Weekly Wrap: Round 7 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 7 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


I’m full!

I’m full of Supercoach points and I can’t take anymore!

Wow what a weekend that was. Some massive scores from some seriously in form players. I thought we were treated to one of the best Supercoach performances of the year with Talakai on Thursday but as the weekend progressed, they just kept coming. Papi, Munster, Cleary, I.Pap can I go on? 

The bean counters at Fox Sports had their work cut out trying to finalise Monday night’s massacre and at the conclusion of the Melbourne match there were some monster numbers being thrown out from sides, none higher than my 1,529 from the NonFungible Turbos I assume..

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Well someone may have beaten me, but seeing a score like that means you are doing something right!

Of course I’ve learnt to try and enjoy the big weeks, because inevitably there’s always a shocker around the corner…

We can’t get them right all the time, but my theory is just back your gut. It’s your side anyway, who cares what the so-called experts say. The beauty is we have no control over what the players do.

With Round 7 gone, it might be time to start turning our attention to the Origin bye periods where we will be missing a heap of guns. It’s the worst time of the year and I couldn’t hate it any more.

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Sharks v Sea Eagles 

Siosifa Talakai. That’s the wrap up done. Thanks for reading. 

My word, what a performance this was. His final score of 165 didn’t really tell the full story as he only managed 15 in the second 40 minutes!

What a first half he had.. As a Manly fan and Talakai owner.. It was very bittersweet, but knowing the weekend was off to a cracker Supercoach-wise it was hard to be too disappointed. 

Nicho Hynes was also big scoring 97, but his main role this week was to move to FLB to allow N Cleary to come into most sides.

Those running without him face some really tough weeks with games against the Broncos, Warriors, Raiders and Titans coming up 

After 41 minutes, Manly finally got off the bus and in that time were the much, much better side.

Olakau’atu and Garrick were Manly’s best with 79 and 80 despite the former spending 10 minutes in the bin. Big Haumole copped one week on the sidelines for his high tackle charge. 

Koula may well have locked down the right edge centre position after Morgan Harper so kindly gave it up for him. Lock him in as a cheapie moving forward. 

Minutes played – Wilton 80, McInnes 54, Koula 40 

Reported Injuries – Taniela Paseka (knee), Andrew Davey (shoulder), Dylan Walker (quad), Will Kennedy (shoulder)

Judiciary – Haumole Olakau’atu (careless high tackle)

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Broncos v Bulldogs 

Kotoni Staggs is a bit like a FIFO worker this year. We get a couple of good weeks out of him, then a month of nothing.  

Those who traded him in this week would have been severely disappointed with his 37, especially after what we saw the night before from a big powerful centre.

But that’s been his year this year, five scores between 23 and 38. His other two were 100+. He has a tough run coming up but that might be a good thing.  

Reynolds put on a show setting up three tries and scoring one himself to top the scoring for the night and my faith (And the faith of Clem) was paid off by S Cobbo as he finally found the line and scored 82 very handy points! 

Corey Paix looks a great downgrade option from Randall should he lock down the starting hooker role.  

TPJ shapes as a sneaky POD option heading into Round 13 which he will play barring injury. His 84 on Friday included some attacking stats but his offloading and tackle busting ability are what excites me. 

Minutes played – Haas 68, Paix 49, TPJ 73, Thompson 40 

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Cowboys v Titans 

Who would have had the Cowboys as the leading Queensland team in 2022?! And is Scotty Drinkwater the best utility in the game? Every time he gets a chance, he is unstoppable! Scores of 94, 43 and now 102 in his three games this year, he is one of the better payers in the game to watch.

He always finds the line and seems to just love playing footy! 

It wasn’t a game that lended itself to high scores as only four players broke 60 and not one player from the Titans managed over 50.

This includes D Fifita who was moved to the centres after what I can only assume was a brain fart from Justin Holbrook who watched the Sharks Manly game on Thursday and thought ‘hang on, I can do the same’.

Moving big back-rowers to the centres doesn’t work for everyone Justin! 

Those who went the cash grab on Luki were rewarded despite the back-rower starting from the bench. He ended up playing 51 minutes but scored 71 including a try. 

Minutes played – Taumalolo 62, Cotter 56, Nanai 70, Luki 51, Fermor 73, Tino 61 

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Jeremiah Nanai (dangerous throw)

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Tigers v Rabbitohs 

Who are this team in the orange and black and what have they done to the Tigers?!

Two on the trot and playing well. Nofoaluma may have shot back into Supercoach relevancy again after a 102 on Saturday.

He burnt me big time last year so I won’t be going near him, but others might and it’s a good move if the Tigers can keep winning. 

For Souths, they looked awfully flat and just couldn’t break the Tigers. Cody Walker bounced back somewhat with a try and one assist to finish with 77, but still failed to meet his breakeven and will drop more in price 

Murray was just enormous in the middle scoring 82. He was credited with two try contributions but a majority of his points came in tackles, 61 in fact! You can all have your Fifitas, I’ll take C Murray any day.  

Graham and Johnston both scored well with 71 and 77 with Graham finally earning a call up to the NonFungible Turbos for 2022! Congrats mate, make yourself at home you’ll be there for the year. 

Minutes played – Twal 52, Liddle 70, Cook 80, Kolomatangi 80, Murray 80, Arrow 64 

Reported Injuries – Daine Laurie (knee), Jacob Host (shoulder), Hame Sele (head knock).

Judiciary – Taane Milne (high tackle – careless)

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Knights v Eels 

Gee haven’t the Knights been disappointing since blowing the comp apart in the opening two weeks.

Okay maybe blowing the comp apart is a bit of an overstatement, but they looked good! 

Since then it’s been five losses on the trot, compounded by Sunday’s massacre at the hands of the Eels at home. That shouldn’t happen in front of a packed McDonald Jones! 

Ponga couldn’t back up last week’s heroics, Randall’s minutes were limited and the Saifiti brothers as well as Klemmer had little to no impact at all.  

The Eels did turn up to play after last week’s surprise loss and looked sharp despite wearing what could only be described as the worst jersey in world sport. Dead set I wouldn’t wear that thing to bed.  

Moses and Brown have been consistently good all year so it was no surprise to see them play well again although Brown was moved to the centres which would have infuriated owners.

He did however manage 67 out there whilst Moses set one try up and kicked 1000 goals to finish with 81.  

And how on earth are we going to afford the Clearys, Papis etc and also find room for Isaiah Papali’i?

 He was so good on Sunday and scored a massive 123 to boot. He surely outscores Fifita this year.

I want him bad but may need a trip to Pat and George from Mortgage Choice to see if I can do a deal and fit him in  

Minutes played – Randall 48, Jones 59, Klemmer 48, Papali’i 68, Matterson 38 

Reported Injuries – Brodie Jones (elbow)

Judiciary – Nil

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Panthers v Raiders 

It’s a comfortable watch now I have N Cleary in my side. I actually feel for those who a) couldn’t afford him or b) thought of anti-PODing him to save some cash.

If you can afford him and he is in your side it’s the easiest captaincy choice since Pat Cummins took over.

Updated (Quite controversially from those non-owners) to 158 on Sunday and effectively wiped out the Talakai loopers. Move heaven and earth to get him in if you don’t already. He won’t get much cheaper. 

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The combination of Maygo continues to thrive. Tago, whilst only scoring 31 may have peaked in price but who’s selling? He’s a dual position player, playing for the white hot Panthers and has that centre spot locked down.

Joey Tapine continues to impress for the Raiders. His 85 did include a try, but is a DPP and plays round 13. A former gun back-rower, he might have found that spark again and looks to be leading the Raiders pack. Some more minutes and he becomes a near-must, but can we trust Sticky?

Minutes played – JFH 44, Martin 70, Kikau 80, CHN 80, Tapine 45, Starling 65

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Dragons v Roosters 

A real ANZAC Day classic with the teams giving nothing away. In a very physical game where defence stood tall, Joey Manu was again the Roosters best player.

His 100 neat was his third in the last four weeks. Priced at a tick under $700k, those owners are laughing as he becomes nearly too expensive, given his tendencies to have a quiet game.

A risky player to trade in but you get every second out of the 80 minutes he plays.

Tedesco showed glimpses of his best with two linebreaks, but that was about it as he finished with 76 leaving owners with another price drop.

His focus may turn to Origin in the coming weeks so there are, dare I say this, plenty of other better options than Tedesco at FLB. Wow.

Tupou tried to take Ravalawa’s head off (I reckon Ravalawa thought the tackle was fine – it’s how he tackles) and will spend a week or two on the sidelines.

Zac Lomax just keeps scoring points. His 67 on Monday included a linebreak but he seems to be a game off going 120+.

He just accumulates points at will and has a great base. If the Dragons can show they can score some points he comes straight into my side.

Minutes played – Su’A 43 (Injury), JDB 63, Sims 54, SST 52, Butcher 26, Radley 48, Crichton 80

Reported Injuries – Jack Bird (arm), Jaydn Su’A (ankle), Moses Suli (cork)

Judiciary – Daniel Tupou (careless high tackle – grade two)

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Storm v Warriors 

And just when I thought I could finish this wrap up with a quick paragraph or two.. The Storm go and put 70 points on the Titans!!

Munster, Hughes, Coates and Papenhuyzen all went 100+ whilst Grant scored 80.

But the night belonged to Ryan ‘Joe Dirt’ Papenhuyzen amassing a huge 155 in 68 minutes after he was given an early shower.

The Storm scored four tries when he was off so a 200+ score was on the cards.

Most sides would have had some of the big names for Melbourne so when the tries kept coming, the Supercoach team scores kept ticking over and over. Some I have seen were in excess of 1,600!

The class of this side has no limits. Players like Coates and Meaney must be shaking their heads when they get to put on the purple jersey.

Coates in particular had a day out scoring four, three off kicks. His past two weeks have been slim pickings so a nice reward for owners who stuck solid.

Curran went down with a leg injury and looks set to miss a few weeks. Sell

Minutes played – Grant 80, King 72, Smith 70, AFB 54, Curran 41

Reported Injuries – Josh Curran (knee), Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (head knock), Reimis Smith (head knock)

Judiciary – Aaron Pene (careless high tackle – grade two)

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