Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Rd 8

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


What a crazy week that was. I hope you managed to avoid the carnage, hit the big premium scores and climb the rankings a little.

We’re right in the race to get to full premo. Let’s see what the best buys and sells are this week on breakevens alone.

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Rookies to consider trading in:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Luke Strnadica*-73$102,40066+$62k
Greg Clark-58$117,300104N/A
Paul Curtis*-48$117,30058+$47.4k
Robbie McComb*-41$102,40050+$40.5k
Toby Bedford*-26$123,90037+$28.3k
Oliver Dempsey*-18$102,40039+$29.3k

*Indicates player is on the bubble and has had no price movement to date.

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Greg Clark – There’s no clear option this week so I have no issue with going early on this guy. Showed off his scoring potential in a 100pt loss and now should have nailed his job security. You can safely play him M8 as his floor should be high with great tackle numbers.
  2. Luke Strnadica – I can’t consider him as I don’t have a ruck spot. If you do, you should bring him in with Nic Nat out long term. He’s the clear #1 ruck and the COVID out was false. He trained on Wednesday.
  3. Paul Curtis – Seems to have an established role in the side and is scoring consistently. Should continue to get games as North blood their youth.
  4. Robbie McComb – A mature age player who is getting his chance. Bevo seems to give new guys a really good opportunity, so he should get a few more games under his belt. He’s playing out of position, but looked good last week including hitting the scoreboard.

Premiums to consider trading in:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Nick Vlastuin27$503,300115+$39.2k
Patrick Cripps29$526,700112+$37.3k
Callum Mills41$678,800133+$41.1k
Jayden Short46$532,800120+$32.9k
Luke Parker51$518,800107+$24.9k
Dylan Moore52$495,000119+$29.8k
Josh Dunkley64$594,600116+$23.3k

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Patrick Cripps – His one quarter score of 38 will drop from his price cycle this week. He’s an uber premium and if you don’t own him, now is your chance. Averaging 138 without the injury affected score.
  2. Luke Parker – His low score is already out of the cycle, but he just dropped a 150. Eligible as a forward and could finish F2. Still cheap enough to bring in.
  3. Jayden Short – Normally plays defence and takes all the kick outs. Played pure MID last week and scored 150. He can do it all. His poor score will drop out this week. Now is the time of you don’t already own.
  4. Josh Dunkley – You should already own him as he’s the F1.
  5. Dylan Moore – A revelation for the Hawks. Great engine and hits the scoreboard. Should continue to score well especially if the Hawks stay competitive.
  6. Nick Vlastuin – Never been in the conversation before and I’m wary. Can’t doubt his scoring role so far, I just don’t believe it will continue all season.
  7. Callum Mills – You’re probably thinking what the hell, he’s just too expensive? Wait for a poor score and then pounce when he bottoms out.

Players to consider trading out, or wait for them to bottom out:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Jack Macrae200$656,000116-$37.6k
Joe Daniher177$400,20065-$50.3k
Andrew Brayshaw157$581,500104-$23.6k
Tom Mitchell152$577,600110-$19k
Jordan De Goey139$473,00094-$19.9k
Tim Taranto131$501,400105-$11.6k
Will Brodie86$454,000116+$13.7k
Joshua Rachele78$273,30054-$10.6k
Nathan O’Driscoll77$303,80077-$2.8k
Nick Daicos74$379,60087+$5.7k
Jason Horne-Francis58$310,90064+$2.9k
Hugh Dixon47$246,00059+$5.4k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Hugh Dixon – Now that Strnadica is not out with COVID, I think trading this guy is a good play. He made nearly $150k which is the target and could easily drop in price if he drops another 40. This is likely as the second ruck and tall forward in a poor side.
  2. Joshua Rachele – We know he’s best 22 and capable of triple figure scores, but he seems a tad out of form and the Crows are losing. Small forwards and big losses don’t mix. There’s a chance he resets his breakeven though with a decent score.
  3. Jason Horne-Francis – Has some good value in him to upgrade from. Seems to have hit the rookie wall like Rachele. Also playing a little frustrated and giving away free kicks. Could need a week’s rest soon.
  4. Nathan O’Driscoll – He is getting a little lucky with all the COVID outs at Freo and holding his spot. If the team was at full strength I doubt he’s in the best 22. I’ll ride the wave another week v North and then look to sell next week.
  5. Nick Daicos – Still scoring well enough to be on your field. Only issue is the rumoured rest he’s likely to get soon and a little ankle injury. Holding if selected to play.
  6. Will Brodie – Nat Fyfe is still a few weeks away, so job security is still solid. TOG seems to have dropped again which is annoying. Holding v North and hoping for another big score.

Final Say

Not sure it’s a boost week with the rookies available, unless you’ve got bank and can double upgrade (looking at you Eddie).

I think I’ll save mine for next week. Keep looking for value in your upgrade selections as it seems our bench cash generation is drying up a little.

Best of luck for round 8!

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