Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Round 15

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


What carnage.  Owens injured, Parish injured, Witherden dropped, Rosas sick, Bailey Smith out, Buku dropped, Boak sick, Maurice Rioli named sub, Sam Durdin injured in game, Teakle injured in game, Butters injured in game, and Preuss injured in game (and suspended).  Preuss really hurt after holding him for so long and only having 18 on field so his measly score counted.  1837 for me and a little rank boost, and 8 trades left with plenty of work to do to finish my side.  It’s going to be tight with trades!

Hopefully you don’t need to do much this week, but it’s likely we all need to hit the trade table again.  Let’s see what’s on offer.

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Rookies to Consider Trading in

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Luke Strnadica*R-72$102,40066+$61.4k
Luke Cleary*D-67$117,30068+$60.2k
Judson Clarke*M/F-39$117,30054+$41.5k
Patrick Parnell*D-38$123,90056+$42k
Mitch OwensM-33$139,30039+$32.1k
Cooper HamiltonM/F-22$156,80061+$36.9k
Sam Skinner*D/F-20$123,90049+$30.7k
Oliver Dempsey*F-17$102,40039+$24.8k
Massimo D’AmbrosioD-10$102,40051N/A

* Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Massimo D’Ambrosio – Provided a spark off half back for the Bombers and definitely helped them with their ball movement attacking from defence.  His ball use is good and he’s hard at it.  Both job security and scoring potential look to be there, and he’s at the bargain basement price.
  2. Patrick Parnell – A nice score of 70 on the weekend and should continue to get games with the Crows looking to the future.
  3. Mitch Owens – Should hopefully be over his concussion and back in the team.  Does not shy from the contest and can score well if given the opportunity.  Still cheap with the 2-score coming out of rolling cycle after his next game.
  4. Luke Cleary – The injury to Duryea might open the door for Cleary to come back in.  If he does, he’s goes to the top of this list as he’s on the bubble.  Check the teams.
  5. Luke Strnadica – He will stay on the bubble forever…
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Premiums to Consider Trading in

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Matt RowellM7$432,80085+$34.8k
Harry HimmelbergF14$503,200105+$40.4k
Toby GreeneF17$436,40095+$34.8k
Dylan ShielM20$445,40095+$33.3k
Callan WardM22$373,60077+$24.5k
Sam ReidF25$454,50089+$28.7k
Stephen ConiglioM/F27$533,40095+$30.2k
Lachie WhitfieldD/M36$432,70087+$22.8k
Jeremy FinlaysonF36$417,20091+$24.6k
Taylor WalkerF47$488,400105+$26.0k
Tim KellyM60$495,50084+$10.8k
Nick VlastuinD50$452,20073+$10.1k
Mitch DuncanM/F59$451,70093+$15.2k
Jack ReddenM70$515,100119+$21.7k
Darcy CameronR/F74$519,000109+$15.7k
Tom GreenM74$497,40092+$8.0k
Andrew BrayshawM76$550,60096+$8.8k
Tom HawkinsF76$459,300110+$15.4k
Travis BoakM81$496,10096+$6.6k
Touk MillerM82$592,100110+$12.6k
Shannon HurnD86$520,400106+$8.7k
Jack MacraeM87$591,900116+$13.1k
Jade GreshamF87$490,000116+$13.1k
Caleb DanielD87$485,800111+$10.7k
Luke RyanD96$508,500102+$2.4k
Luke ParkerM/F97$559,300121+$10.5k
Tom LiberatoreM/F97$547,000131+$15.1k

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Andrew Brayshaw – Looks like the only uber premium on that list. If you need a midfielder to complete that line, you can’t go wrong with this guy.
  2. Jack Macrae – One of the dogs who looks set to take advantage of Bailey Smith being out. Looks like he’s back to being a great captain option each week again.
  3. Stephen Coniglio / Toby Greene – If you need a Butters replacement you can go down the GWS route.  Pains me to say it but Coniglio looks the goods in his new role. If he keeps hitting the scoreboard he’ll continue to score very well. Greene is the riskier cheaper option.
  4. Tex Walker – In a rich vein of form again and scoring great. Got North Melbourne twice on the run home, and West Coast once.
  5. Harry Himmelberg –Will continue to go up in price but if you get him now, you’re trading in as a keeper, not a steppingstone. Role looks great.

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Players to Consider Trading out / Wait to Bottom out and Trade in Later

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Tom StewartD210$583,600107-$45.8k
Jack SteeleM199$590,800113-$38.4k
Tom J LynchF186$539,60097-$39.6k
Sean DarcyR179$558,40089-$40.1k
Josh KellyM175$596,800112-$28.4k
Luke McDonaldD/M171$484,50077-$42.1k
Lachie NealeM166$637,800120-$20.4k
Tim EnglishR/F166$605,100110-$25.1k
Darcy ParishM165$607,700114-$22.7k
Sam WalshM164$590,300120-$19.5k
Jarrod WittsR163$591,200105-$26k
James SicilyD157$630,000120-$16.5k
Josh DunkleyM/F157$572,80098-$26.5k
Charlie CurnowF146$445,70054-$40.8k
Rowan MarshallR138$420,20072-$29.6k
Aaron HallD127$496,300108-$8.6k
Will BrodieM/F126$565,000127+$600
Alex WitherdenD126$498,600113-$5.7k
Braydon PreussR125$444,100102-$10.0K
Zac ButtersM/F122$471,100103-$8.6k
Jayden ShortD116$512,00091-$11.0k
Jordon De GoeyM/F111$444,00074-$16.2k
Nic MartinM/F92$366,20065-$11.9k
Sam De KoningD/F87$353,30070-$7.6k
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Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Braydon Preuss –The Preuss as a premium debate is dead, he’s clearly not and it’s cost me big time.  At the time of writing, he’s definitely out with suspension, and the severity of his ankle injury is unknown. A trade out regardless IMO. Three suspensions in seven games is just bloody ridiculous, on top of his well-known injury risk.
  2. Zac Butters – Unfortunately will be out for a while with a knee injury. Has had an almost season highlighted by scoring 68 on the weekend in just one quarter! Must trade unfortunately.
  3. Jordan De Goey – Hopefully you traded him on his bye last week. If not, he could be facing a club suspension after his Bali trip. Get rid of him and sleep easy.
  4. Alex Witherden – A shock omission from the team on the weekend. Played really well in the WAFL but something is not quite right here.  Trade.
  5. Will Brodie / Jayden Short – Luxury trades if you’ve got plenty of them left. Don’t like the potential Fyfe implications for Brodie, and Short is playing time forward for some stupid reason.

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Final Say

A truly awful week and if you’ve somehow avoided the carnage, you have done really well. Hopefully you are now at full premium, if not you are behind the eight ball like me. The ruck curse is real, I had Gawn, Preuss, and Teakle this time last week. I don’t like any of the trade in options either! What to do? Who knows?

As usual, good luck, we bloody need it!

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