Weekly wrap: Round 3 studs, duds, injuries

Check out our Round 3 AFL SuperCoach wrap, including the stars and strugglers, injured brigade, and suspensions.


Another week of footy in the books! Boy does it feel good logging in to the SuperCoach site and seeing a stack of green price changes on the books.

It might be just me, but it felt like Round 3 was the stabiliser we’ve been waiting for. Not so many huge scores, not so many flops and just an all-round sense of equilibrium (for the most part).

The premos mostly did their jobs and the cash-cows did just enough to ensure a steady stream of revenue coming through.

Not only was it a decent SuperCoach week, it was also another cracking round of footy on the field.

The Showdown will be hard to top for game of the year – although Collingwood and Geelong did their best 24 hours later – and most sides are playing attacking, free-flowing football.

Outside of North Melbourne and West Coast, parity is as high as it’s ever been and good luck picking a top 4 or top 8 based on the first three rounds of results!

Enough waffling, let’s get into the recaps.

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Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans

The Dogs are too good of a football side to be 0-3, so a lot of smart money had them to take out the previously undefeated Swans, which they duly did.

Tim English (152 SC) – a popular sideways trade-in for Max Gawn – was magnificent against a Sydney outfit which got smashed around the ball. Unsurprisingly, that meant the Dogs midfielders had a field day – Josh Dunkley (129 SC), Lachie Hunter (113 SC), Adam Treloar (104 SC) and Marcus Bontempelli (108 SC) were all excellent.

The major downer from a SuperCoach perspective was Jack Macrae (92 SC), who put in his lowest score since the final round of 2020. You have to go all the way back to Round 11, 2019 to find a lower score from him in a full-length game of footy. Monitor this situation with interest – he started on the bench in most quarters and spent 0% of the last quarter in the middle of the ground, which could indicate he’s carrying a niggle of some sort.

For the Swans, Nick Blakey (103 SC) was excellent again. Priced at $325k he’s now averaging 91 for the season and looks a chance to push towards the top 10-15 defender range. Probably not quite a SC-relevant option yet, but the signs are good for the future.

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Isaac Heeney (88 SC) was on track for another big score but hurt his shin in the third quarter and appeared slightly hampered.

Jake Lloyd (104 SC) is as reliable as they come as a SuperCoach scorer and has shown no ill-effects from a patchy preseason. Errol Gulden (81 SC) was a popular trade-in option this week and owners wouldn’t be too unhappy with his output.

One player whose new owners (including me) would be unhappy with is Dylan Stephens (23 SC), who could not get near it all night and wasn’t helped by 3 frees against. Nothing much to worry about here; John Longmire loves him and he was due a down week after a barnstorming start to 2022.

Paddy McCartin (61 SC) was again serviceable down back, although Jamarra Ugle-Hagan did a great job on him.


Zaine Cordy was knocked out early and subbed out. His replacement Mitch Wallis copped a poke in the eye but played through it. Adam Treloar hurt his left ankle but played out the game, as did Marcus Bontempelli after getting his left shoulder rocked by a huge Paddy McCartin hit.

Tom Hickey hurt his MCL and it didn’t look great. He’s likely to be out for a while. Heeney copped a knock on the shin but should be fine.


Tim English whacked Nick Blakey in a marking contest but there wasn’t a lot in it – he should be fine.

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Melbourne v Essendon

At least it was a spirited performance by my Bombers, but ultimately the class of the reigning premiers – and a freak Goal of the Year contender from Ed Langdon with three minutes to go – proved too much for a Dons side lacking in top-end talent.

Angus Brayshaw (176 SC) put in one of the great SC performances of the season so far, with his 20 marks (TWENTY!) a pretty decent indication of how much attention the Bombers paid him on the outside. Christian Petracca (98 SC) battled through a tightly strapped knee and a lot of attention from Andrew McGrath (76 SC) to at least give his owners something to hang their hats on. In his [comparative] absence, Clayton Oliver (146 SC, 38 possessions) stepped into the breach with aplomb in yet another tick for the premium depth of this Melbourne midfield.

Max Gawn (117 SC) has bricks on his hands in marking contests at the moment, but owners would’ve been pleased overall with his output. Jake Bowey (89 SC) started slowly but showed his quality in the second half and will get an enormous price boost after his eye-popping performance last week. Luke Jackson (78 SC) didn’t get anywhere near the amount of time in the ruck that he did against the Suns, but still shapes as one of the bargain picks of the early rounds.

Jordan Ridley (115 SC) finally put in the four quarter performance we’ve been waiting for and I shudder to think how much the Bombers would’ve lost by without him. Jye Caldwell (81 SC) was a popular option this week with Zach Merrett out but probably slightly underperformed on expectations, while Dylan Shiel (100 SC) and Darcy Parish (97 SC) did okay against the best midfield in the comp.

Rookie sensation Nick Martin (71 SC, 20 possessions) backed up his phenomenal debut with another impressive outing. Don’t be surprised to see him spend more and more midfield time as the year progresses – his composure in traffic is a beacon of light to Dons fans. Tex Wanganeen (37 SC) did some nice things on debut but isn’t a SuperCoach option at this stage.

Sam Draper (21 SC) was abysmal and is spending chunks of time as a key forward, which – needless to say – does not suit him.


Clean bill of health for both sides. Keep half an eye on Petracca’s knee – he definitely wasn’t moving as well as he did in the first two rounds and had some heavy-duty strapping on.



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Adelaide v Port Adelaide

Phew. I’m still recovering from the excitement of this game three days later. PSA: do yourself a favour and watch the replay of the last quarter. It does not get any better than this.

Jordan Dawson (123 SC, 24 possessions, 2.0) was magnificent all night and capped it with one of the great after-the-siren gamewinners you’ll ever see. His role off the half-back line, mixed in with stints in the centre of the ground, is as SC-friendly as it gets and he needs to be a priority upgrade target at this point.

Reilly O’Brien (122 SC) did well around the ground and provided great ruck service to the likes of Ben Keays (113 SC), Harry Schoenberg (102 SC), Matt Crouch (116 SC) and Rory Laird (93 SC) on his return from a hand injury.

Josh Rachele (36 SC) has been the big rookie story out of the Crows so far this season, but was comfortably upstaged by Mitch Hinge (91 SC) and Lachie Gollant (79 SC, 4.0). Hinge in particular looks like a real player and is growing in confidence by the day.

The usual suspects for Port – Ollie Wines (118 SC) and Travis Boak (133 SC) – carried a heavy load, but their lesser-lights are struggling and there appears to be a concerning lack of consistent top-line depth at Alberton. Zak Butters (58 SC) put in his first sub-par performance of the season, but it needs to be noted that a) nearly all of the top 50,000 teams own him, and b) he looked sore after a big hit early in the first half.

Dan Houston (83 SC, 7% of teams) doesn’t get the benefit of either of those caveats and needs to find a way to produce week-on-week before becoming a genuine SuperCoach option.

From a rookie standpoint, Jackson Mead (78 SC) will surely have cemented a spot in the team going forward, while Jed McEntee (43 SC) was lively but won’t be SC-relevant at this stage. In disappointing news for owners, Sam Skinner (48 SC) looked great in defence before being subbed out in the third quarter with an ankle injury.


Skinner’s ankle will need monitoring through the week, as will Butters’ rib knock.

For the Crows, Lachie Murphy drew the game-winning free kick but came off in the dying seconds with a neck injury, which is a worry given he’s recently had surgery on that area.


Sam Mayes was reported for the hit on Murphy. It looked nasty in real-time, but replays seemed to indicate it was more to the body than the neck/head, so he might be lucky.

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GWS v Gold Coast

No Touk, no Suns? Gold Coast’s gun was well handled all day by Lachie Ash, finishing the game with just 17 possessions and 76 SC points. Without his usual level of production the Suns’ engine room struggled to get going, with Matt Rowell (103 SC) their only centurion.

Jarrod Witts (95 SC) had just 8 disposals and gave away four free kicks, but still finished with a respectable score which is a massive tick for his long-term prospects. Basement priced midfielder Alex Davies (26 SC) couldn’t get near it.

Stephen Coniglio (32 possessions, 149 SC) had a day out through the guts – and should’ve had more given he kicked 0.3 – but he wasn’t alone. Tom Green (147 SC) and Tim Taranto (112 SC) also did as they pleased.

A massive tick for GWS was the performance of Brayden Preuss (109 SC). His work around the ground, with 16 touches and a few marks a very solid output from the big fella. At $204k he’s going to give Gawn/Darcy/Marshall owners a few big questions to answer after Round 4.


Nick Haynes hurt his ankle early, tried to play through it but was eventually subbed out in the last quarter when the game was done.



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Collingwood v Geelong

Another early contender for game of the year, as the Cats fought back from a 37-point deficit to steal a game they didn’t look remotely in for nearly three full quarters.

Patrick Dangerfield (92 SC), Tom Stewart (104 SC) and Jeremy Cameron (106 SC, 6.1) were the architects of the comeback in each sector of the ground; each was brilliant.

Tyson Stengle (70 SC) and Sam De Koning (50 SC) both looked good as rookie options and are doing their jobs to generate cash for us.

Scott Pendlebury (124 SC) was magnificent for the Pies and is going to be an intriguing option if/when he gets defensive eligibility. Another ho-hum game for Brodie Grundy (96 SC) and Jack Crisp (85 SC), with both looking just a step off the pace early doors.

Nick Daicos (91 SC) kicked his first AFL goal and continued to look as good as expected, and owners would’ve been pleased with the output of Patrick Lipinski (104 SC). Reef McInnes (61) showed plenty in his first game and could be a downgrade possibility (for Jack Hayes maybe?) after next week. Jack Ginnivan (43 SC) was due a poor game after a great start to the year and duly delivered. 

Less pleasing was Jordan De Goey (79 SC), with the added bonus of him potentially missing a week thanks to a dangerous tackle. 


Esava Ratugolea hurt his ankle in a marking contest and was subbed out. 


De Goey has been given a week off for a dangerous tackle, but may appeal.

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Brisbane v North Melbourne

Ugh, let’s keep this one brief.

What a disappointing, dispiriting performance from North. One of their only shining lights was Jy Simpkin (107 SC), who is well on his way to becoming a genuine top-line midfielder. Cash-cows Tristan Xerri (81 SC) and Jason Horne-Francis (67 SC) both did their jobs, although Horne-Francis definitely isn’t killing coaches who made the big call not start with him.

Aaron Hall (70 SC) had a stinker and will come under the microscope after some pretty poor body language (although he wasn’t alone).

Plenty of winners for the Lions, but surprisingly Lachie Neale (105 SC) was not one of them. He was well tagged by Kayne Turner and also rolled his ankle early in the first half, so take that score with a large grain of salt. Daniel Rich (81 SC) also struggled.

On the plus side, Jarryd Lyons (135 SC, 2.0) was dominant, as was Zac Bailey (126 SC, 4.0). Dayne Zorko (105 SC) again looked wounded with his Achilles issue, and was iced up in the last quarter, but again somehow found a way to get stacks of the footy.

Jarrod Berry (83 SC) continues to show flashes of brilliance but can’t seem to sustain it for four quarters. Cam Rayner (60 SC) continues to underwhelm.


Darcy Gardner rolled his ankle in the third quarter but continued. Neale’s ankle needs monitoring. Whatever Zorko’s issue is apparently it’s not going away, but he appears able to play through it.

Ben McKay was subbed out late with what appeared to be a corkie.


Oscar McInerney is facing a one-match ban for striking North Melbourne opponent Tristan Xerri.

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Carlton v Hawthorn

Another cracking game of football – what did we do to deserve this bonanza?!

Sam Docherty (122 SC) and Patrick Cripps (119 SC) were heroic for the Blues, with Docherty in particular standing up late when he was desperately needed. Again, their midfield was fantastic, with George Hewett (111 SC), Sam Walsh (124 SC) and Matt Kennedy (84 SC) all doing plenty. Hewett couldn’t get near it in the first half but turned on the jets in the second and was probably Carlton’s best over the final two quarters, which would give owners some comfort about his role going forward.

Corey Durdin (73 SC) was lively; his spot is probably safe again after a down week last week.

James Sicily (105 SC) has a fantastic role; he basically roams wherever he wants in the back half and cashed in accordingly. Changkuoth Jiath (123 SC) is similarly electric off half back and was a big reason for Hawthorn’s resurgence in the game.

Will Day (73 SC) looked great in his return from a foot injury and is one to monitor over the next couple of weeks. Tom Mitchell (83 SC) is having a strange season and doesn’t look like half the player he was a couple of years ago.

Josh Ward (54 SC) and Connor MacDonald (51 SC) both did their jobs as rookie priced players and actually had moments where they sparked some quality Hawthorn ball movement. Finn Maginness (27 SC) has had a couple of poor weeks in a row and may struggle to hold his spot.


Jack Scrimshaw was subbed off at quarter with a possible fractured scapula.

Marc Pittonet was subbed off in the last quarter.



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St. Kilda v Richmond

Momentum has never been more apparent in AFL footy than it is today, with the Saints piling on 10 unanswered goals to run over the top of the Tigers only the latest example.

Brad Crouch (131 SC) and Max King (100 SC, 4.3) were the catalysts for St Kilda’s resurgence in the second half, while Jack Steele (121 SC) started terrible but worked his way in to the game late. 

Jack Sinclair (116 SC) and Jade Gresham (102 SC) are both seeing stacks of mid time and Gresham in particular is making a case as a top-six forward.

One major negative for SuperCoachers: the three-headed ruck monster is likely to be a one off experiment, as Rowan Marshall (58 SC), Paddy Ryder (35 SC) and Jack Hayes (57 SC) were collectively relatively ineffectual. On paper Hayes has arguably been the best of the three to start the season, but may still find himself playing reserves next week.

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Without Nick Vlastuin in the back half for Richmond, Jayden Short (110 SC) and Nathan Broad (130 SC) are running amok. Priced at $445k and averaging 105 to start the year, at some point Broad has to come into consideration.

Daniel Rioli (107 SC) did well to work his way in to the game after a knock to the ankle early. Thomson Dow (198k Fwd/Mid, 100 SC) is now averaging 75 in two games this season and is worth a look as a downgrade option this week if you’re that way inclined.

Josh Gibcus (62 SC) and Hugo Ralphsmith (57 SC) both did enough to shore up their spots and will be getting games going forward.


Jack Higgins started brilliantly but was subbed off after hitting his head in the first quarter. N. Wanganeen-Milera (41 SC) had an Achilles issue in the second half but played through it.

Dylan Grimes did a hammy in the third quarter and will be out for at least a couple of weeks. Rioli’s lower leg knock will be fine.



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West Coast v Fremantle

After the brilliance of the Showdown earlier in the round it was only right that the universe balanced it out by providing us with this abomination of a Derby, with Freo ultimately too strong for a glorified WAFL all-stars outfit.

Lachie Schultz (105 SC, 2.0) won the Ross-Glendinning medal. His role appears to be pushing further up the ground which is a great sign; at $334k he’s worth at least a sideways glance going forward.

Andrew Brayshaw (96 SC) was well tagged in the first three quarters by Jackson Nelson, but was still able to cash in late in a good sign for his growing maturity as a SuperCoacher. Luke Ryan (74 SC) was never going to put in another 150, but this was still a decent outing for him.

Midprice options Will Brodie (90 SC) and Heath Chapman (101 SC) were both fantastic and are going to generate a stack of cash on the back of these performances. Neil Erasmus (58 SC) and Nathan O’Driscoll (49 SC) probably did enough to hold their positions going forward.

For the Eagles, Shannon Hurn (156 SC) wound back the clock with a vintage performance and will definitely have won a few friends in draft leagues. Patrick Naish (73 SC) probably doesn’t get a game in a half-strength Eagles side, but did some okay things. Nick Naitanui (113 SC) and Hugh Dixon (61 SC) competed strongly in the ruck, albeit against Lloyd Meek, but Dixon in particular looks likely to hold his spot.

Brady Hough (40 SC) struggled, and again probably wouldn’t be playing unless West Coast were utterly decimated – which unfortunately they are.


Jamaine Jones was subbed off in the last quarter after a leg knock.

Darcy Tucker was stretchered off after a horrible looking head/neck injury, but apparently the news is good and he’s “only” concussed. Alex Pearce hurt an ankle but played through it.



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