Spy Talk: Tackling the week’s big questions, Round 9

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


Gday Leeeegends!

It’s been two weeks of COVID for me and then the wife, so sorry I’ve been a bit out of action and missed last week’s yarn.

But I’m back!

The squad has landed around 1,000th overall and I’m eyeing up more rises heading into the Origin period where I will try and maximise value over the byes before setting myself up for the run home.

This will mostly involve quality rather than quantity, but we will get to that over the next week or two with an article dedicated to the byes.

For now though it’s time to talk Supercoach and the weekend ahead:

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Fifita Strategy

Just a thought on Fifita. I would be trading of course if I owned, but just remember you don’t necessarily have to find another quality player in the backrow or a little cheaper.

There is the option to downgrade to a cheapie and free up a HEAP of cash which may allow a serious upgrade elsewhere.

Maybe a Taaffe to Turbo or a non-player to someone like Garrick/similar. Keep your mind in that ballpark and perhaps think of Fifita as a two trade upgrade. Or maybe just trade him directly to someone you want? Both are on the table.


Speaking of Garrick, I really like him and you can beat people to him this week at a time where he has a real chance to have a big fortnight now that Tommy is back feeding him AND the weather is drying up!!!

Imagine grabbing him for a 120-140+ before everyone else wants to jump on. He plays the first bye as well if healthy. The Tigers of course have improved of late, but will really be tested this week.

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It’s a bold-ish play, but if you have the $$ I’m not against jumping on immediately if your squad make up allows it. Simple as that.

He could drop big cash (an issue), he could get injured again or not be at 100% but he COULD GO MAD!! I would love to grab him, but I don’t think I can just yet until I downgrade someone who maxes out in coming weeks.


There are people selling. I’m not sure this is the right idea given the upside and first bye coverage plus only being worth $460k.

Add in that I keep flipping him between back-row and centre which opens up flexibility in trade options.

He could be a hold for the year if he can kick on. Sell only if it’s really worth it in terms of what you are looking to achieve. This might be a downgrade to Tass and a serious upgrade elsewhere if there is no other way.

Overall I’m not keen to sell him, but of course you need to run your own race and I could be wrong! A sell after the first bye however could be on the cards…

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Just a key note on bye-planning.

It’s important to realise that any players who are playing good footy and scoring well who play the second bye (Round 17) could be very valuable.

Don’t look entirely at the first bye because if you hold a few for the second bye week you don’t have to use trades to get them in (or back in).

I tend to look at the two bye weekends as a whole and try to achieve a certain amount of decent players.

I don’t know that estimated number just yet, but quality over average quantity is the most important and following that first bye (Round 13) if you already have a few quality numbers ready for the second bye that will set you up nicely and they might even end up as holds for the year when trades get low.

Selling all your second bye players now might end up with you feeling the pressure to trade a heap of guys in after bye one, then get some must have guns back in post Origin and trades will run low as a result!

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Trades & Boosts

Don’t just trade for the sake of it! From now on make sure they are setting up your squad (keepers), adding a quality bye number or adding in a money making, bottom dollar point scorer like Tass!

Otherwise, HOLD. It will be beneficial in the long run. This is the same for boosts. Only use them if it’s of particular value to do it.

For example, I used one on Talakai because I didn’t think I could wait a week. Luckily he scored 170 and the decision was justified, but in short make sure there is proper upside or value if you are using a boost!!

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This week

For this week I am going to go Brodie Jones to Tass via Tago to the second-row. This is an easy one!

The beauty of this is that it allows me to get Garrick. I am selling Penisini to get him which I’m not thrilled about because the kid is an absolute weapon and gets so much quality ball, but Garrick’s upside is undisputed and someone has to make way.

My skipper will be Nathan Cleary. Papi is a huge option and both Hynes/Talakai could be great plays also, but Parra have been leaky this year and I will captain Cleary most weeks I think until Turbo hits his straps.

Good luck my peeps ,and as always enjoy the footy!! I’ve got a Friday night pub session in Manly booked in so I know I definitely will.


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