Sit v start: Who to play in your final 17, Rd 5?

We rank the fringe 17 players in your NRL SuperCoach squad to help you decide who to sit and start in your weekly team.


Well another week passes and I feel as though we’re starting to see more upside in scores. 

In addition to Papi’s monster score, we saw value picks like Coates and May go large as well. 

Starting these types of player will make a huge difference in overall rank by the end of the season. Hopefully I can help!

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If you’re not familiar with this article, I pick various popular fringe 17 players, categorise them in start / consider / sit, then rank them in the priority order that I’d play them.

Thanks as always to the legendary, whose website I’ve utilised for position vs team analysis and various stats breakdowns.

A general note to keep an eye on the weather leading into the round and across the weekend (looking ominous again). 

For rain affected matches I’d slightly favour forwards over backs. I generally don’t factor this into the rankings, so please adjust accordingly.

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1.     Taylan May & Izack Tago

Best duo since Tim & the Spy! Start them every week and enjoy the show.

2.     Xavier Coates

Who needs base stats when you can attack like Coates? Canberra haven’t conceded a lot to CTW (10th). Storm are red hot though, so I think Xavier will be amongst the points again. 

3.     Will Penisini

Posted his best score of the season vs the Dragons last week and gets another nice matchup vs the Titans. Decent floor (around 40 in base + power) with upside by virtue of the Eels’ playmakers. 

4.     Jeremiah Nanai

Rocks and diamonds in terms of SC scores, but to be expected in his rookie season. Matchup vs the Warriors isn’t as good as it looks (they rank 15th in points conceded to 2RFs). Nonetheless, Nanai will continue to have potential for huge scores as long as he’s playing 80 minutes. 

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5.     Lachlan Ilias

Warming up nicely and would’ve notched an 80+ score last week but for a disallowed try. Dragons have conceded more than any other team to halfbacks this season. Could easily see young Ilias jagging a few attacking stats against them.

6.     Chris Randall

Last week’s 80 min performance instils confidence, though whether or not those minutes continue is uncertain. He showed his high base stat capability, notching 62 just in tackles and hit ups, with no negatives. 

Manly concede the most of any team to the HOK position this season. A solid play this week, especially if there’s more wet weather around. 

7.     Tolutau Koula

Speaking of base, Koula smashed out 35 in just base stats last week, which is outstanding for a centre. Koula would’ve been straight into the start category but for the Turbo injury.

Newcastle also concede the most to CTWs of any team this season. Watching him go around for your side could be a fun way to start the week, but keep an eye on the weather.

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8.     Kotoni Staggs

Can score vs anyone, but can the Broncos turn it around against tough opponents? At home is a plus, although it’s a tough matchup vs the Roosters (12th for CTWs). Would ideally like to bench him until he shows more, but always has the potential for a big play or two to go large. 

9.     Josh King

Need to watch his minutes and PPM this week. Only 50 mins last week, but the game was a blow out. He’s always a chance of a cheeky attacking stat in that Storm side. It’s a tough call between him and Max. I slightly favour Josh based on matchup vs the Raiders.

10.  Max King

King played extra minutes last week but his PPM was down due to playing vs the Storm / spending too much time under the goal posts. Another tough matchup vs the Panthers this week could see more of the same. He’ll be busy as always I’m sure, so he’s okay to play if you need.

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11.  Brad Schneider 

He had a decent score last week in a well beaten side. Unfortunately he has the Storm this week who are Supercoach kryptonite as always. Sit for mine.

12.  Kelma Tuilagi

Will be a start option if he can get back to full fitness. After the HIA last week I’d sit this round though.

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13.  Oliver Gildart

Gildart had a low score last week despite playing the Titans. Now he has the Sharks who are conceding the least to CTWs so far this season.

14.  Selwyn Cobbo 

Oh man this one has backfired to start the season. He could be held at the price, but I wouldn’t be starting anytime soon.

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