Weekly Wrap: Round 5 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 5 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


The ups and downs of Supercoach. Round 5 saw some pretty sold scores across the board, but no where near what we saw last week.

Round 5 really boiled down to captaincy choices. Papenhuyzen was a popular choice but couldn’t break 40, where as Nicho Hynes went big with 117, meaning green arrows for the Hynes crew and red for much of the Papenhuyzen faithful.

Cleary was another who may have dictated scores this weekend as he only racked up 57 against a Bulldogs side who came out to play. He will drop significantly in price over the next three weeks, but non-owners have a tough watch this weekend when they play the Broncos at home.

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Hopefully by now your side is shaping up okay and you are making some big plans for the coming weeks.

I’ve gone on a money hunting spree trying to cash in on as many negative breakevens as I can.

With Origin looming, keep in mind Round 13 and who’s playing or not. The trade boost will only give you one extra trade, not the five we are so used to, so plan accordingly!

Oh and if you could all refer to me as Nicho now, I’d appreciate it.

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Knights v Sea Eagles

Another wet affair in Newcastle, seriously some of these blokes’ socks and shorts wouldn’t have dried since February.

It was a low scoring game until the final 10 minutes where Manly kicked away thanks mainly to Haumole and Daly Cherry-Evans. The classy back-rower finished with 83 points, finally earning some much needed points for those who jumped on him pre round 3.  

Garrick will drop more cash and might be a great pick once Turbo returns and Manly settle into their year.

The Newcastle that started the year hasn’t appeared to kick on with not one player breaking 50 points.

Although over nine players did score in the 40s, one of those was Chris Randall who is a nice little money earner for those who have help the Newcastle break. 

Minutes played – B Jones 80, Mann 80, L Thompson 32, Olakau’atu 80, Davey 59

Reported Injuries – Martin Taupau (shoulder), Jirah Momoisea (arm), Dom Young (knee)

Judiciary – Nil

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Warriors v Cowboys 

The start of two cracking matches on Friday night saw a Shaun Johnson field goal in extra time be enough to overcome a gallant Cowboys outfit.

The back-row pair of Aitken and Curran – the former who I sold mere minutes before kickoff – starred with the pair scoring 94 and 92 respectively.

Curran showed why he is in the sights of Blues coach Fittler scoring a good try and getting through a heap of work , defensive errors won’t have helped his case though.

AFB and Lodge were again busy, although have seemed to both put the offload away which is hampering their scoring output. Lodge especially should be moved on if you own him, whilst AFB is a hold, but  a nervous watch each week. 

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Taumalolo has been given dual position status this week and I can’t wait to plug him into FRF and leave him there till Round 25.

He hasn’t set the world on fire (not allowed to do that), but he’s done more than enough to knock out solid scores consistently.

Rueben Cotter continues to impress with a few smarter blokes than me calling for his inclusion into sides this week. He scored an impressive 71 which was largely all base apart from one linebreak. 

Minutes played (including GP) – Aitken & Curran 84, AFB 47, Lodge 41, Cotter 49, Taumalolo 63, Nanai 84

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Marcelo Montoya (contrary conduct)

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Broncos v Roosters

All those Kotoni (And Cobbo to a lesser degree) owners out there, you can thank myself, Clementine and the rest of the Twitter community for conducting the support group on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a roaring success as you can see with Kotoni bouncing back into form with a stellar 108. He was back to his tackle breaking, try-scoring best, leaving an imprint on Paul Momirovski’s chest that may be there till August.

It was a bittersweet night for Haas owners as he notched out another 70 plus score. Owners may now have to navigate the next two weeks without him as the NRL integrity unit give him a mini holiday, however nothing official has been set just yet.

The Chooks managed to get out of jail thanks largely to Sammy Walker and his boots. Walker owners would have been delighted with the final score of 87, although it took until the 74th minute for him to kick into gear.  

Manu was again huge upstaging his higher priced fullback. Manu knocked out a massive 104 which was his second 100+ score in a row, whilst Teddy will see himself in the most traded out players this week after he only managed 28. The only issue is who to? Turbo and Trell out.. R Walsh maybe?

Minutes played – Haas 70, Butcher 45, Crichton 52, Watson 52

Reported Injuries – Adam Reynolds (knee), Corey Oates (ankle)

Judiciary – JWH (Dangerous Contact)

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Raiders v Storm

This Melbourne side just keeps rolling and banging out massive Supercoach scores!

Hughes, Grant and Munster all went large, but it seems we can’t get all the guns to play along.

This week it was Papenhuyzen who was the quiet one, only managing 39 which was terrible for those who backed up his captaincy choice from last week. He did have a HIA, but was only off for 6 minutes and it may have rattled him.

Munster bounced back to his running best scoring 84 shrugging off last week’s slow round, and if you still don’t have Grant, log out and forget it. The same goes for those who missed out on Josh King.

The Raiders don’t offer too much in Supercoach scoring, but Brad Schneider keeps ticking along nicely and will be a great sell once he peaks in price. I would be holding onto him until at least the first bye round in which he plays.

Minutes played – CHN 80, Tapine 60, Starling 80, Grant 69, J King 68, B Smith 36

Reported Injuries – Matt Timoko (back)

Judiciary – Josh Papalii (dangerous contact)

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Rabbitohs v Dragons

With the Rabbitohs draw opening up it was a good match for potential owners to take a look at the likes of Walker, Murray and Johnston.

I was keen on Latrell, but it appears the physio was too and will be spending the next couple of weeks in the rehab room with an injured hammy.

Walker still hasn’t shown that 2021 form as yet scoring only 10 on Saturday night and could well be under $500k this time next week. Absurd!

And instead of picking Campbell Graham I’ll probably just talk about him and not ever trade him in, but he is as solid a CTW as they come! He’s had only the one score under 60 this year. Those who are looking at Johnston may do better with Graham.

For the Dragons, Zac Lomax continues his good relationship with Ravalawa on the right edge. It was about this time in 2020 he caught fire, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on him.

Minutes played – Arrow 58, Murray 65, Sims 80, JDB 51, Su’A 80

Reported Injuries – Latrell Mitchell (hamstring)

Judiciary – Nil

Titans v Eels

Five rounds it took David Fifita to find the ‘David’s Secret Stuff’ drink bottle that Justin Holbrook left on the bench for him and he exploded back into form! One run was all it took to hopefully kickstart 2022.

The run which left most of Parramatta in his wake amassed around 36 points. He finished the night with 107 and despite his early season somewhat ‘slump’, he is still a must-have.

The Eels keep coming and scoring points! Supercoach ones too! The form halves combo of Moses and Brown are leading the way and don’t show any sign of stopping, meaning some big scores on the horizon for owners.

I’m not an owner of both because it would then force me to cheer them on and I pledged an oath not to ever pick Moses, although with every week it gets harder and harder

And I might just go back to any one of last year’s 25 weeks to rehash some of what was said about Papali’i because he is as good, if not better than last year. The tries haven’t come, but when they do the scores will be large!

Minutes played – Fermor 80, Tino 53, Matterson 80, Paulo 44 (Sin-bin)

Reported Injuries – Waqa Blake (Knee)

Judiciary – Junior Paulo (dangerous contact)

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Sharks v Tigers

I’m ordering some T-Shirts that say “I’m a Nicho owner”, hit me up if you want one because they will hot property!

We all knew how good he was, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the impact he would have had this early on and how good a Supercoach player he continues to be.

I’m just glad I got on the train at the right time, found myself a seat up the front and can enjoy the ride at a discounted price!

For those who jumped on Talakai, he didn’t quite bully the Tigers like I thought he would, but he did finish with 59 and it was the easiest $70K you can make. He will carry a negative BE into next week so more money is to be made.

I half reluctantly sold Kelma Tuilagi prior to the round starting, so that exhausted my Tigers quota for the year. There isn’t another Tiger in the squad who you should target. For those with other problems Kelma is a hold, but he doesn’t play Round 13 and he might start getting sick of being whacked every week for no reward

Minutes played – Wilton 66, McInnes 57, Tuilagi, 66

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Braden Hamlin-Uele (careless high tackle)

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Bulldogs v Panthers

Despite his price tag, Cleary was a popular trade in amongst a few players this week and coming up against a Bulldogs side it was probably the right call.

Despite winning by 20, Cleary was very quiet and was only credited with a try contribution.

Thankfully goal kicks are worth 4 points as that’s where most of his points came from. He has a BE of 212 up against Brisbane this coming week where anything could happen.

It will be a tough watch for those non-owners but if he goes small again, expect to pick him at a massively reduced price.

Despite the high scoring game, only one player scored above 62 points. Something about that Sunday night game.. The graveyard slot!

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Taylan May just went up $154k, has a BE of negative 53 and plays the Broncos. As the great Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida said, Money, Money, Money.

For the Bulldogs, I’ll be keeping an eye on TPJ. He banged out 80 minutes for the first time this year but only managed 62.

I do like his game, he does not stop offloading and tackle busting – in fact I don’t think he’s been put on his back since his stint with the Raiders 20s. If he can find some attacking stats (like every Bulldog) he will be a very good POD.

Minutes played – TPJ 80, M King 43, JFH 52, Kikau 80, Martin 66

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Matt Burton (dangerous contact), Braidon Burns (crusher tackle)

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