Squad Breakdown: Analysing the Round 13 teams

2020 NRL SuperCoach runner-up Tim Williams analyses every squad dropped on team list Tuesday.


Well, it’s finally arrived, the dreaded first major bye week.

Hopefully the lengthy preparations have your side well placed to deal with eight teams on the bye, and a host of star SuperCoach players missing duty to State of Origin commitments.

Head-to-head players need not fear too much, don’t waste trades to get numbers on the park this week.

Hopefully you’re well placed almost by chance and can jag a win, but saving trades for finals and building a high quality roster is more important than having a decent squad for Round 13 and 17.

For overall players, I’m getting the idea that the ball park figure for numbers this week is around 12-14 or thereabouts.

The Cooma Stallions bounced back in strong fashion last week, scoring 1,295 points to move into 891st place overall.

We’re also fairly well set up for this week with around 14 or 15 players on deck (Viliame Vailea, you’re killing me), so hopefully more green arrows are on the way.

Let’s take a look at the Round 13 teams, with squad lists courtesy of ESPN.

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Thursday, 7.50pm, Cbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast

Titans: 1. Jayden Campbell 2. Corey Thompson 3. Brian Kelly 4. Patrick Herbert 5. Jamayne Isaako 6. AJ Brimson 7. Toby Sexton 8. Moeaki Fotuaika 9. Erin Clark 10. Jarrod Wallace 11. Sam McIntyre 12. Beau Fermor 13. Isaac Liu

Bench: 14. Tanah Boyd 15. Jaimin Jolliffe 16. Esan Marsters 17. Sam Lisone

Reserves: 18. Aaron Booth 19. Herman Ese’ese 20. Greg Marzhew 21. Alofiana Khan-Pereira 22. Sosefo Fifita

Analysis: Despite the bye coverage, and facing a relatively depleted Cowboys side, I have such little interest in the Titans from a SuperCoach perspective at the moment.

David Fifita’s absence gives us one less big decision to make this week.

The only minor point of interest at low-ownership is AJ Brimson who is finding some form with scores of 72, 52 and 80 in his past three games.

At $469k he’s a large POD play for anyone with space at FLB or 5/8, coming off averages of 61 and 74 the past two seasons.

Not for me, but there’s a case to be made.

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Cowboys: 1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Brendan Elliot 3. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 4. Peta Hiku 5. Murray Taulagi 6. Ben Hampton 7. Chad Townsend 8. Jordan McLean 9. Reece Robson 10. Coen Hess 11. Tom Gilbert 12. Heilum Luki 13. Jason Taumalolo

Bench: 14. Jake Granville 15. Connelly Lemuelu 16. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 17. Griffin Neame

Reserves: 18. Ben Condon 19. Kane Bradley 20. Brendan Frei 22. Riley Price 23. Jake Bourke

Analysis: A vast amount of SuperCoaches will be crossing their fingers and toes that Jason Taumalolo takes his part in this clash.

He missed last week’s clash with Penrith, but is firming to return this week.

If ruled out, I don’t mind him as a sell. Not because I think he can’t be a keeper with key dual positioning, but many sides don’t have a lot of genuine sell options this week, so it might force a few borderline keepers to be culled.

I’m a little wary of the Cowboys’ SuperCoach contingent as they’re missing a lot of key faces, although the Titans are too.

Those who avoided Scott Drinkwater at almost $700k can pick him up at a discounted rate of $570k this week if interested.

With games against the Titans, Dragons and Sea Eagles coming up, he looks a decent buy.

Be a little wary though that a Tedesco and Papenhuyzen fullback combination looks the play going forward, so a spot may be needed at 5/8 alongside Cam Munster if you see him as a keeper.

Ignore scores of 12 and 57 in recent matches against the Panthers and Storm, even if they did belt Melbourne.

Assuming he’s good to play as expected, Murray Taulagi is a super POD at just 2% ownership with an average of 52 points.

He’s fairly expensive at $527k, and with a base of just 24, he is very try-reliant, but he may be a fifth CTW option for the season to play based on opposition.

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I’ll avoid in preference of the likes of Manu, Garrick and perhaps Drinky, but it’s a bold play that could pay off.

Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow has red flags around him, but a gun footballer at just $258k with bye coverage is so enticing.

I can see him playing somewhat of Tom Trbojevic role at centre where he comes looking for ball as a roaming option. Maybe I’m more hopeful…

In his first 80 minute game back he scored just 22, but again, with Penrith as opposition I find that irrelevant.

The fact we can cash in for a high-upside player who we don’t need to play in 17s going forward looks pretty good to me.

Reece Robson played the full 80 minutes last week despite Jake Granville being on the bench, how good!

While this may not necessarily keep up going forward, it’s a huge show of faith from coach Todd Payten that he wants him playing big minutes.

At $589k with a breakeven of 60 he looks a great buy this week.

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Friday, 7.55pm, BlueBet Stadium, Penrith

Panthers: 1. Dylan Edwards 2. Taylan May 3. Izack Tago 4. Robert Jennings 5. Charlie Staines 6. Kurt Falls 7. Sean O’Sullivan 8. Moses Leota 9. Apisai Koroisau 10. James Fisher-Harris 11. Viliame Kikau 12. Chris Smith 13. Matt Eisenhuth 14. Mitch Kenny 15. Scott Sorensen 16. Spencer Leniu 17. Jaeman Salmon 18. Soni Luke 19. J’maine Hopgood 20. Lindsay Smith 21. Sunia Turuva 22. Preston Riki

Analysis: Coming off a tonne, Dylan Edwards is a decent bye coverage player, but he’s not a keeper and thus I’m not keen to get him in at $545k.

He has four scores under 37 this season, while last week was his first score over 81.

His season average of 61 is solid enough, but in a depleted Panthers outfit this week, I prefer others.

Api Koroisau remains a pretty decent option for anyone still after a hooker.

He’s $529k with an average of 60 and is a borderline keeper, although I do think the likes of Grant, Cook, Cotter, Robson are all still a fair bit stronger in the position.

Viliame Kikau remains a decent buy as a borderline keeper at $583k. Expect a big game from him with the Origin contingent out.

He’s also likely to continue punching out 80 minutes going forward with the likes of Isaah Yeo and Liam Martin on Origin duties.

That being said, back-to-back scores of 36 and 49 don’t exactly scream ‘pick me!’.

A solid buy, but he’s more than fine to avoid, especially with a breakeven of 112.

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Bulldogs: 1. Matt Dufty 2. Jacob Kiraz 3. Aaron Schoupp 4. Jake Averillo 5. Josh Addo-Carr 6. Matt Burton 7. Kyle Flanagan 8. Luke Thompson 9. Jeremy Marshall-King 10. Paul Vaughan 11. Josh Jackson 12. Raymond Faitala-Mariner 13. Max King

Bench: 14. Zach Dockar-Clay 15. Corey Waddell 16. Chris Patolo 17. Ava Seumanufagai

Reserves: 19. Jackson Topine 20. Bailey Biondi-Odo 21. Joe Stimson 22. Corey Allan 25. Kurtis Morrin

Analysis: Not a lot of interest here, with Jacob Kiraz being a popular buy last week.

He scored just 29 last week to rise $81k, but with a breakeven of -27, reasonable job security and plenty of talent I’d still probably lock him in this week.

Tevita Pangai Jnr misses out again with back spasms in a huge blow for owners.

Max King punched out 57 minutes for 63 points last round to stop his price plummeting, give us one more week of that lad! He’s again been named to start, and TPJ’s absence will help a lot.

With a three round average of 70 points, Matt Burton has pricked a few ears for Round 13.

But with a season average of 50, six scores under 40, and upcoming games against the Panthers (depleted), Eels, Tigers and Sharks I’m just not keen.

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Saturday, 7.35pm, 4 Pines Park, Manly

Sea Eagles: 1. Reuben Garrick 2. Jason Saab 3. Morgan Harper 4. Tolutau Koula 5. Christian Tuipulotu 6. Josh Schuster 7. Kieran Foran 8. Josh Aloiai 9. Lachlan Croker 10. Toafofoa Sipley 11. Haumole Olakau’atu 12. Andrew Davey 13. Jake Trbojevic

Bench: 14. Dylan Walker 15. Karl Lawton 16. Martin Taupau 17. Sean Keppie

Reserves: 18. Taniela Paseka 19. Ethan Bullemor 20. Kurt De Luis 21. Kaeo Weekes 22. Jorge Taufua

Analysis: Reuben Garrick is rightly a popular target this week, coming off a very solid 67 in a well-beaten Manly outfit in Melbourne.

He’s a bloke who is a great target as we know he’s a season-long keeper, so there’s no fear of using two trades to get him in and out.

At $628k he’s expensive, but you’re paying for quality and a reliable member of your squad.

Haumole Olakau’atu was also good in Melbourne with 70 points, and is another who is arguably a season-long keeper.

He averages more without Tom Trbojevic in the side as he becomes such a focal point of Manly’s attack.

While he’s a notch under the elite back-row options in SuperCoach, he’s fairly reliable as an 80 minute man with plenty of upside.

Josh Schuster is semi enticing at $488k, named to start at five-eighth, with talent aplenty.

I’m willing to overlook his 113 breakeven as he’s well-priced, but I struggle to overlook his recent injury history.

He averaged 61 last season and has decent upside, but he’s been in and out with injury a few times this season, so I’m not willing to gamble.

Embed from Getty Images

Warriors: 1. Reece Walsh 2. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 3. Rocco Berry 4. Adam Pompey 5. Marcelo Montoya 6. Chanel Harris-Tavita 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Ben Murdoch-Masila 9. Wayde Egan 10. Jazz Tevaga 11. Euan Aitken 12. Tohu Harris 13. Jack Murchie

Bench: 14. Taniela Otukolo 15. Bunty Afoa 16. Aaron Pene 17. Bayley Sironen

Reserves: 18. Freddy Lussick 20. Dunamis Lui 21. Eliesa Katoa 22. Daejarn Asi 23. Jesse Arthars

Analysis: I’m not overly keen on any Warriors attackers due to upcoming games against Manly, Cronulla and Penrith, however they don’t miss any players due to Origin so they have few excuses this week.

Reece Walsh is ticking along okay with a three round average of 60. He warrants some consideration, but again he’s far from being a keeper so I’d prefer find the extra $100k for Manu/Garrick and save another trade.

The SuperCoach Gods have been kind temporarily in recent weeks giving Viliame Vailea consecutive scores of 55 and 60, with three tries included.

He’s actually produced some coin now, going up $76k this season, sitting with a breakeven of -20.

The Gods in all their cruelty were able to giveth Vailea tries, then takeath away by seeing him miss the Round 13 squad all together.

Ah well, probably costs us about 7 points to be fair.

Tohu Harris looks a great buy at $557k with a breakeven of 82. While his 50 points weren’t too exciting on the weekend, the fact he played 80 minutes was absolutely salivating.

He’s a season long keeper and looks a great target this week, however with Angus Crichton emerging as a Round 13 target and budget an issue, Tohu isn’t a must.

I mentioned on last week’s podcast that over the year’s Jazz Tevaga has always found a way to ruin what seems to be a good thing!

Well, he scored 41 in just 41 minutes last week, not good. He did lose a few minutes to a HIA though.

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Sunday, 4.05pm, GIO Stadium, Canberra

Raiders: 1. Xavier Savage 2. Nick Cotric 3. Matthew Timoko 4. Sebastian Kris 5. Jordan Rapana 6. Matt Frawley 7. Jamal Fogarty 8. Corey Horsburgh 9. Zac Woolford 10. Joseph Tapine 11. Hudson Young 12. Elliott Whitehead 13. Adam Elliott

Bench: 14. Tom Starling 15. Ryan Sutton 16. Corey Harawira-Naera 17. Trey Mooney

Reserves: 18. James Schiller 19. Harry Rushton 20. Adrian Trevilyan 21. Brad Schneider 22. Emre Guler

Analysis: Three wins on the trot, followed by a gutsy loss to Parramatta, has given Canberra some SuperCoach relevance, but not a lot.

Tom Starling owners were seething at Ricky Stuart’s decision to play him just 24 minutes in that game.

I’ve seen some infuriated owners looking to sell this week, don’t.

He’s breakeven is only 57, so he won’t leak that much cash, if any, and there’s every chance he plays 55+ minutes this week.

For the same inconsistency around minutes, I wouldn’t go near Zac Woolford who scored just 30 points in 56 minutes last weekend.

Joe Tapine has been rock solid this year and arguably played his best game of the season against the Eels.

He’s $542k, dual FRF-2RF, breakeven 47, and has a big role to play this week with Josh Papalii out due to Origin duty.

He’s played 54 and 62 minutes the past fortnight which is encouraging, although he tends to score at a greater PPM in limited time anyway which balances out fairly well.

My issue is that with a season average of 59 points he realistically is only a borderline keeper at best, so will you hold until the end of season?

That being said, he’s a pretty reliable second/third FRF option to plug a hole in a fairly dull position, so he’s a solid enough buy.

Xavier Savage is starting at fullback at just $226k, and is a high risk, high reward proposition. However, I think the risk outweighs the reward in this case despite the nice price.

Even with Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad out for a while I think job security is an issue.

One for the thrill seekers…

Jordan Rapana is very cheap at $402k, coming off an average of 63 last season.

While I’d desperately love to see him in my side, the fact Jamal Fogarty took over the goal-kicking duties on return from injury put a nail through Rapa for me.

Embed from Getty Images

Roosters: 1. Joseph Manu 2. Billy Smith 3. Paul Momirovski 4. Kevin Naiqama 5. Joseph Suaalii 6. Sam Walker 7. Luke Keary 8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 9. Drew Hutchison 10. Siosiua Taukeiaho 11. Angus Crichton 12. Sitili Tupouniua 13. Nat Butcher

Bench: 14. Connor Watson 15. Fletcher Baker 16. Egan Butcher 17. Terrell May

Reserves: 18. Lachlan Lam 19. Daniel Suluka-Fifita 20. Adam Keighran 21. Tom Carr 22. Ben Marschke

Analysis: Joseph Suaalii must pass concussion protocols to take his part in the clash.

The Sunday game gives him extra time to come good, and I expect him to play, however it’s not ideal for anyone wanting to sell if he is ruled out late.

At a very healthy $449k, with a breakeven of 106, and upcoming games after this against Melbourne, Parramatta and Penrith, into a bye, I’d probably sell if ruled out.

While the likes of Sam Walker and Luke Keary are slightly tempting, that run of games rules them out for me.

Joey Manu is probably the backline exception. I was a little cold on him recently, but he is relatively fixture proof, and our CTW depth should be getting far stronger, so even if you did need to sit him against say Penrith and Melbourne it looks achievable.

He is definitely a season-long keeper so he’s a fine trade in option.

Forwards are less of an issue as they’ll continue to churn through work in tough games even if points are lacking.

Speaking of, Nat Butcher you little beauty!

Scores of 83 and 69 back-to-back, not missing a minute, -1 breakeven, what a man!

He remains a great buy this week at an affordable $449k.

However, if it’s between him and Angus Crichton I’m going Crichton every day as he’s a keeper (as long as maintained as a starter), while Butcher isn’t.

Oh and remember that Billy Smith fella who hammered owners earlier this year? Yeah well he’s been named on the wing, someone out there would’ve held on the off chance and would be cheering!

Commiserations Maty Ryan…

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