Weekly Wrap: Round 4 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 4 NRL SuperCoach wrap, with a certain Storm fullback determining the overall weekly rankings.


And the points keep coming! Wow what a week it was with some monster scores, led by the one and only Papenhuyzen!

In a Turbo like performance he tore the Bulldogs apart to post the season’s best score by a long way  – 193. And he missed a few goals too.

Those who chucked the C on him would be seeing plenty of green arrows on Monday, whilst those who didn’t (Me) saw another shade of green.. One that was a bit darker and looked more like red.

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Some big names starting to cement themselves as must-haves aka Brown, Moses and Murray. With only two trades (or a booster) do you bring them in at the expense of making some real cash i.e May and King? Decisions lie ahead and ones that I think will be shape the rest of the season.

Round 4 also saw the return of Cleary. He didn’t score very well so we can watch for another three weeks as he falls in price, although he takes on the Bulldogs, Broncos and Raiders in the next three weeks.

It also appears the Spy had a good week, nearly cracking 1400. Well done old fruit.. I’m just letting the readers know so they can zone out when you go on your 15 minute tangent recapping your week on the poddy!

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Titans v Tigers

I’ve done some silly things in my life. Sitting through 80 minutes of this match is right up there. The best thing about this match was that Beau Fermor was ruled out with COVID so he took no part, of course that’s from the perspective of a non-SuperCoach owner.

David Fifita had another frustrating game for owners with the high price back-rower set to lose some more coin. He was moved to the left with Fermor being out, but that didn’t change his output as he was well contained but barely saw any good footy and finished with 53.

Kelma Tuilagi was strong in his 40 minutes, but didn’t return after halftime as he was most likely bored like the rest of us and took off early.

Minutes played – Fifita 80, Tino 57, Tuilagi 40, Twal 64

Reported Injuries – Kelma Tuilagi (shoulder)

Judiciary – Alex Twal (crusher tackle), Tino Fa’asuamaleaui (lifting tackle)

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Sharks v Knights

We didn’t see the Nicho Hynes of the past three weeks after the popular half only managed 44 as the night belonged to Siosifa Talakai

He gave Dane Gagai a bath and finished with 108. He’s not the DPP as he was last year, but that may change come Round 6. Priced at $345k, he burnt a lot of owners last year, but he seems to be a favourite of coach Fitzgibbon.

Chris ‘Chad’ Randall knocked out an impressive 63 which included about 1000 tackles. He was an NPP for me and I assume most but that will help his price.

And there are some serious D Ramas surrounding Ponga! He only managed 9 and was barely sighted. Not really in the discussions of FLB with Papi, Turbo, Teddy etc but wow! He might be sub $400k in a month or so if he keeps that up.

Minutes played – Wilton 80, Talakai 80, McInnes 42, Randall 80, Mann 80

Reported Injuries – Tyson Frizell (hamstring)

Judiciary – Jake Clifford (high tackle), Dominic Young (dangerous throw)

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Panthers v Rabbitohs

At around 11am today, Taylan May became the most traded in player in Supercoach history!

He has a breakeven that NASA are still trying to calculate and on form, should still be there once To’o returns. He has a great partnership with Tago on his inside with the pair producing an impressive 97 and 70. Get him in!

I had to check my closet on Friday night to make sure Dylan Edwards wasn’t there, because he was everywhere else!! He could be a major POD with the Panthers draw coming up.

The return of Cleary was big for the Panthers, but not so on the scoring side of things. He only managed 34 in his return match. Good for his price for those (everyone) looking to get him in.

Cam Murray was again enormous and is now the must-have 2RF in the game. 74 points which included an incredible 52 tackles! Bring on some attacking stats again!

I’m starting to warm to the idea of trading in Campbell Graham. Souths draw looks a little better now and their attack seems to shift to the right more so than not. To quote Blocker Roach – “he’s a footballer!”.

Minutes played – Martin 60, Kikau 66, Murray 77, Arrow 56

Reported Injuries – Mark Nicholls (ankle)

Judiciary – Lachlan Ilias (dangerous contact)

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Warriors v Broncos

The recently formed support group for owners of Cobbo and Staggs will meet this Tuesday at 5pm. Venue to be confirmed. Myself and Clementine will be in attendance. Bring snacks.

Staggs will be the first to go on Tuesday, whilst Cobbo probably has lost all tradability (is that a word? Is now). The sheer lack of want to get the ball is killing me. And the Broncos seem to have played their GF in Round 1 and haven’t offered much since

Haas on the other hand had a blinder. 83 points in 72 minutes, his work rate was enormous. The increase in minutes was mainly due to Carrigan succumbing to a knee injury. Haas though continued that good form into the Smokers area at a Brisbane nightclub. The NRL might sit him down for a week following an alleged brawl, but watch this space.

AFB and Lodge were strong in the middle, both breaking 50, whilst Curran didn’t see much ball and was left anting on a number of occasions. He was moved to the edge which I thought was going to help, but he only knocked out a measly 49. 

Minutes played – AFB 58, Lodge 47, Aitken and Curran 80, Haas 72

Reported Injuries – Pat Carrigan (knee), Albert Kelly (leg)

Judiciary – Jazz Tevaga (dangerous contact), Thomas Flegler (dangerous contact x3)

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Sea Eagles v Raiders

Had he not had a BE of 240, Turbo was prime for trading in. Dry track, Raiders and a quiet couple weeks, he was always going to bounce back. Had it not been for some bootlace tackles, he could have gone massive. Still, 87 isn’t huge and he will continue to plummet in price.

It was however the DCE and his right boot show. To take a line from Jason Hetherington, ala Footy Show Greatest Hits DVD 1994-2002, “The way he’s kicking you’d hate to be his dog”. Couldn’t have said it better! He won Manly the game just on his boot alone and finished with 80 SC points

Tolutau Koula was a late inclusion and by God he looks the goods! Bottom dollar and might force Harper or Parker out of the side. Or he becomes an AE nightmare if he plays off the bench. Either way, he’s in my side and will probably score more than Cobbo playing NSW Cup.

Schneider couldn’t back up last week’s heroics although he scrapped his way to 38. He will continue to make some money for weeks to come.

Minutes played – Olakau’atu 80, CHN 80, Starling 59

Reported Injuries – Dylan Walker (knee)

Judiciary – Nil

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Cowboys v Roosters

The Roosters really opened up the Cowboys in this match, but did have an extra man for 50 of the 80 minutes! Three sin-bins which helped Joey Manu notch a season high of 118 whilst Tupou, Tedesco and Radley all featured heavily with scores in excess of 80.

Tedesco couldn’t repeat his heorics in his last two matchups against the Cowboys where he piled on the points on, owners had to settle for 88.. A captain score that doesn’t look real good compared to others. But we will get to that.

Sam Walker had another bludger scoring 35, same as last week and will again drop some cash.

Concerning for those who stuck with him as he may lose all tradability (Used it again) in the coming weeks. The Chooks have an easy run but that might mean better scores for the Manus, Tupou’s etc

Most of the Cowboys forwards got rolled and were running at the Chooks, not Brisbane, so we can’t expect Lolo, Nanai and co to go big again. Lolo looks like his 50-60 scores will be his average and will be lucky to break 70 without any attacking stats. A luxury sell if there ever was one.   

Minutes played – Nanai 80, Lolo 59, Radley 72,  Crichton 35, Watson 56

Reported Injuries –Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (knee)

Judiciary – Griffin Neame (dangerous contact), Chad Townsend (high tackle)

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Storm v Bulldogs

Plenty of mouths to feed at Melbourne and it appears Papenhuyzen went up for seconds, third and fourths, whilst Munster forgot to eat!

It was a very Melbourne like performance as they dismantled the poor old Dogs who threw everything at the brick wall.

And didn’t Papenhuyzen cash in! Four tries which pained me every time he crossed as I neglected to put the Captaincy badge on him. But he showed us the big scores are still there, finishing with 193 points!

Goal-kicking, setting tries up, saving them, he did everything on Sunday.. I’d say he needs a haircut but Muster put himself in the barber’s chair this week and look what that did to him!

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Grant again showed he is the best HOK option for 2022. Get him in and leave him there. Whilst Coates bagged a try and set another up, I’m still concerned his floor is far too low to be an option week in, week out.

Popular cheapie Josh King pounced on a loose ball to score and finished with 56 meaning he makes more and more cash for owners and as mentioned though, the only blip was Munster who played about 5th fiddle to the rest of the crew and only scored 33. Still though, after scores of 74 and 121 he will average 76.  

Minutes played – Grant 80, B Smith 50, King 49, TPJ 69, M King 49

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Eels v Dragons

This Eels outfit is red hot! In fact, I’m calling it now and saying they will win the comp. I mean they should.. Look at their side! I’m happy to put the mocker on them now.

But in all seriousness, the time is now and it helps when their halves are on fire! Both Brown and Moses were superb last night laying on and scoring nearly all eight tries.

Brown with scored 131 and Moses with a mammoth 144. With the Titans, Tigers, Cowboys and Knights in coming weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Moses being the top scoring HFB after Round 8. 

I said a long time ago I wouldn’t have him in my side, but his form is making it harder and harder every week to leave out.. Stay strong Nick!

There wasn’t much to write about the Dragons here. Totally blown off the park. Lomax with 57, one to keep an eye on still and Bird 59 whilst playing five -eighth. If they can find some points, Moses Suli will be a massive POD. He has a huge base and they just need to find him some clean ball.

Minutes played – Matterson 80, Papali’i 65, Amone 14

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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