Weekly wrap: Round 14 studs, duds, injuries

Check out our Round 14 AFL SuperCoach wrap, including the stars and strugglers, injured brigade, and suspensions.

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Alrighty!! The byes are now done and dusted, and normality has now returned. Obviously, the goal for the byes is to come out with a better side than what you entered with. The overall goal, however, is to finish with a full premo side. Don’t worry!! I’m not quite there yet, and I’m sure many others aren’t either. It’s been a very tough year already, so don’t feel bad for not being full premo yet. I didn’t have the best of weeks, scoring just 1754 and dropping 692 spots to 18,956th. Some things in life are just unavoidable; and Round 14, for me, was something that I could not avoid. Looking ahead, I’m excited for

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