Spy Talk: Tackling the week’s big questions, Round 5

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


G’day gang,

I won’t delve too much into last week because a lot of it came down to Lil Papi and his exploits.

I was luckily enough to skipper him and then rolled it into a Dylan Brown special, so Sunday was a very happy one in the Spy household!

Last week’s plan to target Tom Trbojevic and Nathan Cleary already needs adapting because the great man is out for 4-6 weeks and Cleary has a small question mark after a solid NRL return, but uninspiring SuperCoach season debut.

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For what it’s worth I think he will fire as soon as this weekend and I will be ready to swoop!

The beauty of making some money across your squad is that it’s easier to adapt on the run as it will open up more options.

This brings me to the major dilemma/excitement of this week which is the absolute plethora of options available to us coaches.

This is exciting of course, but does mean you won’t be able to take them all. I have jumped into three tiers of options below all of value, but all for different reasons.

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Great Cheapie Prospects

Taylan May

If you don’t have him there probably has never been more of a must-have in SC history. 

Averaging around 100PPG over the first two rounds, set to absolutely sky-rocket in price, an awesome play in your 17 weekly and plays the Dogs this week who struggled against Melbourne.

The only red flag is a possible early return of To’o in the near future, but even then he may hold his spot over Staines and that really is a future problem.

You simply can’t afford not to have him. Make him your first trade, then move from there.

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Tolutau Koula

The young speed sensation. Has only played one full game but was good.

Back to fullback now while Tommy Turbo is out and he also covers the first bye. Koula may hold his spot in the centres when Tom returns?

He is an excellent pick up, but with horrendous conditions forecast for Thursday Night and very good options below I am of the thought that if you use one trade on May then perhaps you can wait a week on Koula if need be.

It might cost you a little bit of cash, but I’m not super worried in that weather and the way Newcastle are defending.

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Money Making Mid-Rangers / Possible Keepers

In this category we have a couple of guys who are coming off big scores which means low breakevens for the next two weeks.

Traditionally it can be wise to avoid these type of guys as they may be traps to a degree, but we will see below why I quite like both options whilst the third is rock solid.

Mitch Moses

Mitch is running the ball as well as I’ve ever seen him do it, is playing with confidence and is goalkicking in a red-hot Parra outfit.

Add in that Cleary is a wait for many, and the fact the Eels play the Titans and the Tigers over the next two weeks, it seems absolutely ideal to plug him in if you are in a position to do so and then flick him to Cleary in a few weeks after making what will hopefully be a bunch of cash while scoring a heap of points!

Siosifa Talakai

This almost reads the same as Moses. A great match up this week, easy money barring a disaster and he also has the potential to become a keeper (possibly in the centres come round 12 position adjustments).

The risks here is that he loses minutes due to a clogged Sharks back-row, but with Connor Tracey hopefully out another three weeks the value in the interim at centre could easily be enough and maybe he keeps an 80 minute role season long?

From a real NRL perspective the Sharks left edge attack should see him get plenty of quality ball and this translates directly to Supercoach points.

A super option in my opinion who you can reassess in 2-3 weeks. I think I’ll get him!

Beau Fermor

Has been very good to start the year. Available in the centres and on the up with a big price rise looming. Similar boat to Talakai, but with a little less upside I would suggest. However the job security appears better! Absolutely an option.

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Fallen Guns

This category is the differentiator. Whilst a lot of people will chase the hot cheapie prospects or mid-range guys, there is an opportunity to jump aboard a few fallen guns and see if they can go large before others get on board! A South Sydney theme will run through the below.

Alex Johnston

He has scored well against some of the toughest defences in the competition in bad conditions.

Looking at his draw now he could absolutely explode outside of Cody and Latrell in the coming months.

I really want him, but given the forecast for Saturday and other options available I may opt to wait a week. A breakeven of 77 helps, but he could go 140+. A decision to be made.

For the record, Alex has scored the following playing on the wing in 2022 – Melbourne (64), Chooks (35) and Penrith (75). The next five games are St George, Canterbury, Wests Tigers, Manly, Brisbane and it stays good after that. UPSIDE!

Cody Walker

Exact same scenario. My only possible issue with Cody is that he has played a little bit more of a link man this year which may see less try-assists and linebreak assists.

It’s early days, but he could explode and I do want him. I own Brown so it won’t be this week, but he is a close, close watch and may be a downgrade from Brown for a heap of cash. How good!

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Latrell Mitchell

My POD of the week. Averaging 63 so far against Melbourne, Chooks and Penrith. He should be getting more match fit. What could he do against the opposition to come!?

Gee I might have talked myself into him, but I can get to the other guys more easily whilst holding another gun which is a factor.

Don’t forgot Latrell averaged 82PPG last year but has now added the goal-kicking!!

Cam Murray

The final man I want to chat about is the one and only Cam Murray.

He doesn’t fit my plan of paying big for forwards, but he is a straight up weapon! Minutes are the biggest question.

His real upside comes if he continues at 71+ minutes per game, up from 62 in 2021.

Absolutely no objection to locking him in until Origin, it just depends where you want to spend your cash and who this may cost you getting.

The other option is to get him now and if you need to flip him later for a Turbo/Cleary/Hynes/Papi type combination then you can do so.

Obviously this is extra trades though. As a bloke with a backline upside approach I’m really hoping for some dry weather soon, so will likely avoid Murray reluctantly and hope he minutes are less in some blowouts and most points come out wide.

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The Sum Up

A little bit different this week from my standard big issues and big questions approach, but I just thought it was really important to gives my thoughts on the above guys given the absolute batch we have on offer heading into the weekend.

It’s a serious option to trade boost and lock in three of them, but if you’re happy and set with your team then you certainly don’t have to do this.

Good luck this weekend legends and I’ll report back once I confirm my trades. This could come down to a last minute gut feel under pressure.

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