Final Say: Round 13, trade plans + tactics

With the clock running down until the beginning of Round 13, we have the final say on AFL SuperCoach trade plans.

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PRAISE JEEBUS!!! For the first time in SIX long weeks, I’ve moved up the rankings. It’s been a loooonggggggg wait, but boy it’s worth it. It was a huge round for bouncing back premiums, with Gawn (198) and Touk (167) rewarding their frustrated owners. However, Lachie Neale (98) disappointed against his former side, and an unlucky Tom Stewart (39) had to leave the game early due to concussion. Friday night was a disaster for VC options, with Dunkley (66), Smith (67), English (80), and Treloar (82) all failing to ton up. Coming into Round 13, I feel as though we’re marching into battle... A battle that we know we’re

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