POD Hunter: Low ownership picks to set you apart, Round 16

We take a look at the best options flying under the radar to set you apart from AFL SuperCoach rivals.


The first week post byes soared way past my expectations and catapulted me up the rankings!

Weirdly enough, this was the first round of footy that I didn’t actually watch and look where it got me (maybe I should just stop watching footy for the rest of my life?).

It certainly wouldn’t have been possible without some PODs of my own: Pendlebury (130, 3%), Darcy (117, 11%), and Himmelberg (114, 7%).

Of course, it would’ve been nice to own a few more who dominated on the weekend as well: Marshall (156, 4.7%), Hall (153, 1.7%), and Nankervis (141, 5.3%) to name a few.

If you’re sitting outside the top 2000, it’s critical that you find a differential if you want to give yourself the best opportunity at shooting up the rankings.

Let’s have a look at two of the best ones from each position.

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Daniel Rich ($543,600, 101.8, 8.8%)

As predicted, Rich was in for a massive score and an even bigger price rise. I’m not sure if he’ll be any cheaper than he is right now, so without a doubt the opportunity to buy is now. The only potential knock I have on him is that he does come up against GWS in Round 18, a team who completely nullified him to a score of just 55. To be honest, I can’t really see that happening again because GWS lost that game, but it’s always a possibility. Still, Rich is my #1 defensive option in general, not just in terms of POD choices. His last three games have been: 119, 119, and 135.

Aaron Hall ($508,300, 105.3, 1.7%)

Much like Hurn from last week’s article, can you trust Hall’s body? No… Absolutely not. However, he’s coming off a 153 in which he literally broke the AFL record for metres gained… If fully fit, he is by far and away the best defensive option in the game; and with his 71 now out of his cycle, this will be the cheapest he gets all season.

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Jack Viney ($550,900, 101.5, 0.6%)

Oh my word imagine how different life would be if I/you had traded in Viney in Round 13 when I brought him up in my Final Say article… BRUH. He was already a beast before that, but since then, he’s scored back-to-back 120+’s. Coming up against Adelaide this week, I think it’s reasonable to expect another 120 at least.

Cameron Guthrie ($544,600, 99.2, 1.9%)

Yep, it’s official, Guthrie is baaaackkkk!!! His past month and a bit has been literally insane, with scores of 124, 126, 101, 115, and 109 to his name. His super enticing fixture against the worst team in the history of the AFL, North Melbourne, just about makes him a must-have I reckon. The only slight flag that I can see is the return of Patty Dangerfield, but given the way Guthrie has been performing, I think there are other midfielders more likely to lose some minutes.

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Toby Nankervis ($566,900, 102.1, 5.3%)

Ok, so he didn’t score a 175 like ROB, but Nank absolutely wiped the floor with Rhys Stanley & Mark Blicavs, racking up 25 hit outs and 22 touches on his way to 141. Since Round 6, he’s only dropped under 100 twice; and in that time, he’s collected four 120+ scores. This week, he plays West Coast, who, despite potentially having Nic Nat back, will not cause Nank even the slightest of troubles. To put it into context, their #2 ruck, Callum Jamieson, scored just -4 on the weekend… IF Nic Nat does return, the Eagles will still have him on a serious minute’s restriction, so expect another 120+ from Toby.

Todd Goldstein ($537,100, 95.4, 5.8%)

Goldy has been flying completely under the radar this year, largely due to the uncertainty regarding his ruck/forward role. However, the uncertainty has since subsided, and he has fully returned the #1 ruck spot. In fact, since his permanent move in Round 7, he has only dropped under 98 once; with four 120+ scores to go with it. He’s coming up against Geelong this week who just let Nankervis run riot toward a 141… Lock Goldy in for a big one.

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Liam Baker ($493,900, 81.3, 2.2%)

I’ve written about Baker before in this article, and for good reason too. Since Round 9, he’s only dropped under 90 once, and he’s currently scored three tons in a row. The reason why I’m most excited about him now though (apart from his high scoring), is that after Dion Prestia was subbed off, Liam Baker was his immediate replacement in the midfield. We’ve seen in previous seasons that when Baker is in the midfield, he generally scores at an alarmingly high rate. He also has an absolute dream run of fixtures coming up, with West Coast, Gold Coast, and North in his next three.

Tom Liberatore ($556,800, 104.2, 4.1%)

I am in literal shock that Libba is still only owned by just 4.1%… I know I bang on about him every week, and I know that you’re probably sick of it, but I will not stop until justice is served!! He’s dropped under 100 just once since Round 8… What more do you want from the man?! He is so integral to the operation of the Bulldogs midfield that I don’t think there’s any threat of his CBA’s dropping if/when Bailey Smith comes back, just please please please bring him in so that I can stop yabbering on about him every article I write.

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