Team Announcement: 2019 champion Dez Creek drops squad

Looking to claim his second crown, 2019 NRL SuperCoach champion Dez Creek drops his initial team ahead of Rd 1.

Key Analysis NRL Pre Season

The opening round of the 2022 NRL season is under a week away.

With the trials finished, we have a greater idea of how sides may line-up to start the season.

2019 NRL SuperCoach champion reveals his side for the upcoming season.

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Chris Randall ($245,500)

A tackle bot who should average in the 50s or 60s and make a ton of easy money provided he gets the minutes.

I can’t see any downside to using the hooker position as a money generating role early in the season, especially given the tougher than ever salary constraints this season.

Cory Paix ($205,100)

Following the same line as above regarding my reserve hooker. Provided Paix plays I think he makes good money and has the added bonus of being dual halfback. However, this spot could go to any other hooker that emerges as a money making option come TLT.

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Payne Haas ($595,800)

Set and forget Haas at this price. Payne is one of the only FRFs capable of scoring 120+ against even the best of defences which makes him extremely hard to leave out of your side come round 1.

Ethan Bullemor ($280,000)

Dual position and looks to be getting good minutes in a strong manly side. Hopefully can smack out an average of 50-60 and make owners a ton of cash before being moved along towards a second premium FRF.

Max King ($188,700)

Looks to be a really solid player who might even jag a starting spot at the Bulldogs. Either way he should be a relatively smooth, safe and straightforward cash grab for owners early in the season.

Tepai Moeroa ($205,100)

As cheap as it gets for a dual position Melbourne forward. May even be lucky enough to slide into the 13 jersey to start the season which will mean big $ rises.

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David Fifita ($745,200)

A lock for anyone in their right mind provided he is named to start and we don’t see any of last season’s off the bench shenanigans again.

It really makes it difficult to watch games not owning this guy given how many Supercoach points he can accumulate in just one big tackle busting run. Start him to preserve what little sanity this game leaves you with.

Angus Crichton ($653,200)

Had a really solid 2021 given that he played the whole year without Luke Keary feeding him through gaps. This year he will have that luxury and as such I think we see his scoring increase significantly upwards towards that of David Fifita.

Ryan Matterson ($569,300)

Yep, I’ve gone heavy on 2RF because I believe the ceiling for edge back-rowers will continue to remain in the 140-150 range this season. At $569k Matto looks like a mid-ranger compared to the likes of Turbo and Cleary, and he most certainly is not.

There’s some concerns around injury and concussion history, but not so much around moving Matto from the edge to the middle – he’s dangerous wherever you put him.

Liam Martin ($428,500)

On an edge outside Nathan Cleary? Yes please. Given my focus on strength in 2RF I’ve had to sacrifice starting Nathan Cleary which makes Liam Martin at least somewhat of a viable hedge against Cleary going bonkers on the right edge.

Jai Arrow ($457,700)

Arrow finds himself at mid-range price coming into the 2022 season which stems from his lack of consistent minutes last year.

If Arrow does manage to hold onto that left edge of Cody Walker you can expect to see his attacking stats go through the roof, while also providing some hedge against Calker if you don’t own him.

Brendan Piakura ($188,700)

Suspended in round 1 but don’t let that put you off starting with this young gun in your team. I have been really impressed by what I’ve seen from him so far and think he will make a big chunk of cash to start the season.

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Shaun Johnson ($462,000)

Was hot on SJ last year until he got injured but it just wasn’t clicking for him at the Sharks. Back at the Warriors SJ could produce anything this year if he remains injury free. For $462k I’m willing to ride the train as it’s always an entertaining one.

Lachlan Ilias ($205,200)

50% ownership for a reason. Will provide lots of ball to Cody and Latrell which will undoubtedly lead to attacking stats being racked up. No point getting tricky on this one, go with the masses.

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Dylan Brown ($466,100)

A player who is truly coming into his own over the last few years at the Eels.

Parramatta looked very solid in attack during the trials which means Brown becomes a very solid and cheap 5/8 plug for Supercoaches early in the season who are looking to make cash elsewhere.

Talatau Amone ($284,500)

A really good young player who will look to steer the Dragons out of the hole they dug themselves last year. He plays really fast and aggressive eyes up footy taking the line on whenever he sees fit. Hopefully the physicality doesn’t get to him at 19.

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Euan Aitken ($486,000)

Any dual position 2RF/CTW always perks my Supercoach interest, but when it’s Euan Aitken he becomes a lock in my team. He has a really solid work rate and is always dangerous when running the ball. If the Warriors halves can click then expect to see the floodgates open for Aitken in attack.

Tyrell Sloan ($447,500)

If you’re backing the Dragons to have a bounce back season after cleaning house, then you’re backing this guy to have a very, very good year. Extremely talented and has a Supercoach conducive running game.

Kotoni Staggs ($433,100)

Probably would have been up there with the CTW big boys in the 60-70 average range last season if he wasn’t injured.

He has the power and pace to beat any defenders on the outside and will remain Supercoach relevant throughout the year as long as he gets enough attacking ball.

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Izack Tago ($287,900)

A strong runner of the ball with plenty of tackle busting prowess.

You’d likely have him regardless of whether he was playing left centre for the Panthers or any other team and he may just as well turn into a keeper if the attacking stats fall his way.

Joseph Suaalii ($259,500)

55% ownership makes it silly to start without him. He looked solid last year without setting the world alight. He has had the full off-season to iron out any kinks or niggles he may have had, not to mention increasing synergies with Sam Walker.

Will Penisini ($255,700)

Looks to be a really solid player in a strong attacking Eels team. I hope the attacking stats fall his way early in the season for some big initial price rises.

Tolutau Koula ($175,400)

A place-holder for now, but looks to be next cab off the rank should any injuries occur to Manly’s backline.

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James Tedesco ($760,100)

Teddy will do Teddy things again this season and is well worth every dollar of his starting price.

The Roosters will be looking to bounce back this season after an average 2021 by their standards, which means Teddy could average well over 100 if things go his way.

Ryan Papenhuyzen ($694,700)

Absolute set-and-forget if he remains injury free. Honestly what more could you ask for from a supercoach asset? Plays for Melbourne, tick, goal-kicks, tick,  scores double hat-tricks for fun, tick.

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  1. harry_85

    How confident are you starting with Arrow? Personally I don’t see any value in him but due to the hype around him I’m worried I’m missing something. He started 6 games last year on an edge and averaged 56 minutes for 51 PPG. And he’s now priced higher than that at 52 PPG. All 6 of those games last year included a 3 forward bench also. Is there any reports I’m missing that he’ll have an increased role and/or minutes this year under Demetriou?

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