Weekly Wrap: Round 3 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 3 NRL SuperCoach wrap, as the tides begin to turn with some higher scores across the park.

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Are we back people? Are the 2021 scores back and here to stay? It was an explosion of points in Round 3, just in time for some price rises with 10 players cracking a ton, a majority of them Supercoach relevant.  Nicho Hynes kicked off the weekend with an Aquaman like performance in the wet, before Munster, Papi, Murray, Brown and Nanai all went large meaning scores for the most were on the up.  This author managed a whopping 1,289 after looping Nicho, so I missed out on Schneider’s points but thems the breaks! That’s the price you pay for looping.. It cost me about 20 or so points, but still a good round none the les

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