Weekly Wrap: Round 10 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 10 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Smell that? The smell of wet socks and shorts in a footy bag wrapped in a damp towel.

That is what a lot of our Supercoach scores can be compared to this weekend. Dismal!

It was a wet but very enjoyable weekend, Supercoach scores aside, as Magic Round took place for only the third time ever.

The atmosphere at each game, the closeness of the games, it looks like a must do for every NRL fan.

Maybe the Overlord can open the purse strings and take the SC Playbook Contributors up there on a ‘Business’ trip?! What do we reckon crew?

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It was hard to find a negative for the round, but as we have most of our watch on the Supercoach side of things it was a round where not many guns came to the party. Amazing what happens when Melbourne only score 6 points..

I hope you all got out of it okay and have your Round 21 trades sorted like the Spy.

Round 13 is only three weeks away and there aren’t too many players putting their hands up that won’t be playing Origin.

I’d say listen out to the crew on the SC Playbook poddy but most of the ‘Gurus’ said to bench Tago.

Big weeks ahead though as the Top 8 starts to take shape and with Origin looming, it becomes even trickier to tip and predict.

However, there will be no bigger job in the coming week than being Suncorp Stadium’s ground staff member. You’ll be putting in some long hours in the next week or so!

The NonFungible Turbos held their own, scoring 1,026 putting me in 928th overall with a few trades up my sleeves and three boosts.

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Bulldogs v Knights

I’m not sure there was too much to gain out of watching this 80 minutes they called ‘NRL football’ as both sides did their absolute best to lose this match.

With very little Supercoach relevancy in this match, the main watch was on Chris Randall and whether he would get the full 80 minutes again.

The answer was no. 56 minutes only as Crossland came on for the last part. Randall only managed 33 and that was about as good as most Supercoach sides got for Round 10.

Klemmer was strong again in his 60 minutes scoring 70 and shapes as a handy number after Round 17.

Owners of TPJ would be keeping that news pretty quiet as he spent most of the game next to Randall on the bench. 32 points, his lowest since round 3.

Minutes played – TPJ 44, King 26, Klemmer 60, Randall 54, Barnett 80

Reported Injuries – Corey Waddell (head knock)

Judiciary – Chris Patolo (high tackle)

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Sea Eagles v Broncos

Manly got thumped, Turbo looks as fit as me and Garrick had a shocker. Did I miss anything? Oh and I sold Cobbo two weeks back. Not a great Friday night!

The 2021 Sea Eagles look a distant memory as Turbo, Garrick and DCE all failed to have any impact on the match.

Turbo was a very popular trade in after Pap’s injury, but he failed to live up to the hype, scoring only 23 and has yet to register a 90+ score in his six games so far.

He lost $77k this week, and he has upcoming games against Parra and Melbourne, then Origin. If you have him now, you might as well hold and hope for the best.

Garrick too had a quiet match and didn’t see too much clean ball, mainly due to the rain and the fact Manly got manhandled through the middle. Another hold despite the tough run.

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Burbo wasn’t bad, but again Manly got mauled so his 33 was all in base stats. Those who jumped on will be hoping for some more fruitful matches ahead, or back to NSW Cup where he can’t lose any money.

The Broncos though look a different side to the one we have been used to since COVID arrived on our shores in 2020.

Reynolds just continues his hot run of form and seems to have finally found Cobbo out there on the wing.

He was huge again, backing up last week’s 85 with 79 points. He has a very promising matchup next week v the Knights but doesn’t play Round 13 and might find himself in a Maroon jumper. Decisions!

Haas was solid in his return scoring 53 but will need to up that to match his price tag, whilst Staggs got through a lot of work, but none of it flashy so another stinker in my eyes. I did sell him though so it was an easy watch when no attacking stats came his way.

Minutes played – Olakau’atu 80, Bullemor 51, Haas 56, Carrigan 54,

Reported Injuries – Ben Trbojevic (shoulder), Te Maire Martin (hip)

Judiciary – Toafofoa Sipley (dangerous contact)

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Warriors v Rabbitohs

I hope you took the overs on this game! There were worrying signs for both sides as the points continued to roll in.

There was something in the oranges in the Warriors sheds at halftime as they nearly pulled off an upset of the ages, with only the clock beating them to it seemed.

Tevaga was strong as was Walsh, who looks a bold POD move for Round 13 and Tohu Harris got through unscathed which was great to see, one to keep an eye on if his minutes increase which I’m sure they will.

The Rabbtohs were white hot in the first 40, however they were probably thinking of Caxton St on a Saturday night for the second as they switched off completely.

Cody Walker showed some real signs he was back, setting up three tries as both Milne and Johnston found the line to crack 100 each.

Taaffe had some points taken off him in the ‘updates’ as he finished the afternoon with 67, about on par, but continues to make money.

Damien Cook bagged a try and finished with 75, a bit less than expected if you looked at the scores but a solid score in the hooking position, which were few and far between this weekend.

Minutes played – Harris 29, Tevaga 54, AFB 55, Arrow 80, Koloamatangi 80,

Reported Injuries – Jacob Host (shoulder)

Judiciary – Jack Murchie (dangerous contact)

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Titans v Dragons

Well you certainly got your money’s worth in this game! 89 minutes that will be remembered for the 14 missed field goals or there abouts. Thankfully Isaako put us out of our misery with a try.

Fermor shot back into bye coverage territory with another strong 80 minute performance with a try and contribution finishing with 83 as the additional 8 minutes of action helped the middle forwards with a few extra base stats as Tino, JDB and Wallace all scored solidly.

Moses Suli finally found the stripe and scored a season high 80, I’ll be looking to get him in post Round 13 for a crack at a POD in the run home whilst Ben Hunt did everything he could to keep the Dragons in it, but just couldn’t ice it when it mattered.

That’s why he wears the 14 and DCE wears the 7. Sorry Ben. Hunt finished the afternoon with very wet socks and 94 points.

Minutes played – Tino 63, Fermor 89, Wallace 53, Bird 90, JDB 56, Sims 53

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Sam McIntyre (dangerous contact)

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Storm v Panthers

Well this was the game we were all waiting for, and had it been played this time last week, we might have had a contest!

Melbourne without Papenhuyzen, Hughes and Reimis Smith (Can’t believe he is in the same sentence as the first two) were no match for a near full-strength Panthers outfit who seemed to be camped on Melbourne’s line.

Melbourne didn’t see too much of Penrith’s goal line and the scores proved that, as not one player broke 60.

Grant tackled himself to a standstill scoring a team high 58, whilst Munster tried his best after having a fight with a bleach bottle, but couldn’t break the Panthers line setting Melbourne’s only try up with a kick finishing with 49.

Penrith were immense, Izack Tago went huge, and Cleary bounced back after last week’s nightmare.

Tago must have listened to the lads at SC Playbook and every other Supercoach podcast for that matter as I and a host of others benched him this week after a run of low scores.

His 102 on Saturday including a double, which was his first score over 53 since Round 4. The 102 on my NPR looked bad, but at least I still have him. Many sold which would hurt even more.

Big Billy Kiks also had a day out and many a fan in the blue and white will be counting down the days until he arrives at Belmore.

He has had a run of four really good games, and will play Round 13, although they will be without Cleary and co, so a tricky one. Maybe one for the run home.

Minutes played – King 56, B Smith 31, Wishart 80, Kikau 80, Martin 80, Sorensen 43

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nick Meaney (high tackle)

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Sharks v Raiders

Oh this was bad. This contributed to a lot of very poor Supercoach scores this weekend as Hynes failed to break 50 despite being the most popular captaincy choice for the round.

The Sharkies were off as Trindall, Hynes and Moylan just couldn’t gel. I haven’t seen combinations work that bad together since my last banquet lunch at the local Chinese restaurant.

Balls hitting the deck, passes to no one, tackled on the last, they just need to put that down as an off day and weather the storm until Kennedy and Ramien return

Talakai had another very quiet game and notched another sub 50 match since his back-to-back 100s.

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For those who brought him in after the Manly match look away now. He is set to lose just under $100k and be cheaper than what he was then. Ouch.

Despite the touch up Canberra handed out, there weren’t too may high scores, as only Josh Papali’i scored over 68.

Tommy Starling scored only 47, Schneider 57 despite scoring a try and kicking five goals and Joey Tapine finished with only 54.

They’re very Supercoach irrelevant the old Raiders. Although for the sake of Canberra and the public servants I hope that changes.

Minutes played – Wilton 70, McInnes 59, Papali’i 44, Tapine 43, CHN 57, Starling 52

Reported Injuries – Dale Finucane (head knock/knee), Jack Williams (shoulder)

Judiciary – Elliott Whitehead (dangerous tackle)

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Roosters v Eels

Now this was the Magic Round match we had been wating for!

The Chooks look like they have found some form with Sammy Walker calling the shots. I like him as a POD for Round 13, although it does come with some risks of missing Origin stars.

Joey Manu stood tall again when they needed, setting a try up and making a linebreak. His combo with Joesph Suaalii is getting better every week with the young gun scoring a double and finishing with 84 which was much needed for those who played him.

The Eels, or ‘Fine Cotton’ as I am now referring to them as, I don’t think they are they same side that has turned up in the last few weeks as they just couldn’t match the Roosters intensity even though Mitch Moses had a Cleary like performance scoring 106 and Isaiah Papali’i showed why he is in the top five backrowers in the NRL.

He bagged a double on the week where he was one of the most traded in players to finish with 113, he saved a number of sides from a dismal score. I love watching him play and now I am an owner, I’ll enjoy his output even more.

Matterson too just keep scoring as he banged out a 109. If he can grab that 11 jumper off Shaun Lane, he is straight into my side. Shaun must put the jumper on the highest shelf where no one else can reach it, that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why he is starting over Matterson.

Those three were far and away the best for Parra with the next best Mahoney, scoring only 48.

Minutes played – Crighton 80, SST 69, Watson 56, Matterson 55, Lane 71, Paulo 43

Reported Injuries – Victory Radley (ankle) Sitili Tupouniua (head knock)

Judiciary – Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (crusher tackle), Dylan Brown (high tackle)

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Tigers v Cowboys

I’ll be the first to admit I have been sleeping on Reuben Cotter! I couldn’t trust Todd Payten, but my word the Cowboys have some gun backrowers coming through.

What a player this bloke is turning out to be, and a Supercoach gun to boot. The Cowboys play the all-important Round 13, but Cotter may be in a Maroon Jersey, negating the coverage he may have offered. His try last night was a Magic Round special.

Scotty D got the same treatment as last week with Hamiso lurking on the bench. He was subbed off but returned late, however only got through 69 minutes, scoring only 46 with a try.

It’s hard to trust Todd Payten as we have said all year, with Lolo benched after 31 minutes and that’s where he stayed. No injury concern, just a head coach who obviously hates Supercoach – that or he is obsessed with it and doesn’t own a single Cowboy. There’s no in between!

It wasn’t good reading for the Tigers, who to their credit, didn’t fold late in the game where they might have done in previous years.

Twal got through a lot of work for his 60, as did Garner who saw a bit of open space which was more like a Heavy 10 at a provisional track come 7pm on a Sunday night after eight games.

And if Kelma Tuilagi can break 50 points before Round 18, I’ll shout the first person who brings it up to me a three pack of Melbourne longnecks. Eight games, seven scores between 31 and 47. Good ‘Glen’ Grief!

Minutes played – Twal 60, Utoikamanu 41, Tuilagi 75, Drinkwater 69, Nanai 80, Lolo 31, Cotter 63

Reported Injuries – Jake Simpkin (head knock), Luke Brooks (hamstring)

Judiciary – Reuben Cotter (dangerous tackle), Heilum Luki (late tackle), Kelma Tuilagi (late tackle)

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