Sit v start: Who to play in your final 17, Rd 2?

We rank the fringe 17 players in your NRL SuperCoach squad to help you decide who to sit and start in your weekly team.


Fair to say I’ve dusted off the cobwebs after round 1!

Sean Russell turned out to be a standout play, even though I was worried about him seeing enough ball outside Waqa Blake.

Incredible game for Russell, bagging that first half hat-trick. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

For this round I’ve picked various popular fringe 17 players, around $350k or less. I’ve categorised them in start / consider / sit, then ranked them in the priority order that I’d play them.

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Thanks to, whose awesome website I’ve utilised for position vs team analysis and various stats breakdowns.

A general note as always to keep an eye on the weather leading into the round and across the weekend.

For rain affected matches I’d slightly favour forwards over backs. I haven’t factored this into the rankings, so please adjust accordingly.


(1) Izack Tago

I’m tempted to go the early crow that Tago will be a CTW keeper in 2022. Time will tell, but Tago is a perfect play in 17’s this time of season. Tago also has a nice matchup vs the Dragons this week, who conceded the 7th most to CTWs last season.

(2) Tom Gilbert

A sneaky round 1 starter for the Cowboys, Gilbert put up elite numbers, 61 in base to go with his try last week. He gets through plenty of work with a career PPM around 1.

Playing on the left edge where Teig Wilton jagged a try vs the Raiders last week. If you happen to own him, keep an eye on late mail / final teams, then slot him into your 17 if he starts.

(3) Kelma Tuilagi

After seeing how round 1 played out, I think we’ll all be inclined to favour forwards as plays for their higher floor. Tuilagi offers this, along with a bit of upside in attack.

Up against Newcastle, who conceded the 3rd most to 2RFs last season. However, the Knights were pretty staunch in defence in round 1. Tuilagi is still a comfortable play in 17’s in my opinion.

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(4) Chris Randall

Racked up the base stats last week, as expected. Against the Tigers who conceded the 5th most to hookers last season. Can be started with confidence.

(5) Selwyn Cobbo

43 last week without a try (and could easily have nabbed one). Up against the Dogs who conceded 3rd most to CTWs last season. A lot to like about the young winger outside Staggs and Reynolds. Would be exciting to watch!

(6) Jeremiah Nanai

Another exciting youngster. Nanai punched out 80 minutes last week to score 58, including a linebreak. His opponents (Raiders) conceded the 7th most to 2RFs last season. Cowboys forward rotation again a risk so just keep an eye on final teams.

(7) Eliesa Katoa

Minutes (70) were perhaps the most encouraging sign. Unfortunately SJ won’t be there to set him up, but he’s shown attacking upside regardless.

Still a solid play in 17s for now. Especially as he has a decent matchup vs Titans who conceded the 5th most to 2RFs last season.

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(8) Xavier Coates

C.Oates scored last week vs the Rabbits so why can’t X.Coates do it this week! Playing in the same position, with a lethal left edge inside him, X.Coates looks a great chance for a meat pie or a few.

The only reason I have him in the consider bracket is his low base stats (16 last week). I still think he’s a fine play this round.

(9) Ethan Bullemor

Showed his pace last week to score a try. Tough matchup vs the Roosters, but likely to score 40+ in any case.

(10) Will Penisini

47 last week with no attacking stats is great for a CTW. Looks a solid play in most teams in this early part of the season. Not the easiest matchup vs the Sharks, so it’s team dependent based on how strong your other CTWs are.

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(11) Billy Smith

Up against Manly this week on the same edge that Tago jagged a try. I’m inclined to sit until Roosters show more fluency in attack. However, there’s no major issue with playing him in 17s if needed (provided he starts, following last week’s HIA).

(12) Jackson Hastings

Would prefer not to play him whilst he’s not goalkicking. If you need to though, matchup is ok against the Knights, who conceded the 8th most to 5/8’s last season. Should he get the goal-kicking duties back, which is a decent chance as he recovery from a foot niggle, he’d be a far safer play.

(13) Josh King

Exciting that he’s jagged a start for the Storm. Minutes were excellent last week (64) but didn’t equate to points (41). Can be played if needed, but appears to have little upside.

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(14) Max King

Not ideal to play a bench forward, King could be an exception though. Continued his trial form in round one to register 55 points, almost in base, in 38 minutes no less! I’d still like to have one more look at minutes this week before starting him.

(15) Oliver Gildart

Solid in his first outing against the Storm (36 including 32 base + power stats).

Easier matchup against the Knights this week. Another who I’d be inclined to watch for one more week at least.

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(16) Talatau Amone

Had him as a sit in any case this week. Unfortunately looked to be the third wheel in the Dragons’ attack, behind Hunt and Sloan. So would avoid playing him for now if you can.

(17) Lachlan Ilias

Actually thought he looked okay in attack last week. With a matchup vs the Storm I wouldn’t be playing him this week though.

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