Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Rd 10

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


With an average score around 2,150, I managed to climb the rankings a little last week, I hope you did the same! 

Options are slim if you went early on a particular West Coast midfielder last week, more on him soon, but we can still bring some rookies in and use that money to upgrade players like Coniglio. 

Let’s see what’s on offer with regards to break-even and price movements.

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Rookies to consider trading in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Greg Clark*M-97$117,30083+$80.3k
Luke Strnadica*R-72$102,40066+$61.4k
Buku Khamis*D-32$127,40049+$36.1k
Toby Bedford*F-25$123,90037+$27.7k
Callum JamiesonR-17$150,30044+$27k
Luke ClearyD-14$117,30061N/A

*Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade ins:

  1. Greg Clark – By far and away the clear top pick as the #1 rookie trade in option. The definition of a must have and you can safely play him at M8 and expect 60+ scores.
  2. Buku Khamis – FINALLY, a defender rookie presents, even though he is playing forward for the Dogs.  If you’ve gone early on Clark, like me, he’s pretty much your only option to upgrade elsewhere.  I’m not sure about scoring potential as he will rely on goals, but job security is there until Josh Bruce returns (listed as 4-5 weeks).  He should play through the byes.
  3. Luke Cleary – Seemed to have a good role and scored well on debut.  I wouldn’t be bringing him in early though.  Wait and see how he goes a second time around.
  4. Toby Bedford – Might be back this week but will be as the sub.  Avoid.
  5. Luke Strnadica – Not sure what’s going on with this guy.  Seems to be out of favour for Bailey J Williams.  Wait until he’s named if you need a R3.

Premiums to consider trading in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Tom J LynchF29$575,000110+$36k
Brad CrouchM37$489,700109+$32.1k
Oscar McInerneyR27$429,30097+$31.4k
Jeremy McGovernD70$495,500130+27k
James SicilyD76$593,900125+$21.7k
Bailey SmithM71$532,700117+20.4k
Ollie WinesM59$540,20099+$17.9k
Tom LiberatoreF/M85$543,900120+$15.6k
Jordan RidleyD62$492,90092+$13.3k
Jordan DawsonD73$532,900101+12.7k
Tim KellyM51$442,00077$11.5k
Jake LloydD76$493,000100+10.7k
Jeremy HoweD65$431,60088+$10.2k
Marcus BontempelliM97$573,100109+$5.2k
Shai BoltonF/M76$473,80082+$2.8k

Top Trade ins:

  1. James Sicily – Just keeps getting it done.  On all the kick outs, has really matured as a footballer and is flourishing as Captain of the club.  Yes $590k is very expensive for a defender but his price is only going up at the moment and he has the R14 bye.
  2. Bailey Smith – Playing nearly 100% TOG and resting forward.  Getting huge disposal numbers and averaging very well.  Smith is a better pick on price and break-even, but if you have the cash go with Bont.  Both could get forward status after round 11 too but if they don’t, you’d much rather Bont at M8.
  3. Ollie Wines – Went on a tear this time last year and is back in form.  R12 bye is tricky, but if you’re solid for that round you can bring him in now.
  4. Jordan Dawson – Seems to have completely settled now at his new club.  Scoring very consistently and a good option, just make sure you’re okay for the R13 bye first.
  5. Tom Liberatore – He was right at the top of this list on Sunday night, however with the news Bontempelli and Smith could both get forward status he’s dropped in the pecking order.  You should keep a few forward spots open at the moment for some potential big dogs.

Players to consider trading out, or wait for them to bottom out and trade in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Max GawnR221$639,600122-$44.4k
Tom MitchellM192$526,700100-$41k
Tom StewartD176$616,100125-$22.5k
Callum MillsM167$669,500152-$6.7k
Zach MerrettM164$559,900100-$28.8k
Lachie NealeM161$678,500119-$18.8k
Josh DunkleyF/M152$592,000115-$16.6k
Stephen ConiglioF/M146$429,20059-$38.6k
Lachie WhitfieldD/M112$423,80078-$15.3k
Matt RowellM93$440,60088-$-2.3k
Nic MartinF/M86$396,00085-$500
Nick DaicosD/M75$381,40073-$1.1k
Connor MacDonaldF/M49$207,10049-$3k
Sam De KoningD/F32$310,80068+$16.1k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Lachie Whitfield – Out for at least 1 week and we’ve finally been told he’s been battling an ankle injury all season.  Cut your losses and sell now.
  2. Stephen Coniglio – Those who believe he will start churning out premium scores because of a new coach are in la la land.  I don’t care that he’s been named on the ball.  Sell him now before you lose all value in him.
  3. Connor MacDonald – Hasn’t had the opportunity to have the rest the club wanted him to have.  Coach has come out and said his midfield group isn’t working and needs change.  Ominous signs for this guy’s job security and we need all our players available for the upcoming byes.
  4. Sam De Koning – I’m actually open to trading him a little early as it means I can keep Nick Daicos on field instead of him.  Has earnt us enough money to trade.
  5. Nic Martin / Nick Daicos – Trading either of these two is fine, but so is keeping them.  They won’t lose much cash, if any.  I’m holding and playing them on field this week.
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Final Say

It’s that time of year where tough calls need to be made.  Don’t hold onto weird sentimental values with players.  If they need to go, let them go.  Keep improving your teams one premo at a time and before too long we will be looking at our completed sides. 

As usual, good luck, we all need it!

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