Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Rd 9

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


It was yet another decent scoring round for us Supercoaches in Round 8.

I hope you nailed your rookies and upgrade/s last week. Unfortunately, I had Curtis ahead of McComb, which was a mistake, and will cost me significant cash generation.  Hopefully you didn’t follow suit.

We have some juicy rookie bubble options this week. Let’s sink our teeth in and see what we’ve got to help us bank some cash and upgrade someone like O’Driscoll or JHF.

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Rookies to consider trading in:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Maurice Rioli*-92$123,90053+$64.8k
Jack Carroll*-82$123,90077+$71k
Luke Strnadica*-72$102,40066+$61.8k
Cooper Hamilton*-63$102,40062+$56k
Greg Clark-58$117,300104N/A
Aiden Begg*-46$123,90059+$46.8k
Callum Jamieson*-27$123,90052+$34.3k

*Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade ins:

  1. Maurice Rioli – Has really provided a spark to the Tigers forward line. Fans love him and he is playing a good role getting involved in scoring chains and goal assists with inside 50’s.  He doesn’t rely totally on goals himself which is great and he also provides great forward pressure. He should stay in the side a while after two good wins in his first two games.
  2. Luke Strnadica – He was out last week, then trained and looked in, then out again. I can’t consider him as I don’t have a ruck spot. If you do, you should bring him in with Nic Nat out long term and Dixon seemingly on the outer. He’s the clear #1 ruck for the time being.  Check the team sheet!
  3. Greg Clark – He stays in the list after missing last week with COVID, and he’ll stay next week too as he’s not on the bubble yet. Clark showed off his scoring potential in a 100pt loss and now should have nailed on job security. You can safely play him M8 as his floor should be high with great tackle numbers.
  4. Jack Carroll – Fans seem to like him along with the skipper and coach.  I’m just not sure how he goes when Hewett plays.  Carroll may get a wing role which will be fine, but I’ll be checking how they line up on Thursday night before I go for him.
  5. Cooper Hamilton – I just can’t trust Leon Cameron, so he’s low on the list.  Hopefully he keeps getting games and provides owners decent cash generation, but it will be without me.

Premiums to consider trading in:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Nick Vlastuin27$503,300116+$39.1k
Patrick Cripps50$580,700102+$23.4k
Isaac Cumming60$554,500115+$24.4k
Jayden Short66$560,100122+$25.2k
Touk Miller66$608,000122+$22.1k
Sean Darcy75$595,60099+$10.6k
Jake Lloyd85$488,20088+$1.5k

Top Trade ins:

  1. Patrick Cripps – His one quarter score of 38 has now dropped out of his cycle. You need this guy in the form he is in no matter the cost.  Cripps is easily the Brownlow Medal favourite and is completely dominating games, he’s still under-priced on what he is delivering.
  2. Touk Miller – Absolutely back to his best and like Cripps is a must-have.  He’s at a very kind price for the quality you are getting.
  3. Jayden Short – Playing pure MID and scoring very well.  Short only went at 59% disposal efficiency last week and still scored 109.  His celling is huge and he’s consistent.
  4. Isaac Cumming – I really like this pick and he’s only in 1% of teams.  If you want a POD, look no further.
  5. Nick Vlastuin – Stays in the list as he missed last week.  Never been in the conversation before and I’m wary. Can’t doubt his scoring role so far, I just don’t believe it will continue all season.

Players to consider trading out, or wait for them to bottom out:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Callum Mills201$686,400129-$32.3k
Tom Mitchell189$526,70094-$42.6k
Jack Steele175$637,100116-$26.2k
Jordan De Goey125$443,50074-$22.6k
Isaac Heeney120$511,60079-$18.5k
Zak Butters105$421,40075-$13.3k
Stephen Coniglio86$452,00061-$11k
Will Brodie82$466,600104+$9.8k
Mitchell Hinge71$278,50063-$3.8k
Nick Daicos68$381,60084+$7.3k
Nathan O’Driscoll55$296,10073+$8.2k
Hugh Dixon47$246,00059+$5.1k
Josh Ward46$248,40052+$2.7k
Jason Horne-Francis59$314,30064+$2.1k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Hugh Dixon – Now that Strnadica is back, I think trading Dixon is a must.  Particularly as he was one of the seven going against club rules and looks on the outer.  He made nearly $150k which is the target. I would trade him to Strnadica if I had Dixon R3.
  2. Jason Horne-Francis – He’s a great player and in the top three stats for most things measured at the club, but he seems a little frustrated to me.  Maybe a little with personal performance and a little with team performance.  He has put contract talks on hold too.  He’s started giving away lots of free kicks and was seen just walking laps at training.  As I flagged last week, maybe a rest is coming up and it’s probably time to sell anyway.
  3. Nathan O’Driscoll – Didn’t score great against a poor North Melbourne side.  I doubt he holds his spot and it’s therefore time to sell if he’s dropped.  You can hold one more week if named, but there’s plenty of players returning.
  4. Mitchell Hinge – Hinge had a really poor first half in his return game but did well in the second.  He should play again, but the breakeven is pretty high for him and he’s likely to start losing cash now.
  5. Josh Ward – He’s had plenty of chances now to show us what we saw him do in a practice match. It will probably happen now that I’m selling, but I’m definitely off him.
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Final Say

I’ve heard of people selling players such as Nick Daicos and Stephen Coniglio, but I’d only do that if you’re getting a proper premium in. 

I’m trying to hold these guys until their byes and move from there. Hopefully we have some luck at team selection and George Hewett is finally fit to play.  Unfortunately, there is more pain for those holding Tim English who misses with illness now.

With so many good captaincy options this week I’m expecting some high scores again in Round 9.  Best of luck in hitting the right captain and climbing those ranks again!

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