Weekly Wrap: Round 11 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 11 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


ScoMo wasn’t the only man who had it tough over the weekend as I too cut a dejected figure watching on as Tommy Turbo left the field with his arm in a sling and with it, Manly’s fading premiership chances. The pain didn’t stop there, with Round 11 being one of my worst of the year as I watched on as both Staggs and Cobbo ran riot, the duo being traded out mere weeks ago by me.

But we cant have them all, and we regroup! And judging by some of the cheapies coming through even now, many will have to make some tough calls on who to pick up and who to leave behind.

Trades are at a premium and Origin only makes that all the more difficult carrying players who might only feature in a single game in 4 weeks.

It was also a tough round for Captain choices as not one in the top 10 most popular scored over 84. Not all bad as it seems most were in the same boat.

The NonFungible Turbos came back to the pack a bit, only scoring 944 and dropping to 1751st.

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Knights v Broncos

Oh how I envied those who woke up with Cobbo and Staggs in your 17! Not often do Friday mornings come with such fruitful scores but the Broncos right edge went ballistic on Thursday as Cobbo banged out his first (And def not last) 100+ score to finish with 131 whilst Staggs 83. The duo looks likely for Origin duties so keep that In mind if you are going chasing points.

The Broncos are starting to find some serious form, meaning those scores will be appearing more often than not I’m guessing, meaning players like the pair I mentioned above, Oates and Farnworth become real options post Origin.

The Knights didn’t put up much and after the Cobbo run away try that we all thought the bunker would overrule, they dropped their bundle and near gave up. Klemmer got about his work for 69, Fitzgibbon and Barnett were busy for 60 and 54 whilst Randall was offered little minutes and looks a sell as he scrapped his way to 28.

Minutes played – Klemmer 51, Randall 40, Barnett 80, Haas 61, Carrrigan 68,
Reported Injuries – Bradman Best (Elbow)
Judiciary – Nil

Tigers v Bulldogs

I thought it was 2018 when Nu’ Brown skipped past a couple defenders and scored! Great comeback and probably a winner had we have been playing he “Name an NRL Player you haven’t thought of for 3 years”. Scored 87 and might be a smoky for a post Round 13 play.

Luke Garner has continued his strong run of form and found the line on Friday to finish with an impressive 84 after the past 2 weeks of 57 and 65. Will get dual 2RF/CTW so another POD if you are desperate.

Embed from Getty Images

The Bulldogs keep trying although effort doesn’t always get you competition points. Although with losses comes so much change, and in doing so, they may have unearthed one of the all time great

CTW cheapies in Jacob Kiraz! His BE will be well into the negatives and looks the goods! Scored 85 which included a try but ticks a lot of boxes. Including playing Round 13, should he get picked which seems likely.

TPJ set a try up and finished with 71 but started from the bench, giving owners some hope heading into the next few weeks.

Minutes played – Garner 80, Twal 47, Utoikamanu 34 TPJ 56, King 50
Reported Injuries – Jacob Liddle (Head knock)
Judiciary – Aaron Schoupp (Grade 1 dangerous throw)

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Eels v Sea Eagles

Well the line was well and truly put through Manly’s premiership chances at about 9.30pm on Friday night as Turbo left the field with a dislocated Shoulder. I know the pain, I’ve had about 30 of them, but this one seemed to hurt the most..

His 72 was looking like the Turbo of old before he succumbed to the cursed turf of Commbank Stadium. One positive for owners is that the trade decision has been made for you.. Unfortunately though it has cost you in the vicinity of 500k as he dropped a further 70k

With Turbo now out Garrick seems a great option and, should Manly scrape into the 8, he will be a big part of it. Scored 100 on the beater on Friday and gets Dual CTW FLB so a straight swap for Turbo.

Gee its hard to get around the Eels, but in a Supercoach only world, get on board! I traded in Matterson this week and he repaid the faith, scoring 91 in 65 minutes as he was moved to the bench to start the game. His partnership with Papali’i will only grow, as the popular backrower was solid for his 72.

Penisini finally found the line, a week or 2 after many owners got rid of him for the likes of Tass or Burbo. Its always the way whilst Moses managed 43, despite a trip to the sin bin. Ill be looking to trade him in this coming week, but I will hate myself for doing it.

Minutes played – Papali’i 70, Paulo 45, Matterson 65, Schuster 33
Reported Injuries – Tom Trbojevic (shoulder)
Judiciary – Haumole Olakau’atu (Grade 1 crusher tackle), Sean Keppie (Grade 1 dangerous throw)

Dragons v Warriors

Zac Lomax welcome to Supercoach 2022! Its taken you 11 weeks but here you are. The 2020 gun finally found some attacking stats as he crossed for a double and finished with a season high 92. It was his first score over 70 since the opening round and might have come at the right time as Freddy was frantically searching for a Centre to fit into a Blue jersey.

Embed from Getty Images

Another centre who finally found some supercoach form was Vailea who crossed for a double too. Scored 60 which hasn’t set the bells off but enough to keep a hold until after the bye.

Im probably not alone in keeping an eye on Tevaga over the next couple of weeks with his PPM is as good as anyone’s. His 61 on Saturday was all base and I think that’s his floor, provided his minutes stay up.

Minutes played – JDB 66, Bird 80, AFB 41, Tevaga 51, Tohu 70
Reported Injuries – Nil
Judiciary – Nil

Cowboys v Storm

Anyone care to remember when Melbourne lost 2 straight?! And had 30 put past them in consecutive weeks? I would not like to be the paint on the walls of Melbourne’s dressing room this week as I reckon Bellamy will give the players an absolute spray. Very unconvincing.

Kaufusi was the only Melbourne player to break 50 points, as Grant, Munster, Coates and King all got a taste of their own medicine. A minor blip I’m hoping but with Origin looming, it makes the hold through the period even tougher

Who got one the Cowboys for top 4 this year? Not even Nostradamus had them in the 8. Cotter, Nanai, Gilbert they just keep rolling them out! Nanai played himself into a Maroon jumper it seems as did Cotter with the duo set to join probably the rest of the Cowboy’s squad in the Queensland Origin setup. Cotter scored a solid 60 in his 58 minutes but did start the game from the bench.

Taumalolo hurt his knee and took no further part from the 26 th minute. A concern for the bye period as he was a set and forget for the year. An unwanted trade.

Minutes played – Gilbert 70, Nanai 80, Lolo 26, Cotter 58, King 51, Smith 58
Reported Injuries – Kyle Feldt (knee), Jason Taumalolo (knee)
Judiciary – Nil

Roosters v Panthers

This game went pretty much to plan in my books. A Panthers half went off, (wrong one though) and the Chooks were kept relatively quiet on the scoring front.

Suaalii put on the shot of the year on Kikau but didn’t see much clean ball as he finished the night with 26. With little to no attacking stats, the Roosters scores were mainly made up of tackles and runs as Angus Crichton was the Roosters best with 74. He’s a hard one to catch though, with scores of 64 and 42 in his last 2 games.

Nat Butcher was enormous on the edge too as the cut price back rower got through Dallas Johnson like work, making 53 tackles and 11 runs. Come lockout I think he will be a very popular trade for Taumalolo. In fact ill probably be doing that too.

Embed from Getty Images

Tago kept his good run going with 57 and was unlucky not to have a try as he ended with 56 whilst the back row duo of Martin and Kikau weren’t offered too many attacking chances as they both failed to break 50.

Cleary was busy as every and finished with a solid 84, albeit not huge by his Supercoach standards.

Minutes played – Crichton 80, Butcher 80, Watson 53, JFH 42, Martin 69, Sorensen 32
Reported Injuries – Nil
Judiciary – Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (contrary conduct)

Rabbitohs v Raiders

Not even Albo would have been a happy Rabbitohs fan on Sunday arvo! What has become of the once great Supercoach side? I have a number of players, but Walker, Taaffe, Arrow and Graham are really letting me and plenty of others down.

This game though was less about Souths and more about the Belconnen Globe trotters! Where has this Raiders side been! Hudson Young bagged a try and a slick assist scoring 102, Starling ran rings around the ruck for his 73 and Tapine updated well to finish with 63.

Walker looks a shadow of his former self as he only managed 34 whilst both Graham and Arrow got to their scores through base stats alone. A frustrating few weeks coming up it seems.

Trent Peoples played the full 80, scoring 41 but this may have been due to the injuries to Tatola and Milne.

Minutes played – Arrow 80, Peoples 80, Nikorima 53, Starling 54, Savage 40m Papali’i 49
Reported Injuries – Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (hamstring), Tevita Tatola (head knock), Taane Milne (head knock)
Judiciary – Nil

Titans v Sharks

To quote Kramer; “He’s a mudder. His father was a mudder. His mother was a mudder.” Nicho Hynes is well and truly a heavy 10 specialist! I’ve said it before but the wetter the game the better he plays! Mind you in praising him it would be remiss of me not to mention the dreaded 80th minute sin bin! His 82 included a classy try and beautiful assist to Mulitalo who also had a great game, scoring 71 himself.

Nicho was a popular captaincy choice and matched the output of Cleary so no gain or loss there. And what to do with Talakai?! Bleeding more money than the hole in Labors bucket, he missed his BE by 90. Humble brag for me but I picked him up for around 500K so he isn’t in my trade plans and with the Dual CTW/2RF now he has to be a hold! But I can see the trade and why you might need to make it! Didn’t finish the match with what looked like an ankle injury, but it didn’t seem all that serious and I would expect to see him line up next week.

The Titans play Round 13 but there isn’t a player in the 17 I would be looking at. Tino will be in Origin camp, Fermor has dropped off and the one I would maybe consider Marzhew, want even picked in the final side.

Minutes played – Tino 61, McInnes 51, Wilton 47, Graham 58
Reported Injuries – Phil Sami (knee), Siosifa Talakai (ankle)
Judiciary – Toby Rudolf (crusher)

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