POD Hunter: Round 5/6, unique players to find an edge

2019/20 SuperCoach BBL champion Thommo Aitken takes a look at the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals.

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If you’re off to a slow start, or perhaps like to live on the edge with your SuperCoach selections, you’ll be sure to want to hunt point of difference (POD) players for your side. Each week we’ll run through a list of potential candidates that fit the bill, owned by under 10% of SuperCoaches at the time of writing that can help us claw up the rankings at a rapid rate. Sean Abbott – 7.3% ownership Some people may feel that they have missed the boat with an enormous 123 point game from Abbott against the Strikers, however, he is a quality player and I don’t think it will be the last game with a monster score this season.&nbs

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