Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Rd 7

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


We are over a quarter of the way through the season and hopefully you’ve starting well and are looking at ways to improve your side. 

A good way to do that is targeting people with low breakevens.

Let’s see what the best buys are this week on breakevens alone.

Players to consider trading IN:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Sam Hayes*-97$123,90085+$81.5k
Malcolm Rosas*-71$130,60047+$52.9k
Braydon Preuss-46$298,40086+$59k
Billy Frampton-14$331,10078+$41.1k
Peter Ladhams-13$461,300104+$52.5
Connor Rozee-13$398,50074+$38.8k
Ben Ronke-12$271,10056+$30.3k
Marcus Windhager-11$143,70042+$23.6k
Ben Hobbs*-10$153,30050+$26.9k
Finn Callaghan*-9$198,30062+$31.8k
Ryan Gardner-6$277,40065+$31.8k
Hayden McLean-5$353,80069+$33k
Callan Ward31$496,800102+$31.6k
Callum Mills36$632,900143+$47.8k
Matt Flynn40$473,70093+$23.8k
Alex Witherden45$569,80098+$23.8k
Luke Parker53$475,30082+$13k
James Sicily70$532,000104+$15.4k
Clayton Oliver73$618,900123+$22.3k
Jarrod Witts77$530,900100+$10.2k

*Indicates player is on the bubble and has had no price movement to date

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Top Trade in Targets:

  1. Sam Hayes – Another clear option this week, especially with Scott Lycett another 12 weeks away.  He is Port’s only ruck, he is tall, gets bulk hit outs and should continue to score 75+ every week.
  2. Malcolm Rosas – A late out last week.  He was given every chance to prove his fitness which shows the Coach thinks he is an asset to the team.  From all reports he should be fine to come back this week if he gets through training first.
  3. Braydon Preuss – Grundy’s injury has opened the door for people to bring him in, even though he has jumped nearly $100k in price.  He has proven he can score well even with Flynn in the side which was a worry last week.  He will continue to make lots of money and is still a good pick.
  4. Callum Mills – Well done to those who brought him in last week and hit the 214!  That score stays in his cycle for another two weeks and will be unattainable after this week.  If you do not get him now, you are waiting for a bad game and drop in price which could happen as he has a 70 and 84 recorded already this season.
  5. Clayton Oliver – Coming off a huge 168 against the Tigers and looks right to continue to dominate from here on.  Probably the cheapest you will get him all year.
  6. Luke Parker – His 39 will drop out of his cycle after this round.  If you are boosting, you should try and bring this guy into your forward line.  Once again, the cheapest he will be this year and the Swans are flying.
  7. James Sicily – Really matured and playing great footy.  Will be the Hawks Captain until McEvoy is back. I think he is a safe pick and still at a kind price.
  8. Alex Witherden – Continues to dominate, well done if you picked him as a Hall replacement last week.  He should finish top 6 in his line and will likely hit $600k after this week.
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Players to consider trading OUT:

PlayerBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Nick Hind168$430,30073-$42.4k
Marcus Bontempelli157$597,400105-$23.1k
Ollie Wines157$531,900104-$23.6k
Jack Macrae152$684,400138-$-6.4k
Peter Wright152$407,60092-$26.6k
Tim Taranto150$525,000104-$20.5k
Todd Goldstein150$426,10073-$34.6k
Jarman Impey149$433,70067-$36.6k
Travis Boak146$607,200115-$14.1k
Jack Ziebell146$455,50080-$29.7k
Zac Williams145$494,80092-$23.8k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Nick Hind – If you have him, move him on now, it is your last chance.  Not the player he was last year.
  2. Jarman Impey – I doubt anyone has him, but coming back from injury and only registering 14 SC points over the weekend he must go before his price plummets.
  3. Jack Ziebell – Playing as a forward and not in the friendly Supercoach scoring role he had last year or the first few rounds this year.
  4. Zac Williams – Too hit and miss.  Grab a player who is much more reliable, ala Sicily who is a similar price.
  5. Peter Wright – Key forwards, don’t go there unless they have extra strings to their bow.
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Final Say

I’m inclined to hold fire with the likes of Bontempelli, Wines, Taranto, Macrae and Boak. 

Boak bounced back like we wanted to see last week and generally a high percentage of premiums have bounced. 

Bont’s time forward is a worry if you are an owner, but surely you have other fires to put out first with Grundy, Xerri and Jack Hayes all going down with long term injuries. 

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Macrae getting Bevo’d is highly frustrating, but you cannot trade him. Goldstein should take the #1 ruck spot back for the next month and score well again. Taranto is saved by his forward status.

Good luck for round 7!

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