man named AJ.

Now. AJ bombed out last round along with all the other Bunnies…

…but Big Latrell is back.

And he does love that left side. And who’s on the end of that left side?

Well. Just a man who knows his way around scoring a try or two.

And last time AJ played the Eels, he scored a delicious 154 points including three tries AND SIX LINE BREAKS.

Just a little bit of food for thought for you to consider if you like a bit of risk in your life…

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Now Your Vice Captains

Vice Captains are reasonably hard this week for the purpose of my article.

However, I will say, if you’re Captaining Prince Nicho, you must, you simply MUST Vice Captain Mr Nathan Cleary.

Unless you have them both at halfback. And then you’ve got a tougher decision to make then me.

You may consider a Vice Captaincy of a Grant, or the high upside of a Garrick or an Ola. Or a Hynes or a high-ceiling Mulitalo if you’re going to play it safe with a Captain iPap.

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Well, we all know I have a penchant for the lovable rogue with the wet hair, so my Big C is going straight on Prince Nicho Hynes with a VC on Mr Nathan Cleary if it rains; or, I’ll pop the straight C on Cleary if, by Friday, it looks like my weathergirling is more than a complete sham.

Unless I do a last-minute switcheroo and put it on Cheese for no other reason than I am being led through this SuperCoach season by my very heart strings, and my brain does not control my hands sometimes when it comes to the app right now.

Seriously, don’t put it past me – I lost my mind prior to the Round 15 Storm game and swapped my last reserve to Cheese after having it on Kiraz all week – losing me a sweet 70 points and gaining me a whole heap of regret; although I also gained exceptionally soft skin and quite a nice buzz too, as I watched the game through a rather luxuriating face mask whilst sipping on a glass of New Zealand’s best Savvy B.

So, on that note – may your Captain score you a ton, may your team win (unless they are the Tigers), and may your weekend be as glorious as future Immortal, Cobbo, scoring a try in front of a sea of maroon at a packed-out Suncorp Stadium to ice The Decider.

Bring tissues if you’re a Blues fan. The drainage system at Suncorp is good, but even it has its limits….

Clementine xx

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P.S – LET’S GO WARRIORS! What a sight for sore eyes Sunday’s game is going to be with a sold-out Mt Smart stadium cheering on our boys, as they play their very first game in NZ in 1038 days! What an absolute day in the history of the world. Absolute respect to the team, the staff, and families for what they’ve done for the game in the last couple of years.

P.P.S – I am yet to make my reel debut, although I have managed to film a practice one without forgetting my own name which was a quite a nice achievement for me – so by Round 25 we just might have a whole reel ready to go…watch this space…

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