Team Announcement: Socceroos goal-keeper Maty Ryan

Socceroos goal-keeper and NRL SuperCoach die-hard Maty Ryan drops his initial team ahead of Round 1.

Key Analysis NRL Pre Season

Written by Maty Ryan

As the NRL SuperCoach seasons nears, the team at SC Playbook will be dropping their team announcements leading into Round 1.

With the first announcement of the pre-season, we have a special guest contributor in Socceroos goalkeeper and SuperCoach die-hard Maty Ryan.

While there’s still plenty to play out, Maty drops his initial side for the season opener.

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Cameron McInnes // $535,400

Watch him throughout the pre-season to see exactly what his role is at his new club.

He’s someone you want on the park playing big minutes, and if that’s the case on return from injury he will score well as one of the competition’s premier workhorses.

Chris Randall // $245,500

A cheap cash-cow replacing the injured Jayden Brailey.

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Jai Arrow // 457,700

Wayne Bennett managed his minutes a lot last season, however with a new coach and Jaydn Su’A leaving, hopefully that means more minutes for Jai.

He’s a proven strong scorer in the past with a terrific PPM when on the field. I see plenty of value in his price should the minutes come.

Stefano Utoikamanu // $457,200

A talented prop whose minutes increased in the back end of year, he knows where the try line is for a big man.

Ryan James // $350,700

I’m hoping the move to the Broncos with a need for experience on the park will help James flourish.

If he stays fit I can see him playing that Matt Lodge 40-55 minute prop role. He’s another big man who knows where the try line is. He’s at a good price if he steps into that role.

Tepai Moeroa // $205,100

I’m a Parra fan and I know he provided plenty of quality during his time at the club.

He’s still quite young and if gets minutes then I can see him making some money. He could be handy bye round player also.

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David Fifita // $745,200

Provides a massive ceiling and is a genuine keeper. We’ll need to keep an eye on him during pre-season and of course round 1 teams that Holbrook doesn’t do any silly business starting him off bench like the back end of last season. If he has an 80 minute roll then he’s a must-have.

Jason Taumalolo // $485,700

Another watch, but hopefully he’s done experimenting on the edge and stays at lock in a 60+ minute role. He’s starting cheap for a potential season long keeper.

Liam Martin // $428,500

He’s at a low price and will take Kurt Capewell’s starting edge spot. He’s a workhorse and hopefully Ivan Cleary continues rotating Vilaime Kikau, therefore ensuring Martin’s 80 minute edge role.

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Eliesa Katoa // $353,600

Of course this is a speculative watch to see who gets the edge spot outside SJ.

He had a couple of injuries during a disrupted 2021 season, but he has the form to get up around $500k as he’s shown in the past.

I like the Warriors draw and he looms as a potential value option at his price should he be given the right role.

*Shawn Blore // $259,700

Starts cheap and is another watch to see if he can get a starting edge spot.

Update: Recent injury puts a line through Blore.

Brendan Piakura // $188,700

Starts cheap and has big wraps on him. His value helps put my side together and hopefully after missing round 1 with suspension he can get decent minutes on the park.

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Nathan Cleary // $949,600

No one comes consistently close to him. Lock him in.

Lachlan Ilias // $205,200

Happy to sit him on the bench and hopefully he makes decent money. With plenty of talent around him can cash in and provide a viable bench play.

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Jackson Hastings // $350,700

A bit of a gamble here, he’s cheapish and with Adam Doueihi out for a while reports are that he should have the goal-kicking duties for at least the first couple of months.

Hopefully this results in some good scores and he makes money to turn into a gun a few weeks into the season.

Talatau Amone // $284,500

A cheapie with a lot of talent and he is rumoured to get the start in the halves.

I like Griffin as a coach and think the Dragons have a lot of improvement after that whole Paul Vaughan fiasco derailed their season last year. Hopefully he’s a beneficiary of that and posts some good scores and makes good coin.

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Euan Aitken // $486,000

Aitken is dual status and having a 2RF punching out 40+ scores in base with the addition of some attacking stats would benefit the CTW nicely.

Joseph Suaalii // $259,500

Talented in a rejuvenated Roosters outfit if gets that vacant wing spot. He could be season long keeper or cash cow at worst.

Jordan Pereira // $266,500

A close watch to see if snags a Broncos wing spot. He’s cheap and a work horse with big base and knows where the line is. Injury hampered his season last year, meaning he starts very cheap.

Izack Tago // $287,900

A no brainer replacing Momo in that vacant backline spot in a team with lots of points in them.

Hayze Dunster/Will Pensini/Isaiah Tass

All cheapies coming in to fill places in teams and hopefully can post some decent scores in the process, making some money to turn into guns further down the track.

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Ryan Papenhuyzen // $694,700

Undervalued due to an injury affected 2021 season. If he stays fit he could well be the highest point scorer come the end of the year.

James Tedesco // $760,100

A proven gun and surely improves on last season’s numbers with all the cavalry back.

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