Final say: Round 10, trade plans + tactics

With the clock running down until the beginning of Round 10, we have the final say on AFL SuperCoach trade plans.


I awoke early on Monday morning dripping from head to toe in a hot flush of sweat. I couldn’t think… I couldn’t see straight… I could not – for the life of me – comprehend what had just happened to me over the weekend.

Pendlebury (late out), Luke Ryan (63), Daicos (69), Oliver (99 AND Captain), Cripps (83), Brayshaw (94), Steele (74), Rachele (32), Gawn (73), Coniglio (37), and Martin (59).

You know what topped it all off? Rioli – albeit on my bench – not even scoring in double digits. 

So, as I lay in bed on Monday morning, thinking about my team’s performance, I couldn’t help but think: “wow, my team is absolutely terrible”.

And, as my finger continuously edges ever so closer to the ‘delete team’ button, I pray to every God *past and present* that maybe… FINALLY, I can have a week where I don’t get utterly shat on.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year already and we haven’t even hit the byes yet. The lesson here is as always to enjoy the highs of SuperCoach, because inevitably there’s a low around the corner, so let’s get stuck into Round 11 and see if we can bounce back.

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This week I scored 2,090 which is officially my worst ever weekly ranked round, and it moved me down 6,000 spots to 18,303rd

I didn’t get an invite onto the podcast this week, so I’ll have to do all my venting here.

Luke Ryan = NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, AGAIN. I’ve said that about players before and I’ve gone back on my word; but I can say with absolute certainty and promise that Luke Ryan will never be picked in my SuperCoach team again. 

I honestly don’t even know why I was surprised to see Pendlebury listed as a late out just a week after I traded him in for Hewett (who was back in this week and scored 121). 

All I want to know is what I’ve done to the footy Gods to deserve this clear and concise example of bullying. 

It doesn’t just go for SuperCoach either… In the last three years, I’ve only managed to play 10 games of Amateur League because of injury. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

So, where to from here?

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After putting Luke Ryan on my never again list, I’m going to act accordingly and trade him out. He’s put me through far too much misery this year, and I seriously can’t sit and watch him score another 60 again.

Steele is a must trade after it was confirmed that he’ll need to undergo surgery, so he’ll make way for any premo that tickles my fancy (most likely Touk/Laird).

Greg Clark is without a doubt a must-have, but to get him in, I’m controversially taking Coniglio’s money and running for the hills. He’s served me well this year and it’s sad to see him go, but he’s about to start dropping in price like crazy, so I’m jumping off while I can.

Ryan -> Hewett

Steele -> Touk/Laird

Coniglio -> Clark

Remaining Salary: $176,600

Trades Left: 17

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Generally, PODs are anyone who is owned by less than 10% of the competition, and Super PODs are anyone owned by less than 2%. Here’s my top 3 for each (based on who I think is the best to take a punt on).

Top-3 PODs

1.     Callum Mills ($669,500, 125.3, 7.2%) – I called it! I said last week that his 60 was just a blip and that he’d bounce back against the Bombers and there we go! Congrats to anyone who had the VC on him for his 167, what a player.

2.     Tom J. Lynch ($575,000, 99.2, 2.3%) – Sadly, I really don’t think I can recommend bringing Lynch in, but I’ve got to give him the credit he deserves. He’s currently the hottest player in the comp with a three-round average of 158.7, and he plays Essendon this week… It would be extremely brave to bring him in but I support it nonetheless.

3.     Sam Walsh ($601,900, 114.5, 3.7%) – If you weren’t considering him before, you have to consider him now after his 149 against the Giants. Out of his six 100+ scores this year, four of them have been above 120. He’s a gun.

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Top-3 Super PODs

1.     Rory Laird ($634,200, 122.9, 1.5%) – He’s been building up to this score for a while, and what he’s done this season is simply ridiculous. He’s dropped under 120 twice this season, and one was a 93 in his first game back from his broken hand, while the other was a 116. He’s got consistency and he’s proven that he’s got a ceiling.

2.     Mark Blicavs ($539,700, 97.3, 0.9%) – What a beast! Blicavs has only scored under 90 twice this year, and he’s sitting at a three-round average of 116.7. He’s got a tasty run of fixtures coming up, including both Port and the Crows in the next two, and he’s looking like a really nice unique D6 option.

3.     Chad Warner ($491,300, 99.5, 1.1%) – I never thought I’d say it, but the Chad is a serious premium option! For the scores that he’s putting up, he is severely under-priced. He’s now got four tons in a row and his on-field swagger is more prominent than ever. At this point in the game, you want to be bringing in players that will be in your final team come the end of the year; so, if Warner fits into M8 in you squad, by all means grab him!


Here’s my top three players that you shouldn’t be buying JUST yet, but should definitely have an eye on for the weeks to come:

1.     Max Gawn ($639,600, 115.2, 48.9%) – Whatever you do, DO NOT trade in Gawn until after his bye. It must be so nice being a non-owner because, as his breakeven creeps up to a whopping 221, Gawn is set to drop considerably. After his bye, he could be as cheap as $550k which is ridiculous.

2.     Sean Darcy ($583,300, 97.8, 3.4%) – Much like Gawn, Darcy’s uncharacteristic 58 on the weekend means his breakeven has shot up to 114. Look to bring him in after his bye as a very under-priced unique premium.

3.     Travis Boak ($554,500, 114.8, 9.3%) – Boaky put up his worst score in a longgggg time and now has a staggeringly high breakeven of 141. The reason why I’ve put him in this section is because I hear that he could be getting FWD status in round 12, and, if he does, that automatically makes him a must-have in my opinion. His round 12 bye should coincide perfectly with his drop in price, and it will be the perfect time to pounce on him.

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What a week for the skippers! Well… Kind of… I put Callum Mills as my #1 VC option and he delivered with a 167, but all three of the players I put on my captains list failed to score above 100.

Walshy and Crippa will put on a midfield masterclass against the Swans on Friday night, and George Hewett will be extra motivated to prove to his old side that he’s an elite midfielder. 

Macrae, Bont, and Bailey Smith should find plenty of the pill against the Suns, and I also expect Touk to continue in his elite form.

Oliver and Petracca will dominate the Roos, and Rory Laird looks like a great unique option against the Saints.

Bit of a smokey option here, but Brayden Preuss could potentially go 140+ against the ruckless Eagles, while Andy Brayshaw should be able to get heaps of the ball without copping a tag from the Pies.

Top-3 Vice Captains

1.     Patrick Cripps

2.     Jack Macrae

3.     Sam Walsh

Top-3 Captains

1.     Rory Laird

2.     Andrew Brayshaw

3.     Clayton Oliver

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–       Bulldogs 1-39 @2.08

–       Hawthorn +22.5 @1.90

–       Fremantle 25+ @1.85

Multi @7.31

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