Updated: Team Announcement: 2020 runner-up Tim Williams drops squad

The Cooma Stallions have ramped up preparations, as 2020 NRL SuperCoach runner-up Tim Williams locks in his team ahead of Rd 1.

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The Cooma Stallions are out to go one step better than 2020’s runner-up finish, and about 432 spots better than last year’s 433rd placed finish. Below I’ve dropped my SuperCoach side to start the season, with changes still possible, but I’m happy with it. As always, I’m playing the long-term game and have spent a bit extra to get my cheapies right at the slight expense of my starting team, this year I think that’ll be more important than ever. The team below has $70k cap space left which I'm happy with, allowing a bit more flexibility in coming weeks. I’ve kept the analysis relatively brief as I’ve analysed all the

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  1. Hitro Okesene

    Like it Timmy. Lots of solid picks across the park. Like you I struggled to find a gun 5/8 without losing a key player I wasn’t prepared to lose. Running with SJ for now. Hoping he can return the faith for this hopeless Warriors fan.

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